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The following is a list of characters from the wuxia novel The Return of the Condor Heroes by Jin Yong. Some of these characters are fictionalised personas of, or are based on, actual historical figures, such as Wang Chongyang, Qiu Chuji, Duan Zhixing, Kublai Khan and Yelü Chucai.

The Condor

The Divine Condor (神鵰; shén diāo) is a giant eagle-like creature living alone in a valley and a former companion of the invincible swordsman Dugu Qiubai. After roaming the land for years and failing to find someone who can rival him in swordsmanship, Dugu Qiubai came to a cave near a forest and spent the rest of his life there as a hermit. Several years after his death, the Condor encounters Yang Guo by coincidence while he was fighting with a giant serpent. Yang learns Dugu Qiubai's swordplay techniques from the Condor. As he has lost his right arm, Yang trains relentlessly and overcomes his disability to use Dugu Qiubai's Heavy Iron Sword with only one arm. After accomplishing a high level of proficiency in swordplay, Yang ventures out with the Condor to search for Xiaolongnü and reunite with her.

Main characters

Guo family and associates

  • Guo Jing (郭靖; Guō Jìng)
  • Huang Rong (黃蓉; Huáng Róng)
  • Guo Fu (郭芙; Guō Fú) is Guo Jing and Huang Rong's elder daughter. Even though she is beautiful and attractive, she is spoiled and insolent. She has been unfriendly towards Yang Guo since her childhood. She slices off his right arm with a sword in a heated quarrel. In the end of the novel, she realized that she loved Yang Guo but he didn't care about her and she did wrong things towards Yang Guo. She was married to Yelu Qi
  • Guo Xiang (郭襄; Guō Xiāng) is Guo Jing and Huang Rong's younger daughter. When she was a newborn baby, she was abducted by Li Mochou but was saved by Yang Guo, whom she has a crush on when she grows up. She is nicknamed "Little Eastern Heretic" (小東邪; xiǎodōngxié) after her maternal grandfather, "Eastern Heretic" Huang Yaoshi. When she reaches middle age, she becomes a Buddhist nun and establishes the Emei Sect.
  • Guo Polu (郭破虜; Guō Pòlǔ) is Guo Xiang's twin brother. The sequel, The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, reveals that 14 years after the events of The Return of the Condor Heroes, he died along with Guo Jing and Huang Rong when the city of Xiangyang fell to the Mongol invaders.
  • Wu Dunru (武敦儒; Wǔ Dūnrú) and Wu Xiuwen (武修文; Wǔ Xiūwén) are Wu Santong's sons. Li Mochou caused their mother's death and their father went berserk and disappeared after that. The brothers were raised by Guo Jing and Huang Rong, who taught them martial arts. Both of them have a crush on Guo Fu and almost fought each other to the death to win her love, but the dispute is resolved by Yang Guo. They marry Yelü Yan and Wanyan Ping respectively, and are said to be expecting children with their wives near the end of the novel.
  • Yelü Qi (耶律齊; Yēlǜ Qí) is Zhou Botong's secret apprentice. He is a son of Yelü Chucai and a descendant of the imperial clan of the former Liao Empire. He marries Guo Fu and succeeds Lu Youjiao as the chief of the Beggars' Sect.
  • Yelü Yan (耶律燕; Yēlǜ Yàn) is Yelü Qi's younger sister. She marries Wu Dunru.
  • Wanyan Ping (完顏萍; Wányán Píng) is a descendant of the imperial clan of the former Jin Empire. Her parents died when the Jin Empire was conquered by the Mongols and she swears vengeance on Yelü Chucai, whom she blames for her losses. She fails to assassinate him and loses to his children in a fight. She eventually reconciles with the Yelüs and marries Wu Xiuwen.

