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The Splendor of Love
Arabic: روعة الحب
Directed by Mahmoud Zulfikar
Written byHala El-Hefnawi
Produced byFarouk Naguib
CinematographyAbdel Halim Nasr
Edited byHussein Afifi
Music byFouad Al-Zahery
Distributed by
  • Cairo Distribution company (domestic)
  • Arab Cinema Corporation (worldwide)
Release date
  • 1 July 1968 (1968-07-01)
LanguageEgyptian Arabic

The Splendor of Love ( aliases: The Beauty of Love Egyptian Arabic: روعة الحب, translit. Rawa'et Al Hubb) [1] [2] [3] is a 1968 Egyptian film directed by Mahmoud Zulfikar. [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]


The young girl Hayam marries the author Mahmoud Salem, who has always read in his eyes the ideas and opinions contained in his books. Then, Hayam returns and runs away from the house while he is chasing her. During the escape, an attractive young man, Ahmed appears to her, whom the Maadi girls love. Almost settled on the airport grounds and at the end, everyone dies.


  • Director: Mahmoud Zulfikar
  • Writer: Hala El Hefnawy
  • Screenwriter: Mohamed Abu Houssef
  • Producer: Farouk Naguib
  • Studio: Ramses Naguib
  • Distribution:
    • Cairo Distribution company (domestic)
    • Arab Cinema Corporation (worldwide)


Primary cast

Guest stars

Supporting cast

  • Alia Abdel Moneim
  • Baher El-Sayed
  • Salwa my intelligence
  • Essam Al-Halabi
  • Mervat Ezzo
  • Nayel Abdel-Maksoud
  • Gamila Attia
  • Fahmy Rashad
  • Aida Waheed


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