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Nick Principe
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Femme Fatales Red Carpet - Nick Principe
Nicholas J Principe

(1978-12-30) December 30, 1978 (age 43)
Warwick, Rhode Island, United States
OccupationActor, stuntman, production assistant
Years active2006–present

Nicholas J Principe (born December 30, 1978) is an American actor and stuntman. He is best known for his role as ChromeSkull in Laid to Rest (2009) and its sequel, ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2 (2011).

Early life

Principe was born in Warwick, Rhode Island and raised in Providence, Rhode Island. [1] He moved from Providence to Los Angeles, California [2] in hopes of playing monsters in films. He has cited Kane Hodder, Nick Castle, [3] Boris Karloff as his inspiration for this desire. [1] [2] [4] Principe discovered that most monsters are played by stunt performers. Already having a black belt in kenpō, and experienced in mixed martial arts fights, he started studying how to become a stuntman. [4]

Three months after moving to Los Angeles, Principe was working in a music store and noticed a film production crew across the street. He approached a crew member, and was asked if he was a "PA", or production assistant. Ignorant of the term's meaning, Principe said that he was, and started working on the set. He ended up talking to the stunt coordinator and started doing stunt work in the film industry. [4]


After some small roles on television series and movies, including his first role in Dead and Deader, [5] Sands of Oblivion, [5] [6] Principe was cast in the role of ChromeSkull in Laid to Rest, [7] a role he reprised in the film's 2011 sequel. [1] [2] [8] [9] Robert Green Hall, the writer-director of both films, met Principe on the set of Robert Englund's Killer Pads. After years of friendship, the pair met again at a screening of Wrong Turn 2, where Hall offered Principe the role. [4] He based his performances on Roy Batty from Blade Runner (a performance Principe claims to base all of his characters on), [2] Patrick Bateman from American Psycho, and Michael Myers from Halloween. [3] Principe expressed interest in reprising his role in a third film, which he confirmed will be made when Hall's schedule opens up. [10]

Also in 2011, Principe portrayed BLT in Brandon and Jason Trost's The FP. The film co-stars Jason Trost, Lee Valmassy, Caitlyn Folley, Art Hsu, Dov Tiefenbach, and James DeBello. [11] It premiered at South by Southwest on March 13, 2011. [12] He later played Damien in Madison County, [13] Sledgesaw in Vs, also directed by Jason Trost and co-starring Valmassy, [14] and Lori in The Summer of Massacre. [15]

In 2013, he starred in Nobody Can Cool, [16] Army of the Damned, [17] and Self Storage. [10]

In 2014, Principe starred in Seed 2: The New Breed [18] and Ryan Nicholson's Collar. [19] He is set to appear in American Muscle [10] [20] [21] and Disciples, [22] along with making his directorial debut, Stockholm later in the year. [23]


As actor

Year Title Role Notes
2006 Honor Pit fighter (uncredited)
2006 Death Row Sparky (uncredited) Television film
2006 The Thirst Club Inferno bouncer (uncredited)
2007 Sands of Oblivion Anubis Television film
2007 Big Stan Tattoo artist (uncredited)
2009 Laid to Rest ChromeSkull
2010 Hatchet II Hunter (uncredited)
2011 The FP BLT
2011 Stitched Taliban Fighter/Lead Stitched Short film
2011 ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2 ChromeSkull
2011 Madison County Damien Ewell
2011 Vs Sledgesaw
2011 The Summer of Massacre Lori Williams Segment: "Lump"
2012 Femme Fatales Killer Television series
Episode: "Crazy Mary"
2013 Nobody Can Cool Len
2013 Self Storage Freddie
2013 Army of the Damned Donald
2014 Blood Valley: Seed's Revenge Maxwell Seed Replaces Will Sanderson
2014 Collar Massive
2014 Disciples Friedrich Post-production
2014 Stockholm Also director and associate producer
2014 American Muscle John Falcon
2018 Beats of Rage BLT


Year Title Occupation
2006 Honor Stunts
2006 Dead and Deader Stunts, assistant property master
2007 Waitress Set production assistant
2007 Fist of the Warrior Stunts
2007 Halloween Props
2008 Killer Pad Stunts
2008 Evilution Additional props
2011 Hyenas Assistant property master
2011 Madison County Stunt coordinator
2014 Blood Valley: Seed's Revenge Stunt coordinator


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