The Greats

Legend Of The Condor Heroes

Return Of The Condor Heroes

Mongol Empire

  • Jinlun Guoshi (金輪國師; Jīnlún Guóshī; 'Golden Wheel Imperial Adviser') is one of the antagonists in the novel. Originally a Tibetan lama, he becomes the Imperial Adviser of the Mongol Empire and represents the Mongols in challenging the Han Chinese wulin (martial artists' community). He is defeated by Yang Guo at Xiangyang and dies after a pillar collapses on him. He was known as Jinlun Fawang (金輪法王; Jīnlún Fǎwáng; 'Golden Wheel Guardian King') in the earlier editions of the novel. In the revised version, he died after saving Guo Xiang from being burnt alive. The "Golden Wheel" is a reference to his weapon, which resembles a gold-coloured chakram. Despite his evil nature, he was shown to be gentle towards Guo Xiang, admired her intelligence and had wanted to take her in as a student.
  • Huodu (霍都; Huòdū) is a Mongol prince and Jinlun's third apprentice. A cunning and witty person, he is not very loyal to his master. When Jinlun, Huodu and Da'erba are fighting with Yang Guo at Chongyang Palace, Huodu realises that they are losing so he betrays and abandons his master and flees. Later, he disguises himself as a beggar, He Shiwo (何師我; Hé Shīwǒ), murders Lu Youjiao, and tries to become the chief of the Beggars' Sect. However, Yang Guo exposes his real identity and leads Da'erba to him. Da'erba defeats and kills him for betraying their master.
  • Da'erba (達爾巴; Dá'ěrbā) is a Tibetan monk and Jinlun's second apprentice. In contrast with Huodu, he is honest and loyal towards his master even though he is slow witted. He always thinks that Yang Guo is the reincarnation of Jinlun's first apprentice. When Jinlun, Huodou and Da'erba are fighting with Yang Guo at Chongyang Palace, Huodu abandons his master and flees while Da'erba tries his best to protect his master life, Yang Guo realizes that he is truly a good person so he spares his life. 16 years later, he helps Yang Guo eliminate Huodu. After that, to repay Yang Guo for sparing his life, he promises to return home and never step out of Tibet again.
  • Möngke (蒙哥) is the Great Khan of the Mongol Empire. He personally leads his army to attack Xiangyang and is slain by Yang Guo in the final battle.
  • Kublai (忽必烈) is a Mongol prince and Möngke's younger brother. He is the chief commander of the Mongol army attacking Xiangyang. After Möngke's death, he eventually succeed his brother as Khagan after the Toluid Civil War.
  • Yelü Chucai (耶律楚才; Yēlǜ Chǔcái) is the Premier of the Mongol Empire and a descendant of the imperial clan of the former Liao Empire.
  • Yelü Jin (耶律晉; Yēlǜ Jìn) is Yelü Chucai's elder son.

Mercenaries hired by the Mongols

  • Xiaoxiangzi (瀟湘子; Xiāoxiāngzǐ) is a martial artist from Xiangxi. He steals the Nine Yang Manual from Shaolin Monastery with Yinkexi and hide it inside the stomach of a white gorilla. They become suspicious and kill each other eventually.
  • Yinkexi (尹克西; Yǐnkèxī) is a merchant from Persia.
  • Nimoxing (尼摩星; Nímóxīng) is a martial artist from India. He has his legs amputated after falling into a trap set by Yang Guo using Li Mochou's poison needles. He is slain by Yang Guo in Xiangyang 16 years later.
  • Ma Guangzuo (麻光佐; Má Guāngzuǒ) is a martial artist from Xinjiang. Unlike other mercenaries, he isn't a bad guy and he always sides with Yang Guo and Xiaolongnü. Yang Guo later persuades him to leave the Mongols.

Passionless Valley

  • Gongsun Zhi (公孫止; Gōngsūn Zhǐ) is the master of Passionless Valley (絕情谷; juéqínggǔ). Although he appears extraordinary, noble and gentlemanly, he is in fact cold-hearted, ruthless and lecherous. He is skilled in martial arts and wields a pair of blades in combat. He attempts to force Xiaolongnü to marry him but fails and his true colours are revealed when his wife returns. He is blinded in one eye and forced to flee from the valley. He returns later to take revenge on his wife and dies with her after falling off a cliff.
  • Qiu Qianchi (裘千尺; Qiú Qiānchǐ) is Qiu Qianren's younger sister and Gongsun Zhi's wife. An insolent and domineering woman, she gradually falls out of her husband's favour. He breaks her limbs and casts her into an underground pit. She was assumed to be dead. While struggling to survive, she masters a skill which allows her to overcome her disability by using her inner energy to suck distant objects into her mouth and fire them as projectiles towards enemies with extreme force and accuracy. She falls off a cliff to her death along with Gongsun Zhi.
  • Gongsun Lü'e (公孫綠萼; Gōngsūn Lǜ'è) is Gongsun Zhi and Qiu Qianchi's daughter. Unlike her parents, she is kind-hearted and compassionate. She has a crush on Yang Guo and eventually sacrifices herself to help him.
  • Fan Yiweng (樊一翁; Fán Yīwēng) is Gongsun Zhi's most senior apprentice. He has a long white beard and becomes the "Long Bearded Ghost" later.
  • Rou'er (柔兒; Róu'ér) was a servant girl whom Gongsun Zhi fell in love with. Qiu Qianchi discovered their illicit relationship and forced her husband to kill Rou'er.

