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The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to stagecraft:

Stagecraft – technical aspect of theatrical, film, and video production. Stagecraft is distinct from the wider scope of scenography. Considered a technical rather than an artistic field, it relates primarily to the practical implementation of a designer's artistic vision.

Essence of stagecraft


Branches of stagecraft


Lighting design Lighting involves the process of determining the size, intensity, shape, and color of light for a given scene. Typical work includes hanging, focusing, procurement and maintenance of fixtures as well as some aspects of show control.


Sound design Sound, which can include musical underscoring, vocal and instrument mixing as well as theatrical sound effects.


set construction Carpentry is the process of building scenery, which can include scenic painting and soft goods (drapes and stage curtains). Scenic carpentry also covers mechanics: the design, engineering and operation of Fly system scenery or flying of performers and mechanised scenic elements.

Scenery wagon - show control - Theatrical scenery


Theatrical property Props, which includes furnishings, set dressings, and all items large and small which cannot be classified as scenery, electrics or wardrobe. Some crossover may apply. Props handled by actors are known as hand props, and props which are kept in an actor's costume are known as personal props.


costume construction Costuming, known as the Wardrobe department, is responsible for costume design, construction and the procurement and maintenance of costumes.

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