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The following is a list of characters from the wuxia novel The Legend of the Condor Heroes by Jin Yong. Some of these characters are fictionalised personas of, or are based on, actual historical figures, such as Wang Chongyang, Qiu Chuji, Duan Zhixing, Genghis Khan and Jebe.

Main characters

Guo Jing and Yang Kang's parents

  • Guo Xiaotian (郭嘯天; Guō Xiàotiān) is Guo Jing's father. He made an agreement with his sworn brother, Yang Tiexin, for their children to become either sworn siblings (if they are of the same sex) or a married couple (if they are of opposite sexes). He is killed by Duan Tiande's men.
  • Li Ping (李萍; Lǐ Píng) is Guo Xiaotian's wife and Guo Jing's mother. She survived the raid on Niu Family Village but was captured by Duan Tiande. She manages to escape and settle down in Mongolia, where she gives birth to her son. She remains in Mongolia for the rest of her life and never returns home. She commits suicide to remind her son of his heritage when Genghis Khan tries to force Guo Jing to help him conquer the Song Empire.
  • Yang Tiexin (楊鐵心; Yáng Tiěxīn) is Yang Kang's father. He specialises in the martial art Yang Family Spear, which has been passed down for generations in his family. He survived the attack on Niu Family Village, renames himself Mu Yi (穆易; Mù Yì), and adopts Mu Nianci as his daughter. He is reunited with his family later but his son refuses to acknowledge him. He commits suicide with his wife after being cornered by Wanyan Honglie and his men.
  • Bao Xiruo (包惜弱; Bāo Xīruò) is Yang Tiexin's wife and Yang Kang's mother. She is soft-hearted and empathetic, as implied by her name "Xiruo" (literally "pity the weak"). She survives the raid on Niu Family Village and is saved by Wanyan Honglie, who brings her back to the Jin Empire and marries her. Her love for Yang Tiexin never fades. She commits suicide to join Yang Tiexin when they are cornered.

Seven Freaks of Jiangnan

The "Seven Freaks of Jiangnan" (江南七怪; Jiāngnán Qī Guài) is a group of seven chivalrous martial artists from Jiangnan. They were Guo Jing's first martial arts teachers and they also taught him about his native Han culture. Ke Zhen'e was blinded many years ago in a fight against the "Twin Killers in the Dark Wind". Zhang Asheng is killed by Chen Xuanfeng while the rest except Ke Zhen'e are murdered by Ouyang Feng and Yang Kang later. The seven are:

  • Ke Zhen'e (柯鎮惡; Kē Zhèn'è), nicknamed "Flying Bat" (飛天蝙蝠; fēitiān biānfú) Even though he is blind, he is highly skilled in using the staff and dart-throwing.
  • Zhu Cong (朱聰; Zhū Cōng), nicknamed "Marvellous-Handed Scholar" (妙手書生; miàoshǒu shūshēng), is the wisest among the seven. He specialises in thieving and pickpocketing.
  • Han Baoju (韓寶駒; Hán Bǎojū), nicknamed "Horse Deity" (馬王神; mǎwángshén), specialises in horse-riding.
  • Nan Xiren (南希仁; Nán Xīrén), nicknamed "Southern Hill Woodcutter" (南山樵子; nánshān qiáozǐ), is a shy individual who taught Guo Jing to use the saber.
  • Zhang Asheng (張阿生; Zhāng Āshēng), nicknamed "Laughing Buddha" (笑彌陀; xiào mítuó), is Han Xiaoying's lover. He is a big monk, well over 100 kg in the novel. He is slain by Mei Chaofeng.
  • Quan Jinfa (全金發; Quán Jīnfā), nicknamed "Hidden Hero in the Busy City" (鬧市俠隱; nàoshì xiáyǐn), specialises in using the spear or lance.
  • Han Xiaoying (韓小瑩; Hán Xiǎoyíng), nicknamed "Yue Maiden Sword" (越女劍; yuènǚ jiàn), is Zhang Asheng's lover and the only female among the seven. She taught Guo Jing to use the sword. She is a descendant of Aqing from The Sword of the Yue Maiden.

