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Technolangue/Easy was the first evaluation campaign for the syntactic parsers of French.

This project was supported by the French Research Ministry (Ministère de recherche français).

Technolangue/Easy included four tasks between 2003 and 2006:

  • corpora constitution
  • production of consensual annotation guidelines
  • manual corpora annotation using a dedicated annotation formalism
  • evaluation of the participating parsers

13 laboratories and companies submitted their parser to the evaluation (making a total of 16 runs) with 7 research laboratories, 3 R&D institutes and 3 private companies. Said in other terms, most of the existing French parsers competed.


  • Gendner V., Illouz G., Jardino M., Monceaux P., Robba I. Vilnat A (2003) PEAS, the first instantiation of a comparative framework for evaluating parsers of French, Proceedings of the Research Note Sessions of the 10th Conference of the EACL, Budapest, Hungary
  • Paroubek P., Robba I., Vilnat A., Ayache C. (2006) Data annotations and measures in EASY, the evaluation campaign for parsers in French LREC, Genoa

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