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The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to computing:

Computing – activity of using and improving computer hardware and computer software.

Branches of computing

Computer science

Computer science – ( outline)


See information processor for a high-level block diagram.

Instruction-level taxonomies

After the commoditization of memory, attention turned to optimizing CPU performance at the instruction level. Various methods of speeding up the fetch-execute cycle include:


Part of an early computer, EDSAC.

History of computing

Business computing

Human factors

Computer network

Wired and wireless computer network

This notebook computer is connected to a wireless access point using a PC card wireless card.

Computing technology based wireless networking (CbWN)

The main goal of CbWN is to optimize the system performance of the flexible wireless network.

Computer security


Numeric data

Character data

Other data topics

Classes of computers

There are several terms which describe classes, or categories, of computers:


A computer Lab

Companies – current

Companies – historic

Professional organizations

Standards bodies

Open standards bodies

See also Open standard

Computing publications

Persons influential in computing

Major figures associated with making personal computers popular.

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