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Sweet Silence Studios was the leading Danish recording studio for rock music during most of its existence. It was originally built in Amager by Danish engineers Freddy Hansson, Flemming Rasmussen and Stig Kreutzfeldt beginning in February 1976. Flemming Rasmussen was immediately hired as assistant engineer, who later became producer and main engineer, taking full ownership of the studio in 1999. [1] [2] The studios relocated a short distance, start 2000, sometimes being credited as "Sweet Silence Upstair Studios" afterward, and closed in 2008. The building was demolished in 2009 to make way for an apartment complex and a car park. [3] Rasmussen then moved to Winding Road Studios in Copenhagen, where he stayed until opening Sweet Silence North in Helsingør in January 2015. [1] The studio in Helsingør was closed December 2017, and moved to Copenhagen, January 2018 in Bådehavnsgade, Sydhavnen.

Date Artist Album
1976 Lone Star Lone Star
1976 Gasolin' Efter endnu en dag
1977 Dr. Hook Makin' Love and Music
1977 Shit & Chanel Shit & Chanel Nº 5
1978 Ringo Starr Aborted sessions. Vocals for “As Far As We Can Go” were utilized for Starr's 1983 limited release album Old Wave
1978 C.V. Jørgensen Vild i varmen
1978 Doug Raney Quartet Introducing Doug Raney
1979 Bifrost Læn Dem ikke ud
1980 Kliché Supertanker
1980 Chet Baker Quartet No Problem
1981 Rainbow Difficult to Cure
1983 Rainbow Bent Out of Shape
1984 Metallica Ride the Lightning
1985 Doug Raney Quintet Lazy Bird
1986 Metallica Master of Puppets
1987 Pretty Maids Future World
1990 King Diamond The Eye
1991 Mercyful Fate/ King Diamond A Dangerous Meeting
1998 Ace of Base Cruel Summer


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