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WikiProject Australian law is a project to better organise information in articles related to the law of Australia.

Articles maintained by this WikiProject are grouped in Category:WikiProject Australian law articles by using the law=yes parameter with the {{ WikiProject Australia}} template.

Usage: {{WikiProject Australia|law=yes}}


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The areas covered by this WikiProject are listed below. Each area has its own page for the discussion and formulation of guidelines and conventions, as well as for listing examples of the best articles. If a page does not yet exist for a particular area, feel free to create it and propose how that part of the Project might be organised.

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Articles on areas of Australian law (e.g. Australian constitutional law) as well as articles that don't fit into any of the other categories.
Law of Australia

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Federal courts and tribunals, as well as courts and tribunals of the States and Territories.
Australian court hierarchy  |  Category:Courts of Australia

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Judges/justices/magistrates of all the Australian courts and tribunals.
Category:Australian judges

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Important acts and regulations made by the various Australian parliaments and governmental bodies.
List of Australian federal legislation | Category:Australian legislation

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Case law

Case law

Significant cases decided by Australian courts. Possibly subdivided into smaller categories for each of the areas of Australian law.
Category:High Court of Australia cases

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"Active" (recent activity somewhere in Wikipedia)

"Inactive" (1 year+ without significant Wikipedia activity)


Participants are encouraged to add this box to their user page using {{ User WikiProject Australian law}} or by adding [[Category:WikiProject Australian law participants]] to their user page to show one's membership.



Template:Infobox court case
See the talk page for usage guidelines.
Template:Infobox legislation
See the talk page for usage guidelines.


{{ Australia-law-stub}}
Adds a stub notice, and categorises article in Category:Australian law stubs.
{{ AusLawTasks}}
Adds the Open Tasks box that can be seen on the Project's talk page.
{{ WikiProject Australia|law=yes}}
To be used on talk pages, provides a short blurb saying that the article is related to this project.
{{ Cite AustLII}}
Provides a link to the full text of a case, in AGLC format, from any one of a range of different state, territory and federal report series available on the AustLII site, including courts and tribunals. For most sources, uses the medium neutral citation system, except for High Court cases, for which it can generate links to cases using the Commonwealth Law Reports citation (although it does not link to the Commonwealth Law Reports version).
See the template documentation page for full usage instructions, and a list of supported report series. This template replaces the old {{Citation CLR}}, {{Citation HCA}} and {{Citation HCATrans}} templates.
{{ Cite Legislation AU}}
Provides links to legislation resources, in AGLC format, available on the AustLII site. Available resources include consolidated acts and regulations for every Australian jurisdiction.
See the template documentation page for full usage instructions.

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