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An art magazine is a publication whose main topic is art. They can be in print form, online, or both and may be aimed at different audiences, including galleries, buyers, amateur or professional artists and the general public. Art magazines can be either trade or consumer magazines or both.

Notable art magazines include:


  • 20x20 magazine, arts and literature publication, founded in 2008 in London
  • 291, 1915–1916, New York City


Aesthetica cover, February/March 2010
  • Aesthetica, est. 2002, United Kingdom
  • Afterall, est. 1998/9, London, United Kingdom
  • Afterimage, est. 1972, bimonthly journal of media arts and cultural criticism published by the Visual Studies Workshop
  • The Aldine, 1869–1879, American art monthly
  • American Art Review, est. 1972, American colonial era until the early 1970s
  • Aperture, est. 1952, quarterly photography magazine; based in New York City
  • Apollo, est. 1925, monthly, based in London, United Kingdom
  • ARC Magazine, est. 2011, contemporary Caribbean art and culture
  • Art almanac: the essential guide to Australia's galleries is a monthly guide to galleries, news and awards in Australia established in 1974.
  • Art and Antiques, est. 1984, published out of North Carolina, USA
  • Art and Architecture Journal, est. 1980, re-launched 2005; UK based
  • Art+Auction, owned by Louise Blouin Media
  • Art & Australia is a biannual print magazine, the country’s longest-running art journal, in print since 1963.
  • Art & Project, Dutch art magazine, 1968–1989
  • ArtAsiaPacific is an English-language periodical covering contemporary art and culture in Asia, the Pacific, and the Middle East. It is published and distributed internationally six times a year.
  • Art in America, est. 1913, covers US and international art but concentrated on New York City
  • Art in Australia was an Australian magazine that was published between 1916 and 1942
  • Art in Print, est. 2011, bimonthly art magazine and website on the history and culture of artists’ prints
  • Art International, 1956–1984, published quarterly in Paris, France
  • Art and Antiques, est. 1984, published out of North Carolina, USA
  • The Art Journal, 1839–1912, London-based monthly journal
  • Art Monthly, est. 1976, UK-based coverage of contemporary art
  • Art Monthly Australasia is a visual arts magazine published since 1987
  • The Art Newspaper, est. 1983, international coverage of news from the world of visual arts
  • Art on Paper, 1996–2009, based in New York City
  • ART PAPERS, based in Atlanta, Georgia, bimonthly contemporary art magazine
  • Art Press, est. 1972, based in Paris, monthly bi-lingual (French/English) contemporary art magazine
  • Art Press 2, est. 2006, based in Paris, quarterly contemporary art magazine
  • ArtAsiaPacific, covers contemporary art in Asia, the Pacific, and the Middle East
  • Artforum, est. 1962 in San Francisco, now based in New York City
  • Arte Al Limite, est. 2002 in Santiago, bimonthly contemporary art magazine
  • Artibus Asiae, est. 1925 in Dresden, biannual academic journal specialising in the arts and archaeology of Asia
  • Artibus et Historiae, semi-annual journal of art historical research, published by the Institute for Art Historical Research
  • Artillery, based in Los Angeles, covers US and international art but concentrated on California
  • ARTINFO, owned by Louise Blouin Media
  • Artist Profile, est. 2007, Sydney, Australia, contemporary art quarterly covering Asia-Pacific
  • Artlink, founded in 1981, based in Australia, covers contemporary art of Australia and Asia-Pacific
  • Artlog, based in Brooklyn, NY, online only
  • Artnet, based in New York City, Berlin and Paris
  • ARTnews, founded in 1902, covering ancient to contemporary art
  • ArtNexus, leading Latin American contemporary art magazine, est. 1976, based in Bogota and North Miami
  • Art Plus Magazine, formerly Contemporary Art Philippines, bi-monthly magazine covering Philippine visual arts
  • ArtReview, est. 1949, international contemporary art magazine, based in London
  • Arts of Asia, est. 1970, quarterly international magazine of Asian arts and antiques
  • Arts Magazine, 1926–1992, monthly journal published by Art Digest, Co., New York City
  • Asahi Camera, monthly photographic magazine, published in Japan by Asahi Shinbun-sha, publisher of the newspaper The Asahi Shimbun from April 1926 to July 2020.
  • Asia Art Archive, collection of material on the recent history of art from Asia
  • Atlantica Revista de Arte y Pensamiento, Centro Atlántico de Arte de Moderno (CAAM), based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, since 1990
  • Australian Art Collector, est. 1997, quarterly magazine covering Australian contemporary art, including aboriginal art
  • Australian Art Review, Australian quarterly fine arts magazine



  • Cabinet, est. 2000 in Brooklyn, NY
  • The Calvert Journal, a digital magazine of contemporary New East culture, including art, film, architecture, design and avant-garde culture
  • Camera quality international gravure-printed art photography magazine published 1922–1981 in Switzerland
  • Camera Craft, 1900–1942, est. by Photographers' Association of California, absorbed by American Photography
  • Communication Arts, est. 1959 in Menlo Park, California
  • Connaissance des Arts, French Magazine
  • Constance, est. 2006, based in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Contemporary, 1993–2008, monthly visual arts magazine based in London
  • Creative Boom, 2009, digital magazine
  • Culture Lounge, bi-monthly magazine, based in Columbus, Nebraska, founded in 2006
  • Contemporary Art Society, an organization encouraging appreciation and understanding of contemporary art in UK.




  • Fillip, contemporary art magazine, based in Vancouver, Canada, founded in 2004
  • First American Art Magazine, quarterly magazine about indigenous art of the Americas, founded in 2013
  • Flash Art, bimonthly contemporary art magazine, based in Milan, Italy
  • France Amerique, 1943 bilingual cultural magazine
  • frieze, London-based contemporary art magazine, founded 1991, published eight times a year
  • Frontrunner New York City-based contemporary arts collective and online magazine. Founded 2009
  • Frame Frame Contemporary Art Finland is an advocate for Finnish contemporary art.


  • Geometricae, geometric abstract art magazine, based in Valencia, Spain, founded in 2015


  • High Performance Magazine, a quarterly performance art and experimental art magazine 1978–1997
  • Hunter and Cook, contemporary Canadian arts and culture magazine, 2008–2011
  • Hyperallergic, online magazine of contemporary art criticism, based in Brooklyn, founded 2009




  • KIOSK, art, design and architecture magazine, est. 2007, based in London, UK


  • LensCulture, international art of photography, est. 2004
  • Light vision : Australia's international photography magazine 1977-78 was a bi-monthly Australian photography magazine
  • Lodown magazine, bimonthly art, culture and lifestyle magazine featuring sculpture, photography, and graffiti
  • Look, published by the Art Gallery Society of New South Wales, Australia






  • Sculpture, published by the International Sculpture Center
  • Sensitive Skin Magazine, online magazine of the arts
  • Spike Art Quarterly, in print and online, published in Vienna
  • Studio International, art and design magazine founded in 1893 under the name The Studio: An Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art, in print 1963–1994, presently online only






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