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Bolton Castle, in England.

A quadrangular castle or courtyard castle is a type of castle characterised by ranges of buildings which are integral with the curtain walls, enclosing a central ward or quadrangle, and typically with angle towers. There is no keep and frequently no distinct gatehouse. The quadrangular form predominantly dates from the mid to late fourteenth century and signals the transition from defensively to domestically oriented great houses. The four walls are also known as ranges.

Quadrangular castles typically display a sophisticated and complex approach to the planning of internal social spaces. [1] [2] There are many quadrangular castles around the UK, for example: Bodiam Castle in East Sussex, and Bolton Castle.

The 27 quadrangular castles identified by John Rickard as being built in England consist roughly 10% of the castles built in the country between 1272 and 1422. No castles of this design were built in Wales. [3]

One of the earliest quadrangular castles in Germany is Neuleiningen, of which substantial ruins remain.

List of quadrangular castles

Name Location Coordinates Constructed Built for Designed by Heritage status Image
Beverston Castle Cotswold 51°38′39″N 2°12′05″W / 51.6442°N 2.20139°W / 51.6442; -2.20139 1225 Maurice de Gaunt
Thomas de Berkeley, 3rd Baron Berkeley
anonymous Grade I listed building
scheduled monument
Beverston Castle.jpg
Bodiam Castle East Sussex 51°00′08″N 0°32′37″E / 51.00226°N 0.54353°E / 51.00226; 0.54353 1385 Edward Dalyngrigge anonymous Grade I listed building
scheduled monument
Bolton Castle Richmondshire 54°19′20″N 1°57′00″W / 54.3221°N 1.94991°W / 54.3221; -1.94991 1379 Richard le Scrope, 1st Baron Scrope of Bolton John Lewyn Grade I listed building
scheduled monument
Bolton Castle.JPG
Caverswall Castle Staffordshire Moorlands 52°58′57″N 2°04′29″W / 52.9826°N 2.0746°W / 52.9826; -2.0746 1275 William de Caverswall [ d] anonymous Grade I listed building
Caverswall Castle.jpg
Cawood Castle Selby 53°49′53″N 1°07′40″W / 53.8313°N 1.1278°W / 53.8313; -1.1278 1378 John Kemp anonymous Grade I listed building
scheduled monument
Cawood Castle.jpg
Chideock Castle [ d] Dorset 50°44′03″N 2°49′06″W / 50.7343°N 2.81825°W / 50.7343; -2.81825 1370s Sir John Chideock [ d] anonymous scheduled monument
Chillingham Castle Northumberland 55°31′34″N 1°54′18″W / 55.526°N 1.905°W / 55.526; -1.905 1344 Sir Thomas Heton [ d] anonymous Grade I listed building
Chillingham Castle.jpg
Cooling Castle Medway 51°27′20″N 0°31′22″E / 51.4555°N 0.522732°E / 51.4555; 0.522732 1380s John de Cobham, 3rd Baron Cobham Henry Yevele Grade I listed building
scheduled monument
Cooling Castle, 2011.jpg
Danby Castle [ d] North Yorkshire 54°27′20″N 0°53′43″W / 54.4555°N 0.895197°W / 54.4555; -0.895197 1302 William Latimer, 1st Lord Latimer [ d] anonymous Grade I listed building
scheduled monument
Danby Castle 1.jpg
Farleigh Hungerford Castle Mendip 51°19′03″N 2°17′13″W / 51.3174°N 2.2869°W / 51.3174; -2.2869 1383 Thomas Hungerford anonymous Grade I listed building
scheduled monument
Farleigh Hungerford Castle gate.JPG
Ford Castle Northumberland 55°37′53″N 2°05′25″W / 55.6314°N 2.09025°W / 55.6314; -2.09025 1338 Sir William Heron [ d] anonymous Grade I listed building
Ford Castle - geograph.org.uk - 365306.jpg
Fyvie Castle Aberdeenshire 57°26′36″N 2°23′42″W / 57.4433°N 2.3949°W / 57.4433; -2.3949 1300s anonymous anonymous category A listed building
Fyvie Castle, Geograph.jpg
Greys Court South Oxfordshire 51°32′42″N 0°57′22″W / 51.545°N 0.956164°W / 51.545; -0.956164 1348 John de Grey, 1st Baron Grey de Rotherfield
Francis Knollys, 1st Viscount Knollys
Baron Lovel
anonymous Grade I listed building
scheduled monument
Greys Court.jpg
Greystoke Castle Eden
54°40′12″N 2°52′37″W / 54.66998°N 2.87705°W / 54.66998; -2.87705 1353 William de Greystoke, 2nd Baron Greystoke anonymous Grade II* listed building
Greystoke Castle.jpg