Ancient Tomb Sect

  • Li Mochou (李莫愁; Lǐ Mòchóu), nicknamed "Red Fairy" (赤練仙子; chìlián xiānzǐ), is Xiaolongnü's senior. She was more powerful in martial arts than her junior at the start of the novel. Although she is beautiful in appearance, she morphs into a vicious killer after her lover betrayed her. However, she appears as a motherly figure to the baby Guo Xiang, whom she kidnaps from her parents. She is seen trying to take the Jade Maiden Sutra from Xiaolongnü on several occasions at the beginning of the novel, but has never been successful. She commits suicide by throwing herself into the fire in Passionless Valley.
  • Lin Chaoying (林朝英; Lín Cháoyīng) was the sect's founder. She was both a rival and lover of Wang Chongyang, and equalled him in martial arts prowess.
  • Granny Sun (孫婆婆; Sūn Pópó) is an old woman who lives with Xiaolongnü in the Ancient Tomb. She saves Yang Guo from the bullies at Quanzhen Sect and wants to help him fend off the priests. She is accidentally killed by Hao Datong during the scuffle. Before her death, she makes Xiaolongnü promise her to take care of Yang for the rest of his life.
  • Hong Lingbo (洪凌波; Hóng Língbō) is Li Mochou's apprentice. She is rather sympathetic to Lu Wushuang, who was Li's slave then. She is used as a cushion by her master to escape from the love flowers and dies after being pricked by the poisonous flowers.

Lu family

  • Cheng Ying (程英; Chéng Yīng) is Lu Wushuang's cousin. Her uncle and his family were killed by Li Mochou. She is saved by Huang Yaoshi and becomes his apprentice. She has a crush on Yang Guo but becomes his sworn sister eventually.
  • Lu Wushuang (陸無雙; Lù Wúshuāng) is Lu Zhanyuan's niece and Cheng Ying's cousin. She was abducted in her childhood by Li Mochou, who killed her family. Li made her a slave and later became her student. She escapes later and meets Yang Guo. She also has a crush on Yang but becomes his sworn sister eventually.
  • Lu Zhanyuan (陸展元; Lù Zhǎnyuán) was Li Mochou's former lover. He reneged his promise and married He Yuanjun instead. He died of illness 3 years before the events take place.
  • He Yuanjun (何沅君; Hé Yuánjūn) was Lu Zhanyuan's wife. She committed suicide after Lu Zhanyuan passed away.
  • Lu Liding (陸立鼎; Lù Lìdǐng) is Lu Zhanyuan's younger brother. He and his family are murdered by Li Mochou at the start of the novel.

