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Flower, Common Perenial Gaillardia -Arizona Sun- Flipped - nekonomania
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The following is a repository of resources to aid participants. Always use reliable sources in writing articles, and remember to cite them. Wikipedia policies and the Manual of Style should be consulted when in doubt.

Article structure

See also: Plant article template

Use the format of any one of our featured articles for inspiration on how to write a good plant-related article.

Useful templates


External links and citation templates

  • {{ Taxonbar}} bar at the bottom of taxon pages, displays shorthand links to biological and taxonomic databases based on the taxon's corresponding Wikidata entry
  • Generic citation templates including website, book, journal, thesis & dissertation, conferences reports, encyclopedia, and more
  • Plants (see also Category:Botany external link templates)
    • {{ APNI}} Australian Plant Names Index
    • {{ Cite WF}} World Ferns
    • {{ Cite POWO}} Plants of the World Online (POWO)
    • {{ eFloras}} Collection of online floras
    • {{ Flora of Australia Online}}
    • {{ FloraBase}} Western Australia's FloraBase
    • {{ GrassBase}} GrassBase, The Online World Grass Flora
    • {{ GRIN}} Germplasm Resources Information Network, species articles
    • {{ GRIN genus}} Germplasm Resources Information Network, genus articles
    • {{ GISD}} Global Invasive Species Database
    • {{ IPNI}} International Plant Names Index
    • {{ IPNI author}}
    • {{ WCSP}} World Checklist of Selected Plant Families (WCSP)
    • {{ PLANTS}} USDA Plants
    • {{ ThePlantList}} The Plant List


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The Plantae Barnstar
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Wiki Resources



For angiosperm taxoboxes, we generally prefer APG IV, although exceptions may be made if more recent information is available.

Likewise, the following sites can help find taxonomic authors and abbreviations:

Pteridophyte classification

The WikiProject agreed to use the Pteridophyte Phylogeny Group system for ferns and lycophytes. As of March 2020, this is the 2016 PPG I system, supported by a very large number of pteridophyte researchers.

  • The orginal paper can be used down to genera (see PPG I (2016), "A community-derived classification for extant lycophytes and ferns", Journal of Systematics and Evolution, 54 (6): 563–603, doi: 10.1111/jse.12229), although there have been some changes since that appear to have good support.
  • The only database that uses PPG and goes down to species appears to be the Checklist of Ferns and Lycophytes of the World. It's regularly updated and the authors respond well to queries. An updated version of this database is now available at World Ferns.
  • Unfortunately, Kew has decided to use the 2019 GLOVAP system for ferns. This is an extreme lumping system; for example the whole of PPG's subfamily Grammitidoideae with 33 genera and some 900 species is sunk into one huge genus Grammitis. Hence Plants of the World Online should not be used for lists of species, taxoboxes or article titles for ferns and lycophytes, although its position must, of course, be mentioned in the text. For a discussion of the "lumping" approach, see Schuettpelz, Eric; Rouhan, Germinal; Pryer, Kathleen M.; Rothfels, Carl J.; Prado, Jefferson; Sundue, Michael A.; Windham, Michael D.; Moran, Robbin C.; Smith, Alan R. (2018), "Are there too many fern genera?", Taxon, 67 (3): 473–480, doi: 10.12705/673.1, ISSN  1996-8175, and sources referenced there.

Non-paywalled journals

See the caveats on primary sources at WP:PRIMARY (although these journals sometimes run review articles, which are secondary sources, or an article starts by summarizing previous research).

Online searchable flora databases by country or region




British Isles







Marquesas Islands


New Caledonia

New Zealand


Pacific islands

  • Pacific Island Ecosystems at Risk Lists many/most invasive non-natives including where they are found (includes Indian ocean islands but I don't think continental Australia, Japan, Korea, etc.)


Papua New Guinea



United States



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