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Yugo Kanno
菅野 祐悟
Born (1977-06-05) June 5, 1977 (age 45)
Saitama, Japan
  • Composer
  • musician
  • sound producer
  • painter
Years active2002–present
Website yugokanno.com

Yugo Kanno (菅野 祐悟, Kanno Yūgo, born June 5, 1977) is a Japanese composer and musician known for his work on many television dramas, anime series, and movies.


Kanno was born in Saitama, Japan. He attended junior high school in Kawagoe before later moving to Takanezawa for university. While attending school, he was fascinated by Impressionist Music. He graduated from the Tokyo College of Music, department of composition, film scoring course and started providing music for movies, commercials, and artists while he was still a student. [1]

On December 14, 2007, Kanno held his first orchestral concert which, according to his website, "started with a strong desire to listen to live music." [2] His first orchestra concert was held at Suntory Hall's Blue Rose in 2007. His first 2-day Valentines concert was held at Bunkamura Orchard Hall in 2014, Yupoto Hall in 2015, Mielparque Hall in 2016, Hitomi Memorial Hall in 2017/2018, and Sakura Hall in 2019, and was well received. He also participated in several collaborations such as 2014 "Yugo Kanno x Junichi Hirokami x Kyoto City Symphony Orchestra", "Yugo Kanno x MOZU Concert", " Gunshi Kanbei Talk & Concert", 2015 " Kizuna Concert", and amongst others. Furthermore, in 2016, "Symphony No. 1 ~ The Border ~" was premiered by Kansai Phil in April 2019. [3] In 2012 he began work as a painter after casually painting a portrait of a friend who came by while he was in the studio.

Under the influence of his father, he grew up listening to jazz and classical music from an early age. He started learning the piano at the age of four, became obsessed with soccer and piano in elementary school, and lived a sensitive boyhood in junior high school, taking charge of percussion instruments in his school's brass band club. After entering high school, he started giving composing lessons and aimed to enter a music college. In 1997, he entered the university of Tokyo College of Music. In 2004, he made his debut at the age of 27 in the Fuji TV drama series "Last Christmas". Since then, he has been active in a wide range of music production such as movies, TV dramas, animations, and documentaries.

In 2010, he won the Japanese Movie Critics Award "Movie Music Artist Award" and the Japan Theater Staff Film Festival Music Award for "Amalfi: Rewards of the Goddess". [4] In May 2014, he won the Monthly Galaxy Award, and in June 2015, he received the Encouragement Award as a composer for a play in the 52nd Galaxy Awards in the TV category.


Television works

Title Year Role(s)
Last Christmas 2004 Composer
Ai no Uta 2005 Composer
Engine 2005 Composer
M no Higeki 2005 Composer
Rondo 2006 Composer
Attention Please 2006 Composer
Suppli 2006 Composer
Woman's Island 2006 Composer
Yuuki 2006 Composer
Akechi Mitsuhide 2007 Composer
Attention Please SP 2007 Composer
Bambino! 2007 Composer
Galileo (season 1) 2007 Composer (other tracks by Masaharu Fukuyama)
Haken no Hinkaku 2007 Composer
Hotaru no Hikari 2007 Composer
Romeo and Juliet 2007 Composer
SP 2007 Composer
Akai Ito 2008 Composer
Ano Hi, Bokura no Inochi wa Toilet Paper yori mo Karukatta 2008 Composer
Attention Please SP 2008 Composer
Innocent Love 2008 Composer
Osen 2008 Composer
Sensei wa Erai! 2008 Composer
Shibatora 2008 Composer
Fumō Chitai 2009 Composer (other tracks by Ryuichi Sakamoto)
Hataraku Gon! 2009 Composer
Kiina 2009 Composer
Koishite Akuma 2009 Composer
Mr. Brain 2009 Composer (other tracks by MAYUKO, Akio Izutsu, Kyosuke Kamisaka & Kenichiro Suehiro)
Samurai High School 2009 Composer
Hotaru no Hikaru 2 2010 Composer
Mioka 2010 Composer
Nakanai to Kimeta Hi 2010 Composer
Ogon no Buta 2010 Composer
Shinzanmono 2010 Composer
Akujotachi no Mesu 2011 Composer
Diplomat Kosaku Kuroda 2011 Composer
Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de 2011 Composer
Shiawase ni Narou yo 2011 Composer (other tracks by MAYUKO, Akio Izutsu, Kyosuke Kamisaka & Kenichiro Suehiro)
Umareru. 2011 Composer
37-sai de Isha ni Natta Boku ~Kenshui Junjo Monogatari~ 2012 Composer
Dirty Mama! 2012 Composer
Double Face 2012 Composer
Ghost Mama Sousasen 2012 Composer
Kaitakushatachi 2012 Composer
Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de SP 2012 Composer
Resident – 5-nin no Kenshui 2012 Composer
Ando Lloyd ~A.I. Knows Love?~ 2013 Composer
Galileo (season 2) 2013 Composer (other tracks by Masaharu Fukuyama)
Share House no Koibito 2013 Composer
Take Five 2013 Composer
Gunshi Kanbei 2014 Composer
Hanasaki Mai ga Damatte Inai 2014 Composer
Hirugao ~Heijitsu Gogo 3-ji no Koibitotachi~ 2014 Composer
Mozu 2014 Composer
Beautiful Bones: Sakurako's Investigation 2017 Composer
Uchi no Otto wa Shigoto ga Dekinai 2017 Composer
Nurse In Action! 2019 Composer (Other Tracks by Akihiro Manabe)
Fake Affair 2019 Composer
Sherlock: Untold Stories 2019 Composer