Quanzhen Sect

  • The "Seven Immortals of Quanzhen" (全真七子; Quánzhēn Qī Zǐ) are the seven apprentices of Wang Chongyang. They lead the sect after their master's death. One of them, Tan Chuduan (譚處端; Tán Chǔduān), was killed by Ouyang Feng in the first novel. The other six are:
    • Ma Yu (馬鈺; Mǎ Yù), Taoist name Danyangzi (丹陽子; Dānyángzǐ).
    • Liu Chuxuan (劉處玄; Liú Chǔxuán), Taoist name Changshengzi (長生子; Chángshēngzǐ).
    • Qiu Chuji (丘處機; Qiū Chǔjī), Taoist name Changchunzi (長春子; Chángchūnzǐ).
    • Wang Chuyi (王處一; Wáng Chǔyī), Taoist name Yuyangzi (玉陽子; Yùyángzǐ).
    • Hao Datong (郝大通; Hǎo Dàtōng), Taoist name Guangningzi (廣寧子; Guǎngníngzǐ).
    • Sun Bu'er (孫不二; Sūn Bù'èr), Taoist name Qingjing Sanren (清靜散人; Qīngjìng Sǎnrén).
  • Zhao Zhijing (趙志敬; Zhào Zhìjìng) is the most senior of all Quanzhen members after the "Seven Immortals". He was Yang Guo's master when Yang was in Quanzhen. He dislikes the boy, does not teach him any practical martial arts, and allows his other apprentices to bully him. Later in the novel, he collaborates with the Mongols to seize the leadership position of his sect, but his plans are foiled and he is killed by Xiaolongnü's jade bees. His disciples were being punished or executed for taking part in the Mongols' attack of Quanzhen Sect.
  • Zhen Zhibing (甄志丙; Zhēn Zhìbǐng) is a senior member of Quanzhen. He has a crush on Xiaolongnü and is unable to restrain himself and blindfolds and rapes Xiaolongnü when the latter was immobilised by Ouyang Feng. Xiaolongnü is unaware that Zhen was the one who raped her and she wrongly accused Yang Guo until the truth is revealed several years later. After this exposure, Zhen, who was deeply plagued by guilt for years over this incident, begged Xiaolongnü to kill him but she could not bring herself to. He later sacrifices himself to save Xiaolongnü from death as atonement for his sins (but not before confessing his guilt to his teachers). This role was given to Yin Zhiping (尹志平; Yǐn Zhìpíng) in earlier editions but in later edition, Yin Ziphing is a different character. The amendment is due to Jin Yong's reluctance to vilify Yin Zhiping, whose historical namesake is a notable and virtuous Taoist. (See 尹志平 on the Chinese Wikipedia for information on the historical Yin Zhiping.) In the earlier versions, Yin Zhiping was shown to be less morally-equipped compared to Zhen, and he was also completely remorseless for the rape of Xiaolongnü and fondly relishes in the memory of committing it.
  • Lu Qingdu (鹿清笃; Lù Qīngdǔ) is a disciple of Zhao Zhijing. Like his master, he also hates Yang Guo for humiliating and tricking him during the Quanzhen's altercation with Guo Jing. He and his fellow classmates participated in the bullying of Yang Guo, and when his teacher asked him to fight with Yang Guo, whom Zhao did not train on purpose as revenge towards Guo Jing, he was knocked out cold by Yang Guo with the Toad Skill (蛤蟆功; hámǎ gōng), which was taught by Yang Guo's godfather Ouyang Feng. Afterwards, Yang Guo then defects to Ancient Tomb Sect where he was taken in by Xiaolongnü. Lu Qingdu was seen again when the Mongols arrived at Quanzhen intending to make Quanzhen to show loyalty to Mongolia, and during this, Qingdu and his classmates joined his master to pledge allegiance to the Mongols and he had also killed some of the Quanzhen disciples, who refused to defect to the Mongols' side. After the rebellion was suppressed, and after his master was killed, Qingdu was executed for betraying his sect.

Dali Kingdom

  • Liu Ying (劉瑛; Liú Yīng), also known as Yinggu (瑛姑; Yīnggū), is nicknamed "Divine Mathematician" (神算子; shénsuànzǐ). She was originally Duan Zhixing's concubine when he was still the emperor of Dali. She had a secret affair with Zhou Botong and bore him a son, but their son died at the hands of Qiu Qianren. After her son's death, she leads a reclusive life in the Black Swamp with only a pair of Nine Tailed Divine Foxes to keep her company.
  • Reverend Yideng's close aides:
    • Chu Dongshan (褚東山; Chǔ Dōngshān), nicknamed "Reclusive Fisherman of Diancang" (點蒼漁隱; diǎncāng yúyǐn).
    • Zhang Shaoshou (張少守; Zhāng Shàoshǒu)
    • Wu Santong (武三通; Wǔ Sāntōng) is the father of the Wu brothers. He went mad and disappeared when his wife sacrificed herself to save him after he was poisoned by Li Mochou. He only appears again several years later when his boys have grown up.
    • Zhu Ziliu (朱子柳; Zhū Zǐliǔ). He participates in the martial arts contest at Dasheng Pass, and later appears to help the protagonists in defending Xiangyang from the Mongols.
  • Wu Sanniang (武三娘; Wǔ Sānniáng) was Wu Santong's wife and the mother of the Wu brothers. Her husband was injured and poisoned by Li Mochou, and she saved his life by sucking out the venom from his wound. However, she died from poisoning and Wu Santong was so traumatised that he went berserk and disappeared for many years, only to return when his sons have grown up.

