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WikiProject Novels aims to define a standard of consistency for articles about novels, novellas and short stories. Through implementation of standards such as these, content can become more easily and quickly located with common organization and structure for novel articles.

Do not, however, forget the spirit behind these guidelines. If they make editing or reading more difficult for a particular novel or for novels in general, change them or ignore them, preferably with some explanation on talk (discussion) pages. Many novels do not necessitate layouts such as this, or have special requirements that do not fit the template exactly. Feel free to adapt this WikiProject to specific situations and to discuss changing it.

Main Project Discussion takes place at the General Forum.


WikiProject Novels aims to define a standard of consistency for articles about novels and literary genres associated with fictional narratives. It also aims to encourage and provide the structure for enhancing the writing of high quality articles on all manner of different novels. For the purpose of this project, "Novels" are deemed to include all works of narrative fiction that exhibit novel-like structure, regardless of length and genre. (This includes full novels, novellas, novelettes and short stories.) It also aims to encourage and promote the writing of articles on all types of such Novels. (see " #Hierarchy definition" for more details of what is in or out of scope.)

Open tasks logo WikiProject Novels • (inc. novellas, novelettes & short stories)
Announcements and open tasks

Please help with tagging articles!

Article structure

Naming, style and notability

Article templates

Articles should be written to an agreed basic style for standardization purposes. We encourage all participants to use this template not only as a starting place for new articles, but also as a guide to amend any existing articles that need improvement. There are currently two supported templates:

For novel articles:

which includes
an Infobox template for a book – /InfoboxCode

For fictional character articles:

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Descendant Wikiprojects

Sister Wikiprojects

  • Romance - covers novels and author biographies

Project organization

There are currently four major elements to our project organization. Participants (or membership), a Job Centre, specialist Departments and special interest Task forces.


The list of Wikipedians who are committed to the WikiProject can be found at Wikipedia:WikiProject Novels/Members. If you are interested in participating, please feel free to join by visiting that page.

Once you join, you are welcome to add this template to your user page: {{ User WP Novels}}. This userbox automatically adds you to the WikiProject Novels participants category and appears as such:

Book collection.jpgThis user is a member of WikiProject Novels.


This is a list of Wikipedians who are not committed to the WikiProject, but who are sympathetic to the cause. Feel free to express your support by signing the list below:

Guestbook signators
Guestbook signatures

Please feel free to add your name to this list if you would like to express your support for the project.

This is a list of Wikipedians who are not committed to the WikiProject, but who are sympathetic to the cause. Feel free to express your support by signing the list below!:

