Mother-in-Law Island

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Mother-in-Law Island is an island in the Thimble Islands group, part of the Stony Creek-Thimble Islands Historic District on Long Island Sound in Branford, Connecticut. It is also known as Johnson Island, Prudden Island, and Little Stooping Bush. One house, a frame-structured house built around 1965, stands on the island. [1]

Naming of the island

The island is said to have been named "Mother-in-Law Island" after two people got married on Money Island and then rowed off to the nearby island, planning to spend the night there in a tent. [2] The newlywed woman's mother followed them to the island in another rowboat. That night, when the mother-in-law fell asleep, the couple, who felt their privacy was being invaded, went back to Money Island and took both boats with them, leaving her stranded there for three days before she was rescued. [2] [3] [4]

In the entry of the National Register of Historic Places for the Stony Creek-Thimble Islands Historic District (filed in 1988), the island is called Johnson Island, with Prudden and Mother-in-Law listed as alternative names. [1] It as also been called Little Stooping Bush. [4]




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