Peach Blossom Island

  • Ke Zhen'e (柯鎮惡; Kē Zhèn'è) is the sole surviving member of the "Seven Freaks of Jiangnan" from the first novel. He lives with the Guos and is respected as an elder in the family. Despite holding a grudge against Yang Guo's father for the deaths of his fellows, he treats the boy like the rest of the Guo children after sensing that Yang is not corrupt and likes him, directly contrasting the strong contempt and prejudice Huang harboured towards Yang Guo. Years later, he relates the story of Yang Kang to Yang Guo at the Temple of the Iron Spear. He admires Yang Guo for his chivalry, and is also grateful to Yang for saving his life from Sha Tongtian and company. He forgives Yang Guo's father and promises to help Yang reconstruct his father's tomb.
  • Shagu (傻姑; Shǎgū; 'foolish girl') is the orphaned daughter of Qu Lingfeng from the first novel. Huang Yaoshi took her under his care and trained her as his apprentice. Upon learning that she was present at the scene of his father's death, Yang Guo attempts to force her to tell him the details about the incident. However, her ambiguous and unclear answers cause him to mistakenly believe that Guo Jing and Huang Rong murdered his father.
  • Feng Mofeng (馮默風; Féng Mòfēng) is a former apprentice of Huang Yaoshi and the sole survivor among Huang's original six apprentices (the others were either killed or died of natural causes). He was maimed and banished from Peach Blossom Island by his master when his seniors, Chen Xuanfeng and Mei Chaofeng, betrayed their master. He becomes a blacksmith after leaving the island and he still respects Huang Yaoshi. He sacrifices himself to buy time for Guo Jing and Yang Guo to escape from the Mongol camp.

Shaolin Sect

  • Jueyuan (覺遠; Juéyuǎn) is the librarian of Shaolin. Although he had not been formally allowed to train in Shaolin martial arts, he secretly built up immense inner energy after reading the Nine Yang Manual.
  • Zhang Junbao (張君寶; Zhāng Jūnbǎo) is Jueyuan's apprentice who memorises part of the Nine Yang Manual from his master. Towards the end of the novel, he and his master are chasing Xiaoxiangzi and Yinkexi, who have stolen the Nine Yang Manual from the Shaolin library. They encounter Yang Guo, who help them defeat the two mercenaries.
  • Tianming (天鳴; Tiānmíng) is the abbot of Shaolin.
  • Wuse (無色; Wúsè) is the head of the Arhat Hall.
  • Wuxiang (無相; Wúxiàng) is the head of the Bodhidharma Hall.