You would be most welcome! :: Kevinalewis : (Talk Page)/ (Desk) 14:55, 2 March 2007 (UTC)[ reply]
  • Logologist ( talk · contribs) - 24 February 2007 - I know a little about Polish novels in particular.
  • Rumiton ( talk · contribs) - 2 March 2007 - I am interested in novels in translation, particularly from German to English, as I believe misunderstandings and prejudices caused by poor translation have created much of the misery of the modern world.
  • Aleta ( talk · contribs) - 3 March 2007 - I contribute to some articles in the purview of this project.  :)
  • Davy1132 ( talk · contribs) - 3 March 2007 - I have made some contributions to articles such as Skybreaker.
  • Reloc ( talk · contribs) - 19 March 2007
  • 9muses ( talk · contribs) - 22 March 2007 - Due to lack of time, I'm switching from active to guest.
  • Beatlesmaniac ( talk · contribs) - 25 March 2007
  • S II 087 ( talk · contribs)- 27 March 2007 - I am not full fledged, but I am working on bring the Cat Who series up to a decent level. I hope to help more though!
  • Jim32990 ( talk · contribs) - 6 April 2007 - Nice idea!
  • RubADubDuckie ( talk · contribs) - 8 April 2007 - I read a lot, so I will do what I can to help.
  • Edna H. ( talk · contribs) - 10 April 2007 - Mysteries, mainly.
  • Barchetta Ferrari ( talk · contribs) - 27 April 2007 -I'll do what I can.
  • Movedgood ( talk · contribs) - 7 June 2007 - I know much of novels, and I want to write articles of all them.
  • Catmoongirl ( talk · contribs) - 22 August 2007 - I'll help more when I have the time.
  • Karenjc ( talk · contribs) - 15 November 2007 - I do what I can when I can: the templates and guidelines are clear and helpful, which is good for someone who is still learning but who does want to do it right
  • Coho ( talk · contribs) - 12 December 2007 - I'll do what I can I usually work on wiki pages of books I finish
  • Majestysquest ( talk · contribs)- 18 December 2007- I am fairly new, so I will be sure to check everything out. I like to read, but I can't find the books I've read. I'll look around!
  • Aristophanes68 ( talk · contribs) -- 4 March 2008 -- esp. ethnic U.S. lit
  • Deadguy71 ( talk · contribs) -- 7 July 2008 -- My uncle ( Jan de Hartog) was an author of about 2 dozen novels.. only two or three have wiki pages, and I want to fix that.
  • Lexo ( talk · contribs) -- 15 August 2008
  • Vjingo ( talk · contribs)-- 10/26/08 -- First Project...
  • kiranbg ( talk · contribs) 11:21, 30 October 2008 (UTC) I read a lot. I will also do what i can to help[ reply]
  • LovesMacs ( talk · contribs) 31 October 2008 I read a lot but I read a lot of non-fiction too so I don't want to commit solely to novels.
  • CaptainJae ( talk) 19:18, 10 December 2008 (UTC) - I'm a huge reader and am happy to help with this great project.[ reply]
  • Tezkag72 ( talk · contribs) I'm not planning to join this project; got enough to do already. But yes, I want to express my support for it. One comment—an article quality and importance count table (whatever that's actually called) would be a good idea on the project's homepage. As well as giving new visitors an idea of what the project has accomplished, it would tell longtime contributors what still needs to be done. Tez kag 72 14:51, 25 January 2009 (UTC)[ reply]
  • grrlpup ( talk · contribs) - 30 January 2009 - you have my support and interest.
  • dvp7 ( talk · contribs) - 16 February 2009 - I can certainly help, where Star Trek is concerned... :P Dave ( talk) 16:32, 16 February 2009 (UTC)[ reply]
  • Galoubet ( talk · contribs) - April 29, 2009 - A novel is to the soul as a glove is to the hand, it fits or it doesn't!
  • Leahtwosaints ( talk · contribs) - June 21 2009
  • Argonel42 ( talk) 21:41, 25 July 2009 (UTC)[ reply]
  • Srinivas ( talk) 11:02, 20 August 2009 (UTC) Very nice project. I am actively supporting it.[ reply]
  • Kingbirdy23 ( talk) 21:58, 15 October 2009 (UTC)nice, i really like it, but i dont have the time to be an active contributor.[ reply]
  • Reyk ( talk) 08:27, 7 February 2010 (UTC) I'll pop in and help every now and then....[ reply]
  • PeregrineV ( PeregrineV) 24 Feb 2010- Former active member but can't help out like before. But, do want to show support and will swing by and maintain and update as I can.
  • Bejinhan ( talk · contribs) - 20 April 2010 - Novels are my thing. Keep up the good work!
  • Loafysam ( talk · contribs) - 9 April 2010 - Stumbled upon this page and the work is definitely needed. Good job!
  • Derild 4921 20:13, 20 May 2010 (UTC) - Just joined up Percy Jackson task force and hope to help the articles[ reply]
  • -- sillybillypiggy talk to me sign! 16:26, 23 June 2010 (UTC) I am the founder of the: Roald Dahl task force[ reply]
  • Chandra K-R ( talk) 02:48, 16 July 2010 (UTC) I support this project! However, I think we need some more attention given to the characters of novels. Some of the character articles are kind of pathetic (See: Any character article from A Tale of Two Cities).[ reply]
  • œ 16:33, 5 January 2011 (UTC) - Hello hello! You guys are doing a great job. :) ... Fix up War and Peace![ reply]
  • garlicpie I'm willing to research and to clean articles up, if need be.
  • Schizocarp ( talk · contribs) - November 5 2012. Currently working on the fantasy side of children's literature, but will try and improve pages on fantasy novels.
  • Madeleined2 ( talk) 21:17, 8 November 2012 (UTC) Mostly children's literature.[ reply]
  • Nafpaktitism ( talk · contribs) - 12 April 2013 - Russian literature especially, also Polish
  • Miss Bono ( talk · contribs) - 31 May 2013 - Dan Brown's novels.
  • Ollieinc ( talk · contribs) - 05:36, 10 December 2013 (UTC) - CHERUB series; Artemis Fowl series[ reply]
  • Larksky 12358 Guestbook 21:33, 1 June 2014 (UTC) Hi! I am not interested in joining, but I love novels, so here's my support![ reply]
  • The herald 06:18, 25 June 2014 (UTC) I believe in Novels.. The herald 06:18, 25 June 2014 (UTC)[ reply]
  • Davidkevin -- Davidkevin ( talk) 07:02, 14 October 2014 (UTC)[ reply]
  • Chandelia16 I also write novels by now and likes to read young adult novels as well. Chandelia16 ( talk) 22:51, 17 October 2015 (UTC)[ reply]
  • Praefect94 I probably wouldn't be the best choice to join this task force, but I've always loved sci-fi and fantasy novels, and respect the work they're doing. -- Praefect94 ( talk) 11:56, 5 June 2019 (UTC)[ reply]
SWP13 ( talk) 15:16, 28 March 2021 (UTC)[ reply]

