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I am a published author, a researcher, a tutor, an artist, a historian, and a lover of study and knowledge. I've worked in medical research for the past ten years dealing with synthetic peptide sequencing, affinity chromatography, creating markers for medical assay systems, including linear regression and regulatory control. I've published articles on nutrition and disease. I'm familiar with biology, psychology, and pharmacology. I've owned several companies including interior design and tax accounting. I'm well-versed in business and tax law. However, my main fields of study include physics, theoretical physics, astronomy, ancient Greek and Roman history and science, Neo-Babylonian chronology, the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, WWII, and various biographies. I am partial to Star Trek and Lord of the Rings. I speak Italian and can converse in broken French and Spanish. I can translate Greek and Latin. Before becoming agnostic, I studied religion and divinity for 20 years. Therefore, I am conversant in the major religions and expert on christianity and the Bible and its refutation if necessary. I'm meticulous in my research and OCD about getting the material correct and in the proper format. Since I am not specialized, I'm adequate to good at every subject, but expert on few.

Reason and goals for being here

I love the transmission of accurate knowledge. I believe people are not happy unless they are learning. I love to teach.

My goal here is to impart knowledge in an accurate and understandable way to the fullest detail possible thus making this encyclopedia possibly ranked as the best in the world when we are through.

My personality

I'm a kind person. I'm also opinionated and will argue or debate something I feel strongly about, but will concede if better arguments are brought against me. I have no problem admitting when I am wrong. I like advice and ask for it. I do not mind others editing my writing. I appreciate everyone I've come across so far on Wikipedia and hope to continue improving its content as a team effort.