Hartley Castle Cumbria 54°28′09″N 2°20′12″W / 54.4691°N 2.33655°W / 54.4691; -2.33655 1353 Thomas de Musgrave [ d]
Sir Richard Musgrave, 1st Baronet
anonymous scheduled monument
Grade II listed building
Hartley Castle.jpg
Hemyock Castle Mid Devon 50°54′45″N 3°13′54″W / 50.9125°N 3.23156°W / 50.9125; -3.23156 1380 Margaret and William Asthorpe anonymous scheduled monument
Grade II* listed building
Hemyock Castle - geograph.org.uk - 1491334.jpg
Hever Castle Hever 51°11′13″N 0°06′50″E / 51.186944°N 0.113889°E / 51.186944; 0.113889 1271 William de Hever [ d] anonymous Grade I listed building
Hever Castle.jpg
Inverlochy Castle Highland 56°49′57″N 5°04′52″W / 56.8326°N 5.081°W / 56.8326; -5.081 1270s Clan Cumming anonymous category B listed building
Inverlochy 1.jpg
Lumley Castle County Durham 54°51′17″N 1°33′11″W / 54.8547°N 1.55293°W / 54.8547; -1.55293 1389 Ralph de Lumley, 1st Baron Lumley John Lewyn
John Vanbrugh
Grade I listed building
Lumley Castle Hotel - geograph.org.uk - 579104.jpg
Maxstoke Castle Warwickshire 52°29′58″N 1°40′18″W / 52.4994°N 1.67167°W / 52.4994; -1.67167 1345 William de Clinton, 1st Earl of Huntingdon anonymous Grade I listed building
scheduled monument
Maxstoke Castle, 2010.jpg
Moor End Castle Northamptonshire 52°05′42″N 0°54′01″W / 52.0949°N 0.900155°W / 52.0949; -0.900155 1347 Edward III of England
Thomas de Ferrers [ d]
anonymous scheduled monument
Raby Castle County Durham 54°35′27″N 1°48′06″W / 54.59092°N 1.80175°W / 54.59092; -1.80175 1378 House of Neville John Lewyn Grade I listed building
Raby Castle - geograph.org.uk - 1523038.jpg
Ravensworth Castle Tyne and Wear 54°55′34″N 1°38′18″W / 54.9262°N 1.6384°W / 54.9262; -1.6384 1350s Marmaduke Lumley anonymous Grade II* listed building
scheduled monument
Ravensworth Castle - geograph.org.uk - 1558897.jpg
Sheriff Hutton Castle North Yorkshire
54°05′17″N 1°00′19″W / 54.0881°N 1.00519°W / 54.0881; -1.00519 1382 John Neville, 3rd Baron Neville de Raby John Lewyn Grade II* listed building
scheduled monument
Sheriff hutton castle.jpg
Shirburn Castle South Oxfordshire 51°39′27″N 0°59′38″W / 51.6576°N 0.9938°W / 51.6576; -0.9938 1377 Warin de Lisle [ d] Henry Yevele Grade I listed building
Somerton Castle North Kesteven 53°07′03″N 0°34′34″W / 53.1174°N 0.57616°W / 53.1174; -0.57616 1281 Antony Bek anonymous Grade I listed building
scheduled monument
Somerton Castle-Geograph-1055605-by-Richard-Croft.jpg
Starborough Castle Surrey 51°10′42″N 0°02′19″E / 51.1783°N 0.0386396°E / 51.1783; 0.0386396 1341 Reginald de Cobham, 1st Baron Cobham anonymous scheduled monument
Grade II* listed building
Starborough Castle.jpg
Sudeley Castle Gloucestershire 51°33′54″N 1°34′20″W / 51.5650°N 1.5722°W / 51.5650; -1.5722 1443 Ralph Boteler, 1st Baron Sudeley anonymous Grade I listed building
Sudeley Castle from the Cotswolds Way.jpg
Westenhanger Castle Kent
51°05′40″N 1°01′53″E / 51.0944°N 1.03144°E / 51.0944; 1.03144 1343 John de Criol [ d]
Edward Poynings
anonymous scheduled monument
Grade I listed building
Westenhanger Castle - geograph.org.uk - 889584.jpg
Wingfield Castle Mid Suffolk 52°20′52″N 1°15′41″E / 52.3479°N 1.2614°E / 52.3479; 1.2614 1384 Michael de la Pole, 1st Earl of Suffolk anonymous Grade I listed building
Wingfield Castle - geograph.org.uk - 354164.jpg
Woodcroft Castle Cambridgeshire 52°37′35″N 0°19′02″W / 52.6263°N 0.3172°W / 52.6263; -0.3172 1280 anonymous anonymous Grade II* listed building
Woodsford Castle [ d] Dorset 50°42′45″N 2°20′38″W / 50.7126°N 2.34389°W / 50.7126; -2.34389 1336 William de Whitefield [ d]
Guy de Bryan, 1st Baron Bryan
anonymous Grade I listed building
Woodsford Castle - geograph.org.uk - 924711.jpg
Wressle Castle East Riding of Yorkshire 53°46′32″N 0°55′45″W / 53.7755°N 0.929291°W / 53.7755; -0.929291 1390s Thomas Percy, 1st Earl of Worcester
Henry Percy, 5th Earl of Northumberland
John Lewyn Grade I listed building
scheduled monument


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