Job Centre

If a member is interested in becoming involved with the work of the project, they are welcome to visit the "responsibility clearing house" or Job Centre. From here it is possible to join multiple areas of the project that need supervising and/or updating, including our five departments, which are listed below. Departments are specialised areas of the project for a targeted activity, serving the aims of the whole in a smaller way.

Assessment Department

The assessment department focuses on assessing the quality of Wikipedia's novel and novel related articles. The resulting article ratings are used within the project to aid in recognizing excellent contributions and identifying topics in need of further work, and are also expected to play a role in the WP:1.0 program. The assessment is done in a distributed fashion through parameters in the {{ NovelsWikiProject}} project banner; this causes the articles to be placed in a set of categories that serves as the basis for an automatically generated worklist.

Automation Department

The automation department of the Novels WikiProject uses various automated and semi-automated methods to perform batch tasks that would be extremely tedious to do manually; it collects requests for tasks, discusses whether they are suitable for automation, and attempts to match them with bot operators or users of semi-automated tools for implementation. All project members are invited to request tasks and to comment on the suitability of outstanding requests.

Collaboration Department

The project's Collaboration of the Month seeks to identify particular articles that would benefit from a significant collaborative effort. Every month (currently), a single article is selected as the focus, and the project attempts to improve it, potentially to featured article standards. All articles dealing with some aspect of novel literature (except for current featured articles and featured article candidates) are eligible, and everyone is invited to nominate candidates. The current collaboration article is ''' The Sound and the Fury'''.

Outreach Department

The outreach department acts as the project's central point of coordination for recruiting new members and maintaining the interest of current participants. Its primary activity is the production of monthly project newsletters, it also contains a welcome message that can be sent to each new member as they join.

Peer Review Department

The peer review department conducts peer reviews of articles on request; this helps to obtain ideas for further improvement by having contributors who may not have previously worked on particular articles examine them. Project members are invited to submit articles to the department in lieu of using the generic peer review process.

Task forces

Please discuss any proposals for new task forces with other members or with the project as a whole before creating them.

Task forces are informal groups of editors gathered for collaborative work on a particular topic within the field of Novels (as defined in the "scope" above); all project members are encouraged to participate in any task forces that interest them.

General topics
Areas or Nationalities
Specific authors and series

Hierarchy definition

Since there are many types of novel, boundaries must be set so that other WikiProjects can guide articles that this one does not include. (Just like the discussion on the Wikipedia:WikiProject Novels/Novel categorization project page.) So far, the included titles are those that a common reader would call a "novel". Serial novels, such as "Twilight" and "Harry Potter" are included, with subcategories of Young adult fiction, and Children's fiction, as well as Adult fiction (for mature audience due to language, situations or sexuality).


Overall Genre Description Category Stub template
"Can be used in the text and infobox to describe the article" "Use to categorise the article" "Use to mark short and incomplete articles as stubs"
Fictional Characters [[ Fictional character]] Characters from novels [[ Category:Fictional characters]] {{ fict-char-stub}}
Overall Genre Description Category Stub template
"Can be used in the text and infobox to describe the article" "Use to categorise the article" "Use to mark short and incomplete articles as stubs"
Fictional Locations [[Fictional locations|Fictional location]] Locations from Novels [[ Category:Fictional locations]] {{ fict-location-stub}}

Category hierarchy

Novel articles are sorted under many categories; look in Category:Novels for a list. There are three "main" categories that most books are sorted to:

then also by the following, as applicable.

