User:LibraryGeek/Creating a new country Information

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  1. On the article page, click "Edit source" and scroll to the bottom of the edit window.
  2. Add [[Category:Libraries in ]] and add country name.
  3. Hit "Show preview" and scroll to bottom of the page.
  4. Right click on the red link and open in new tab.
  5. In the new tab, add {{Libraries in country||}} and add country name.
  6. Hit "Show preview". Open the links to Wikipedia, Commons and Portal in new tabs.
  7. If the Wikipedia article gives a different name, change the country name to match.
  8. Review the article to determine continent. Contries in Central America and the Carribean are classed as North America. Countires spanning across the Eurasian border are classed as Europe|Asia. Add the continent name.
  9. If the country name takes the form of "Republic of Blah", add |sort=Blah, Republic of after the continent.
  10. If the Commons link reports no page exists, add |commons=no after the last parameter.
  11. Verify the portal link goes to an active page. Smaller countries may have a redirect to a larger covered area.
  12. Hit "Show preview" again, to update the page and scroll to the bottom of the page.
  13. Verify the category links are all valid. If there are red links, the country or continent links might not be correct.
  14. If all's well, enter your Edit summary: Creating new subcategory. and hit "Publish page".
  15. Click on "Talk" and enter {{WikiProject Libraries}}. In Edit summary, enter: Tagging category for WP Libraries. Hit "Publish page".
  16. Return to the original article and hit "Show preview". Scroll to the bottom of the page and verify the red link is now valid.
  17. Enter your Edit summary: Add to WikiProject Libraries categories. Hit "Publish changes".
  18. That's it! Links to the new subcategory to the appropriate higher level categories have already been built by the template.