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The antbirds are a large family, Thamnophilidae, of smallish passerine bird species of subtropical and tropical Central and South America. The family has more than 230 species divided into 62 genera and includes the antshrikes, antwrens, antvireos, fire-eyes, bare-eyes and bushbirds. The most closely related species to the antbirds are the gnateaters (family Conopophagidae) and the crescentchests (family Melanopareiidae). [1]

List and classification of genera

The list of genera below follows the World Bird List maintained by Frank Gill and David Donsker on behalf of the International Ornithologists' Union. [2] The division of the genera into subfamilies and tribes follows the phylogeny published by Jan Ohlson and colleagues in 2013 as well as the list maintained by Joseph del Hoyo on the Handbook of the Birds of the World Alive website. [1] [3] For more detail, see list of antbird species.

Subfamily Euchrepomidinae

Subfamily Myrmornithinae

Subfamily Thamnophilinae

Tribe Microrhopiini

Tribe Formicivorini

Tribe Thamnophilini

Tribe Pithyini

Tribe Pyriglenini


Phylogeny based on a study of the suboscines by Michael Harvey and colleagues published in 2020. Seven genera in the antbird family were found to be paraphyletic: Clytoctantes, Drymophila, Dysithamnus, Formicivora, Herpsilochmus, Myrmotherula and Sakesphorus. [6]

Myrmornis – wing-banded antbird

Thamnistes – antshrikes (2 species)

Pygiptila – spot-winged antshrike

Euchrepomis – antwrens (4 species)


Myrmorchilus – stripe-backed antbird

Microrhopias – dot-winged antwren

Aprositornis – Yapacana antbird

Ammonastes – grey-bellied antbird

Myrmophylax – black-throated antbird

Clytoctantes alixii – recurve-billed bushbird

Neoctantes – black bushbird

Clytoctantes atrogularis – Rondônia bushbird

Epinecrophylla – stipplethroats (8 species)


Terenura – antwrens (2 species)

Myrmotherula (streaked group) and Myrmochanes

Myrmotherula (grey group)

Formicivora iheringi – narrow-billed antwren

Myrmotherula fluminensis – Rio de Janeiro antwren

Myrmotherula iheringi – Ihering's antwren

Formicivora – antwrens (8 species) includes Stymphalornis


Phaenostictus – ocellated antbird

Pithys (2 species)

Willisornis (2 species)

Phlegopsis – bare-eyes (3 species)

Oneillornis (2 species)

Gymnopithys (3 species)

Rhegmatorhina (5 species)

Cercomacra (7 species)

Cercomacroides (6 species)

Sciaphylax (2 species)

Drymophila squamata – scaled antbird

Drymophila (10 species)

Hypocnemis – warbling-antbirds (8 species)


Poliocrania – chestnut-backed antbird

Ampelornis – grey-headed antbird

Sipia (4 species)

Myrmoderus (5 species)

Hypocnemoides (2 species)

Hylophylax (3 species)

Sclateria – silvered antbird

Myrmelastes (8 species)

Myrmeciza – white-bellied antbird

Rhopornis – slender antbird

Myrmoborus (5 species)

Gymnocichla– bare-crowned antbird

Akletos (2 species)

Hafferia (3 species)

Percnostola (2 species)

Pyriglena – fire-eyes (3 species)


Isleria – antwrens (2 species)

Xenornis – speckled antshrike

Thamnomanes – antshrikes (4 species)

Megastictus – pearly antshrike

Rhopias – star-throated antwren

Dichrozona – banded antbird

Cymbilaimus – antshrikes (2 species)

Taraba – great antshrike

Hypoedaleus – spot-backed antshrike

Batara – giant antshrike

Mackenziaena – antshrikes (2 species)

Frederickena – antshrikes (3 species)

Sakesphorus cristatus – silvery-cheeked antshrike

Biatas – white-bearded antshrike

Herpsilochmus sellowi – Caatinga antwren

Dysithamnus puncticeps – spot-crowned antvireo

Dysithamnus striaticeps – streak-crowned antvireo

Herpsilochmus – antwrens (17 species)

Dysithamnus – antvireos (6 species)

Sakesphorus – antshrikes (3 species)

Thamnophilus – antshrikes (30 species)


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