Genres of novels

Overall Genre Description Category Stub template
Can be used in the text and infobox to describe the novel Use to categorise the article Use to mark short and incomplete articles as stubs
General Novels [[ Novel]] Novels that cannot be described by other categories [[ Category:Novels]] {{ novel-stub}}
Specific Genres with subgenres [[ Adventure fiction]] Novels featuring high adventure, action-based narrative often with travel [[ Category:Adventure novels]] {{ adventure-novel-stub}}
[[ Alternate history]] Novels that ask "What If", where history has developed differently [[ Category:Alternate history novels]] {{ alternate-hist-novel-stub}}
[[ Anti-war]] Novels whose message argues for peace rather than war [[ Category:Anti-war novels]] {{ war-novel-stub}} (no specific notice)
[[ Autobiographical]] Novels write about the author's own life story [[ Category:Autobiographical novels]] {{ autobio-novel-stub}}
[[ Biographical]] Novels providing slight fictionalization of someone else's life [[ Category:Biographical novels]] {{ bio-novel-stub}}
[[ Bildungsroman]] Novels featuring the education, maturation or coming-of-age [[ Category:Bildungsromans]] {{ bildungsroman-stub}}
[[ Comedy]] Novels featuring comical situations or characters [[ Category:Comedy novels]] {{ comedy-novel-stub}}
[[ Crime fiction]] Novels about criminal characters, settings or events, without the whodunit [[ Category:Crime novels]] {{ crime-novel-stub}}
[[ Detective fiction]] Novels where the main character is a detective or criminal investigator, typically with a whodunit ending [[ Category:Detective novels]] {{ mystery-novel-stub}} or {{ crime-novel-stub}}
[[ Dystopian]] Novels about a dystopian society or character highlighting bleak, dehumanizing or fearful life [[ Category:Dystopian novels]] {{ novel-stub}} (no specific notice)
[[ Epistolary novel]] Novels that are epistle-like or written as a series of documents [[ Category:Epistolary novels]] {{ epistolary-novel-stub}}
[[ Erotic fiction]] Novels featuring adult content, typically of a sexual nature, aka erotica [[ Category:Erotic novels]] {{ erotic-novel-stub}} (sorts to novel-stub category)
[[ Family saga]] Novels that portray the history of a particular family, usually multi-generational in nature [[ Category:Family saga novels]] {{ novel-stub}} (no specific notice)
[[ Fantasy]] Novels based on fantastical, magical, mythical and/or classical legends [[ Category:Fantasy novels]] {{ fantasy-novel-stub}}
[[ Feminist]] Novels focusing on women's rights usually with a female protagonist [[ Category:Feminist novels]] {{ novel-stub}} (no specific notice)
[[ Gothic fiction]] Novels featuring dark and horrific situations and/or character, usually set in the past (see genre) [[ Category:Gothic novels]] {{ gothic-novel-stub}}
::[[ Southern Gothic]] Subgenre of gothic (see genre) – set in the Southern U.S. [[ Category:Southern Gothic novels]] {{ gothic-novel-stub}} (no specific notice)
[[ Historical fiction]]
*With the subcategory for children
Novels set among historical events, prior to author's time period [[ Category:Historical novels]]
*See also: [[ Category:Children's historical novels]]
{{ hist-novel-stub}}
*{{ child-hist-novel-stub}}
[[ Horror fiction]] Novels featuring horrific or scary subject matter [[ Category:Horror novels]] {{ horror-novel-stub}}
[[ Jacobin novel]] Novels that espouse ideals of the French revolution [[ Category:Jacobin novels]] {{ hist-novel-stub}} (no specific notice)
[[ Legal thriller]] Subgenre of thriller with a legal or law theme [[ Category:Legal thriller novels]] {{ thriller-novel-stub}} (no specific notice)
[[ Medical fiction]] Subgenre of thrillers focusing on medicine or medical professions [[ Category:Medical novels ]] {{ novel-stub}} (no specific notice)
[[ Mystery fiction]] Subgenre of the crime or detective novel is the whodunit [[ Category:Mystery novels]] {{ mystery-novel-stub}}
[[ Non-fiction]] Not included in scope – often misplaced here! [[ Category:Non-fiction novels]] {{ nonfiction-book-stub}}
[[ Paranormal romance]] Subgenre of the Speculative fiction and Romance novel [[ Category:Paranormal romance novels]] {{ romance-novel-stub}} (no specific notice)