Guo Xiang's friends

  • The "Ghosts of the Western Mountain Cave" (西山一窟鬼; xīshān yīkūguǐ) are a group of martial artists who dress up as phantoms and ghosts to scare people. They befriend Guo Xiang and become allies of her and Yang Guo. Some of them are:
    • Long Bearded Ghost (長鬚鬼; Chángxūguǐ) is formerly Gongsun Zhi's eldest apprentice, Fan Yiweng. He is killed by Jinlun Guoshi.
    • Big Headed Ghost (大頭鬼; Dàtóuguǐ) is killed by Jinlun Guoshi.
    • Hanged Ghost (吊死鬼; Diàosǐguǐ)
    • Life Taking Ghost (催命鬼; Cuīmìngguǐ)
    • Impermanence Ghost (無常鬼; Wúchángguǐ)
    • Debt Collecting Ghost (討債鬼; Tǎozhàiguǐ)
    • Fearsome Ghost (煞神鬼; Shàshénguǐ)
    • Death Ghost (喪門鬼; Sàngménguǐ)
    • Pretty Ghost (俏鬼; Qiàoguǐ)
    • Smiling Ghost (笑臉鬼; Xiàoliǎnguǐ)
  • The five Shi brothers live in Ten Thousand Beasts Mountain Manor (萬獸山莊; wànshòu shānzhuāng). They are known for their abilities to tame all kinds of wild beasts. They befriend Guo Xiang and become Yang Guo's allies. The five are:
    • Shi Bowei (史伯威; Shǐ Bówēi), nicknamed "Mountain King with a White Forehead" (白額山君; báié shānjūn).
    • Shi Zhongmeng (史仲猛; Shǐ Zhòngměng), nicknamed "Guanjianzi" (管見子; guǎnjiànzǐ).
    • Shi Shugang (史叔剛; Shǐ Shūgāng), nicknamed "Golden Armoured Lion King" (金甲獅王; jīnjiǎ shīwáng).
    • Shi Jiqiang (史季強; Shǐ Jìqiáng), nicknamed "God of Great Strength" (大力神; dàlìshén).
    • Shi Mengjie (史孟捷; Shǐ Mèngjié), nicknamed "Eight Handed Immortal Ape" (八手仙猿; bāshǒu xiānyuán).
  • Zhang Yimang (張一氓; Zhāng Yīmáng)
  • Abbess Shengyin (聖因師太; Shèngyīn Shītài)
  • Human Cook (人廚子; Rénchúzǐ)
  • Hundred Herbs Fairy (百草仙; Báicǎoxiān)


  • Qiu Qianren (裘千仞; Qiú Qiānrèn) was the chief of the Iron Palm Sect (鐵掌幫; tiézhǎngbāng). He is nicknamed "Iron Palm Skimming on Water" (鐵掌水上飄; tiézhǎng shuǐshàngpiāo) for his prowess in martial arts and qinggong. He was notorious for committing heinous crimes in the past but was saved from death by Yideng and repents. He becomes Yideng's apprentice and renames himself Ci'en (慈恩; Cí'ēn). He dies in peace after Zhou Botong and Yinggu forgive him for killing their infant son.
  • Lu Youjiao (魯有腳; Lǔ Yǒujiǎo) is Huang Rong's successor as the chief of the Beggars' Sect. He is slow witted but honest and loyal. He is lured into a trap and slain by Huodu, who takes the Dog Beating Staff from him. Guo Xiang, who regarded him as a close friend, was devastated by his death.
  • Lu Guanying (陸冠英; Lù Guànyīng) is the son of Lu Chengfeng, one of Huang Yaoshi's original six apprentices. He becomes the leader of the pirates of Lake Tai after his father's death. He plays host to the Heroes' Feast at Dasheng Pass.
  • Cheng Yaojia (程瑤迦; Chéng Yáojiā) is Sun Bu'er's apprentice and Lu Guanying's wife.
  • Sha Tongtian (沙通天; Shā Tōngtiān), Hou Tonghai (侯通海; Hóu Tōnghǎi), Lingzhi Shangren (靈智上人; Língzhì Shàngrén), and Peng Lianhu (彭連虎; Péng Liánhǔ) were previously the followers of Wanyan Honglie in the first novel. They were defeated on Mount Hua and captured by Zhou Botong and imprisoned in Quanzhen Sect's headquarters, Chongyang Palace. Despite the attempts by the Quanzhen Taoists to reform them, the four tried to escape a few times but failed. Ultimately, after one failed escape attempt, the four were crippled by the Taoists and additionally, as three of these people - Hou, Peng and Lingzhi - had injured and killed a few of the guards during this failed attempt, they were blinded in their eyes, leaving Sha as the only one out of the four who could still see. They manage to escape later during the Mongols' attack of Quanzhen Sect (which was instigated by traitorous Quanzhen disciple Zhao Zhijing). After living a peaceful, reclusive life for 16 years, they encounter Ke Zhen'e in Jiaxing, and attempt to kill him for fear that he would alert Guo Jing of their whereabouts. Yang Guo comes to Ke's aid and defeats them in a brief fight. They later relate the story of Yang Kang to Yang Guo.
  • Lü Wende (呂文德; Lǚ Wéndé) is the commander of Xiangyang's military forces. He dies ten years after the events of the novel.
  • Lü Wenhuan (呂文煥; Lǚ Wénhuàn) is Lü Wende's brother. He takes over his brother's command of Xiangyang's military forces.