Anime works

Title Year Role(s)
Da Capo 2003 Composer
Ikki Tousen: Battle Vixens 2003 Composer (other tracks by Hiroshi Motokura & Yoshiki Minami)
Giniro no Olynssis 2006 Composer
Hataraki Man 2006
Birdy the Mighty: Decode 2008
Toshokan Sensō 2008
Birdy the Mighty: Decode 02 2009
Birdy the Mighty Decode: Cipher 2009
Toshokan Sensō: Kakumei no Tsubasa 2012
Psycho-Pass 2012
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders 2014
Gundam Reconguista in G 2014
Psycho-Pass 2 2014
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Egypt Arc 2015 Composer (ending 2 theme song arrangement and composition)
Ajin: Demi-Human 2016 Composer
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable 2016
Blame! 2017
Record of Grancrest War 2018
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind 2018
Psycho-Pass 3 2019
Levius 2019
The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited 2020
2.43: Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Team 2021
Cells at Work! Code Black 2021
Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness 2021
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean 2021

Movie works

Title Year Role(s)
Shiroi Hato N/A Composer
Hirosue which? Project 2002 Composer
Heat Island 2007 Composer
Smile: Seiya no Kiseki 2007 Composer
Akai Ito 2008 Composer
Shaolin Girl 2008 Composer
Suspect X 2008 Composer
Amalfi: Rewards of the Goddess 2009 Composer
Black Gaisha ni Tsutometerundaga mo Ore wa Genkai Kamo Shirenai 2009 Composer
Kaiji 2009 Composer
Magare! Spoon 2009 Composer
Bayside Shakedown 3 2010 Composer
SP: The Motion Picture 2010 Composer
SP: The Motion Picture II 2011 Composer
Andalusia: Revenge of the Goddess 2011 Composer
Kaiji 2 2011 Composer
Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen-mae Hashutsujo The Movie: Kachidoki Bashi wo Fuusaseyo! 2011 Composer
Bayside Shakedown: The Final 2012 Composer
Hotaru no Hikari 2012 Composer
The Wings of the Kirin 2012 Composer
Manatsu no Hōteishiki 2013 Composer(other tracks by Masaharu Fukuyama)
Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de 2013 Composer
The Intermission 2013 Composer
March Comes in like a Lion 2017 Composer
Batman Ninja 2018 Composer
Kasane 2018 Composer
Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System 2019 Composer
At the End of the Matinee 2019 Composer
Kaiji: Final Game 2020 Composer
Brave: Gunjō Senki 2021 Composer
Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween 2022 Composer

Game works

Game Title Year Role(s)
Rain 2013 Composer
Nioh 2017 Composer
Nioh 2 2020 Composer(other tracks by Akihiro Manabe)

Original works

Title Year Role(s)
Trombone Concerto "Flower" 2011 Composer
Yugo Kanno Meets Art & Music: Spin-Off Work From the Movie The Intermission 2013 Composer
Revive: Concerto for Koto, Shakuhachi and Orchestra 2013-2014 Composer
Symphony No.1 "The Border" 2016 Composer
Symphony No.2 "Alles ist Architektur" 2019 Composer


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