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SN 2004GT
Event type Supernova  Edit this on Wikidata
Ic [1]
Constellation Corvus
Right ascension12h 01m 50.37s [2]
Declination−18° 52′ 12.7″ [2]
Epoch J2000.0
Galactic coordinates286.9460 +42.4568 (34" W, 10" S)
Distance63  Mly (19.2  Mpc) [3]
Host NGC 4038
Peak apparent magnitude14.9 [2]
Other designationsSN 2004gt

SN 2004GT was a type Ic supernova that happened in the interacting galaxy NGC 4038 on December 12, 2004. The event occurred in a region of condensed matter in the western spiral arm. [2] The progenitor was not identified from older images of the galaxy, and is either a type WC Wolf-Rayet star with a mass over 40 times that of the Sun, or a star 20 to 40 times as massive as the Sun in a binary star system. [3]


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