[[ Parody]] Novels that mimic the style of a more serious work using satire, irony, or ridicule [[ Category:Parody novels]] {{ novel-stub}} (no specific notice)
[[ Philosophical]] Novels where philosophical ideas form the main crux of the narrative [[ Category:Philosophical novels]] {{ philos-novel-stub}}
[[ Political fiction]] Novels that deals with affairs of state, elections or political theme [[ Category:Political novels]] {{ novel-stub}} (no specific notice)
[[ Psychological]] Novels that highlight a psychological storyline, theme or character(s) [[ Category:Psychological novels]] {{ novel-stub}} (no specific notice)
[[ Romance novel]] Novels that feature a romantic situation, usually formulaic in structure [[ Category:Romance novels]] {{ romance-novel-stub}}
[[ Satirical]] Novels whose characters, themes and/or situations elicit disapproval in a cautionary way [[ Category:Satirical novels]] {{ novel-stub}} (no specific notice)
[[ Sentimental novel]] Novels which elicit sentimental emotions or intellect, set in the 18th century [[ Category:Sentimental novels]] {{ novel-stub}} (no specific notice)
[[ Science fiction]]
*With the subcategory for children
Novels featuring scientific advancement or contact with advanced civilizations [[ Category:Science fiction novels]]
*See also: [[ Category:Children's science fiction novels]]
{{ sf-novel-stub}}
*{{ child-sf-novel-stub}}
[[ Speculative fiction]] Novels that speculate about futuristic, fantastical or supernatural existence (Sci-Fi, Alt-Hist, Fantasy, Horror have their own categories and stubs) [[ Category:Speculative fiction novels]] {{ novel-stub}} (no specific notice) or individual spec fiction genre
[[ Sports]] Novels that feature a particular sport or sportsman [[ Category:Sports novels]] {{ novel-stub}} (no specific notice)
[[ Spy fiction]] Novels about spying and espionage [[ Category:Spy novels]] {{ spy-novel-stub}}
[[ Techno-thriller]] Subgenre of Thrillers with a technical or modern science element [[ Category:Techno-thriller novels]] {{ thriller-novel-stub}} (no specific notice)
[[ Thriller (genre)|Thriller]] Novels that feaure fast-paced, action-packed suspense [[ Category:Thriller novels]] {{ thriller-novel-stub}}
[[ Time travel]] Subgenre of the Speculative fiction which goes forwards or backwards in time [[ Category:Novels about time travel]] {{ sf-novel-stub}} (no specific notice)
[[ Utopian]] Novels about hopeful, optimistic or idealistic characters and/or worlds [[ Category:Utopian novels]] {{ novel-stub}} (no specific notice)
[[ Victorian fiction]] Novels set in Victorian times [[ Category:Victorian novels]] {{ novel-stub}} (no specific notice)
[[ War novel|War fiction]] Novels about wars and/or warfare, set modern or historical times [[ Category:War novels]] {{ war-novel-stub}}
::[[ American Revolutionary War]] Subgenre of War fiction set in the American Revolutionary War [[ Category:Novels set during the American Revolutionary War]] {{ AmericanRevolutionaryWar-novel-stub}}
::[[ French Revolutionary Wars]] Subgenre of War fiction set in the French Revolutionary Wars [[ Category:Novels set during the French Revolutionary War]] {{ war-novel-stub}} (no specific notice)
::[[ American Civil War]] Subgenre of War fiction set in the American Civil War [[ Category:Novels set during the American Civil War]] {{ AmericanCivilWar-novel-stub}}
::[[ Napoleonic Wars]] Subgenre of War fiction set in the Napoleonic Wars [[ Category:Novels set during the Napoleonic Wars]] {{ war-novel-stub}} (no specific notice)
::[[ First World War]] Subgenre of War fiction set in the World War One [[ Category:Novels set during World War I]] {{ WWI-novel-stub}}
::[[ Second World War]] Subgenre of War fiction set in the World War Two [[ Category:Novels set during World War II]] {{ WWII-novel-stub}}
::[[ Korean War]] Subgenre of War fiction set in the Korean War [[ Category:Novels set during the Korean War]] {{ Korea-War-novel-stub}}
::[[ Vietnam War]] Subgenre of War fiction set in the Vietnam War [[ Category:Novels set during the Vietnam War]] {{ VietnamWar-novel-stub}}
[[ Western fiction]] Novels set in the American West, featuring cowboys, gunslingers, settlers and 'native Americans' [[ Category:Western (genre) novels]] {{ western-novel-stub}}
· changes

