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Seaside Heights boardwalk looking towards the Casino Pier

The Shore Region of the state of New Jersey encompasses Monmouth and Ocean Counties, and is part of the Jersey Shore. It is one of six such officially recognized tourism regions, the others being the Greater Atlantic City Region, the Southern Shore Region, the Delaware River Region, the Skylands Region and the Gateway Region. [1] Traditionally a leader in tourism, the shore region holds 15.1% of the state's tourism, ranking 3rd in New Jersey. [2] Since both counties have long stretches of beach, most of the tourism money is generated from the near shore areas of this region.


Much of the land is flat and coastal, maintaining a height of less than 250 feet across the entire stretch of both counties. There are, however, a few exceptions, including Mount Mitchill in Atlantic Highlands, Monmouth County, New Jersey, United States, at 266 feet (81 meters), is the highest headland of the United States east coast south of Maine. It has a panoramic view of Raritan Bay, New York City and Sandy Hook and is near the Twin Lights Lighthouse in Highlands, NJ. It is also the location of the Monmouth County 9-11 Memorial. It was named after Samuel Latham Mitchill, who determined the height of the hill. near Locust. In Ocean County, long stretches of barrier islands make major harbors impractical, but the area has drawn much attention for its many sailing programs. Farther north, in Monmouth County, a sand spit called Sandy Hook part of the Gateway National Recreation area is the tail end of famous beaches such as Deal, Long Branch, and Sea Bright, jutting into Lower New York Bay.



As of the census [3] of 2000, there were 1,126,207 people, 424,638 households, 298, 194 families, with a population density of 406.5/kmĀ². The Shore Region is 88.72% White, 5.25% African American, 2.63% Asian, .02% Pacific Islander, 1.48% Other; 5.61% of the peoples where Hispanic/Latino regardless of descent.



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