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Mathematics articles can be greatly enhanced by the use of graphical illustration, these can often convey advanced concepts to a wide audience who may be put off by the heavy use of mathematical symbols. Unfortunately the difficulty in creating illustrations and figures for publications (and Wikipedia) leads to a scarcity of useful pictures in Wikipedia articles. Graphic designers may require academic guidance from mathematicians and mathematicians may require assistance in graphic arts.

This subpage is devoted to the development of graphics supporting math-related articles.

Current Issues

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Old Issues


Some fun reading for your free time:

  • Bill Casselman has written a book about Mathematical Illustrations that can be downloaded free. At the bottom of that page is also a link to an AMS article (as PDF).
  • Although out of print, another source of inspiration is topologist George K. Francis' A Topological Picturebook ( ISBN  978-0-387-96426-3).
  • Mathematician Ralph Abraham at UCSC produced a 4-volume series of books packed full of images, Dynamics, the Geometry of Behavior ( ISBN  978-0-942344-24-0). Available on CD from Aerial Press.
  • The great geometer David Hilbert, along with Stephan Cohn-Vossen, produced the must-have Geometry and the Imagination ( ISBN  978-0-8218-1998-2), so good it was reprinted by the American Mathematical Society.
  • More specialized is William S. Cleveland's The Elements of Graphing Data ( ISBN  978-0-534-17352-4), which is an excellent guide for its purpose.
  • It may seem irrelevant, but a delightful non-mathematical source is Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas, The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation ( ISBN  978-0-7868-6070-8).

As well as the internal Wikipedia pages:


  • User:Salix alba - interested in producing pictures of curves and surfaces
  • John Reid ( talk · contribs) -- Willing to crank out almost anything if I can see how, what, where, and why.
  • Tomruen ( talk · contribs) -- Not much time now, but I've done alot on polyhedron images, and hope to do more in the future.
  • User:Linas - Bystander, with a small gallery of WP math images.
  • Oleg Alexandrov ( talk) -- I like to draw pictures too, and have made few. A picture is worth a thousand words as they say. :) Especially when illustrating abstract math concents.
  • KSmrq T — A background and interest in both mathematics and graphics (illustrations and 3D and animation).
  • Carl ( talk| contribs) - will create vector graphics for just about any 2D concept (provided the software can handle it, of course). Working through geometry articles and replacing raster images with vector as appropriate.
  • Kieff( talk| contribs| gallery) — Can make 3D renderings using POV-Ray, any sort of animated graphics and diagrams and some vector work. See gallery for some past works.
  • Rocchini - I love mathematical images.
  • Cronholm144 - Anything svg
  • Pbroks13 - svg files

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