Novels by age-group

Overall Genre Description Category Stub template
"Can be used in the text and infobox to describe the article" "Use to categorise the article" "Use to mark short and incomplete articles as stubs"
Adult (i.e. intended for mature readers) Audience mature readers no specific category no specific stub notice
[[ Children's fiction]] Audience typically Children [[ Category:Children's novels]] {{ child-novel-stub}}
[[ Young adult fiction]] Audience typically Young Adults [[ Category:Young adult novels]] {{ ya-novel-stub}}

Here is a list of categories that short stories are often sorted to:

Genres of short stories

Overall Genre Description Category Stub template
Can be used in the text and infobox to describe the short story Use to categorise the article Use to mark short and incomplete articles as stubs
General short stories [[ Short story]] Those that cannot be described by
categories below
[[ Category:Short stories]] {{ story-stub}}
Specific genres [[ Alternate history]] Based on alternative views of history [[ Category:Alternate history short stories]] {{ story-stub}}
[[ Comedy]] Based on comedy and humour [[ Category:Comic short stories]] {{ story-stub}}
[[ Crime fiction]] Based on crime stories [[ Category:Crime short stories]] {{ story-stub}}
[[ Detective fiction]] Based on detective type crime stories [[ Category:Detective fiction short stories]] {{ story-stub}}
[[ Erotic fiction]] Based on stories that are erotic [[ Category:Erotic short stories]] {{ story-stub}}
[[ Fables]] Based on stories that are fables [[ Category:Fables]] {{ story-stub}}
[[ Fantasy]] Based on magic, ancient myths and legends [[ Category:Fantasy short stories]] {{ fantasy-story-stub}}
[[ Historical fiction]] Set among historical events, prior to author [[ Category:Historical short stories]] {{ story-stub}}
[[ Horror fiction]] with Horrific, scary subject matter [[ Category:Horror short stories]] {{ story-stub}}
[[ Mystery fiction]] Subgenre of the crime or detective novel is the whodunit [[ Category:Mystery short stories]] {{ story-stub}}
[[ Parables]] Based on stories that are parables [[ Category:Parables]] {{ story-stub}}
[[ Pulp magazine|Pulp]] Based on plup short stories typically appearing in magazines [[ Category:Pulp stories]] {{ story-stub}}
[[ Science fiction]] Science advancement, or contact scientifically advanced civilizations [[ Category:Science fiction short stories]] {{ sf-story-stub}}
[[ Speculative fiction]] Speculation about worlds - alternatives to the
normal Sci-Fi,Alt-Hist,Fantasy, Horror
have their own sub-genre (categories and stubs)
[[ Category:Speculative fiction short stories]] {{ story-stub}}
[[ Spy fiction]] Spying based stories [[ Category:Spy short stories]] {{ story-stub}}
[[ Thriller (genre)|Thriller]] Fast paced, action packed suspense [[ Category:Thriller short stories]] {{ story-stub}}
[[ War novel|War fiction]] War based stories [[ Category:War short stories]] {{ story-stub}}
[[ Western fiction]] Western based stories [[ Category:Western (genre) short stories]] {{ story-stub}}
· changes

Short stories by age-group

Overall Genre Description Category Stub template
"Can be used in the text and infobox to describe the article" "Use to categorise the article" "Use to mark short and incomplete articles as stubs"
Adult (i.e. intended for mature readers) Audience mature readers no specific category no specific stub notice
[[ Children's fiction]] Audience typically children [[ Category:Children's short stories]] {{ child-story-stub}}
[[ Young adult fiction]] Audience typically young adults [[ Category:Young adult short stories]] {{ ya-story-stub}}

Literary genres

Description Category Stub template
"Use to categorise the article" "Use to mark short and incomplete articles as stubs"
encyclopedic article about the literary genre [[ Category:Literary genres]] {{ lit-stub}}

These genres are not included within the project's scope:

References (can be made to)

Auxiliary templates

Article infoboxes

Infoboxes belong at the top of an article. Each article should only have one infobox depending on what the article is about. Instructions for completion are included on each page.

Project template

Project templates belong at the top of an article's talk page. Articles may belong to one or more projects. They may also be added to relevant template and category talk pages.

Internal project organization

Navigational templates

Work to be done

List of articles that need work

Article alerts are available, updated by AAlertBot. More information...
List of literary works with eponymous heroes
List of literary works with eponymous heroines

Incoming articles

Sorting articles out from the main "dumping categories"

Main cat Stub cat
Category:Books Category:Book stubs
Category:Novels Category:Novel stubs
Category:Short stories Category:Story stubs

Articles being challenged

Project management work needed

  • Supervise the announcements template
  • Assist with the production of the monthly newsletter
  • Promote the work of the WikiProject
  • Tag articles on their talk pages
  • Scan for new articles and "bring them into the fold" by encouraging good style and tagging the talk page.
  • Developing the "Task Forces"