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Foo Fighters in 2017
Foo Fighters

The Grammy Award for Best Rock Album is an award presented at the Grammy Awards to recording artists for quality rock music albums. The Grammy Awards are presented at a ceremony annually by The Recording Academy of the United States to "honor artistic achievement, technical proficiency and overall excellence in the recording industry, without regard to album sales or chart position". The Best Rock Album honor was first presented to The Rolling Stones at the 37th Annual Grammy Awards (1995) for the album Voodoo Lounge. The band Foo Fighters (pictured) holds the records for the most wins, with four. Sheryl Crow, Green Day, Muse and U2 have each received the award twice. Neil Young holds the record for the most nominations without a win, with seven. The band Greta Van Fleet most recently won the award for their album From the Fires at the 2019 ceremony. ( Full list...)

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Roundhay Garden Scene is a short silent actuality film recorded by French inventor Louis Le Prince on 14 October 1888, filmed in Roundhay, Leeds, in the north of England. The footage is believed to be the oldest surviving film in existence. The footage features Louis's son Adolphe Le Prince, mother-in law Sarah Whitley, father-in-law Joseph Whitley, and Annie Hartley, believed to be a family friend, in the garden of Oakwood Grange, the Whitleys' home, leisurely walking around the garden of the premises. This digital remastered version of the film contains 52 frames and is played back at a modern cinematographic frame rate, yielding a running time of 2.11 seconds. Adolphe Le Prince stated, however, that the film was originally shot at 12 frames per second, which would result in a duration of 4.33 seconds.

Film credit: Louis Le Prince

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