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a.k.a. Bob Mellish, editor of mostly optics related stuff. You may mail me at bwp(at)

My username comes from the staring rôle of this guy.

If you want a figure added to an article, let me know on my talk page. I can do technical diagrams (e.g. lens (optics), rainbow, diode bridge) and chemical structures ( benzene, caffeine).

Here's a page of figures that I've added to Wikipedia.

The following are hideously outdated, but are kept purely for historical interest:

Articles I have a major interest in

Articles I have a minor interest in

To do list

As of November 2005 I am an administrator. Thanks to all those voting in my recent RFA, especially user:Duk for nominating me. I appreciate it!

I've had very little time to devote to Wikipedia recently. I may take some time to respond to any messages left for me.