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The Hurds
Folk tale
NameThe Hurds
Also known asOdds and Ends
Aarne–Thompson groupingATU 1451
Published in Grimms' Fairy Tales

"The Hurds" or "Odds and Ends" is a German fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm, who included it in their collection ( Grimm's Fairy Tales) as Die Schlickerlinge. [1]

The Grimms noted they collected the tale in the Mecklenburg region. It is Aarne-Thompson type 1451, a suitor chooses the thrifty girl. [2]


A lazy girl tore out handfuls of flax when she found a knot while spinning. Her industrious servant gathered them and made a gown. The lazy girl was to marry, but when the servant was gaily dancing in her gown at a party on the eve of the wedding, the bride told her bridegroom carelessly about the origin of that gown: it was made of "hurds" or "odds and ends" she threw away – and the bridegroom married the servant instead.