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Thick-film dielectric electroluminescent (TDEL) technology is a phosphor-based flat panel display technology developed by Canadian company iFire Technology Corp. TDEL is based on inorganic electroluminescent (IEL) technology that combines both thick- and thin-film processes.


The TDEL structure is made on a glass, or other substrates, consisting of a thick-film dielectric layer and a thin-film phosphor layer squished between two sets of electrodes to make a matrix of pixels were phosphors emit light in the presence of an electric field.

Color By Blue

Color By Blue (CBB) was developed in 2003. The Color By Blue process achieves luminance and color superior to the previous triple pattern process, as well as increased contrast, better grayscale rendition and exceptional color uniformity across the panel.

Color By Blue is based on the physics of photoluminescence. High luminance inorganic blue phosphor is used in combination with special color conversion materials, which absorb the blue light and re-emit red or green light, to generate the other colors. This fluorescence is possible because the photons in blue light operate at higher frequencies than other light.


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