Five Greats

Mongol Empire

  • Temüjin (鐵木真) is an ambitious warlord who unites all the Mongol tribes under his rule and becomes Genghis Khan (成吉思汗). He raised Guo Jing and treats the boy like a son. At the end of the novel, before his death, he debates with Guo on what constitutes a hero.
  • Genghis Khan's children:
    • Jochi (朮赤) is the eldest son.
    • Chagatai (察合台) is the second son.
    • Ögedei (窩闊台) is the third son.
    • Tolui (拖雷) is the fourth son. He becomes sworn brothers with Guo Jing in their childhood.
    • Huazheng (華箏; Huázhēng) is Genghis Khan's daughter. She was Guo Jing's childhood playmate and has a crush on him but Guo regards her as a younger sister. Her father betroths her to Guo but they are not married eventually. When she discovers that Guo is planning to disobey her father's order to attack the Song Empire, she secretly reports Guo to her father in the hope that Guo will be forced to remain in Mongolia. However, in doing so, she unknowingly brings big trouble to Guo and indirectly causes his mother to commit suicide. Overwhelmed by guilt over what happened to Guo's mother, she leaves home and became a recluse for the rest of her life. Before leaving, she warns Guo that the Mongols are planning to attack Xiangyang.
  • Genghis Khan's followers:
    • Jebe (哲別) is an expert archer from a rival tribe who later becomes one of Genghis Khan's most trusted men. He taught Guo Jing archery. In his adolescent years, Guo impressed everyone with his archery skill when he once shot down two eagles in the sky with a single arrow.
    • Muqali (木華黎)
    • Chilaun (赤老溫)
    • Huduhu (忽都虎)
    • Jelme (者勒米)
    • Borokhula (博爾忽) returns to save Hong Qigong, Guo Jing, Huang Rong, Huazheng and others when they were trapped by Yang Kang and Ouyang Feng.
  • Genghis Khan's rivals:
    • Jamukha (札木合) is Genghis Khan's sworn brother and ally who becomes his rival later.
    • Wang Khan (王罕) was the sworn brother of Genghis Khan's father and a former ally of Genghis Khan and Jamukha. He sides with Jamukha in the war against Genghis Khan later.
    • Sangkun (桑昆) is Wang Khan's son.
    • Dushi (都史) is Sangkun's son and Huazheng's original fiancé.

Quanzhen Sect

  • Zhou Botong (周伯通; Zhōu Bótōng)
  • The "Seven Immortals of Quanzhen" (全真七子; Quánzhēn Qī Zǐ) are the seven apprentices of Wang Chongyang. They led the sect after their master's death. The seven are:
    • Ma Yu (馬鈺; Mǎ Yù), Taoist name Danyangzi (丹陽子; Dānyángzǐ). He teaches Guo Jing some basic Quanzhen martial arts and inner energy skills.
    • Tan Chuduan (譚處端; Tán Chǔduān), Taoist name Changzhenzi (長真子; Chángzhēnzǐ). He is killed by Ouyang Feng in a fight.
    • Liu Chuxuan (劉處玄; Liú Chǔxuán), Taoist name Changshengzi (長生子; Chángshēngzǐ).
    • Qiu Chuji (丘處機; Qiū Chǔjī), Taoist name Changchunzi (長春子; Chángchūnzǐ). He befriends the Guo and Yang families in the first chapter. He becomes Yang Kang's martial arts master later.
    • Wang Chuyi (王處一; Wáng Chǔyī), Taoist name Yuyangzi (玉陽子; Yùyángzǐ). He befriends Guo Jing after learning that Guo learnt some Quanzhen skills from his senior, Ma Yu, before. Guo helps him recover when he was injured by Lingzhi Shangren.
    • Hao Datong (郝大通; Hǎo Dàtōng), Taoist name Guangningzi (廣寧子; Guǎngníngzǐ).
    • Sun Bu'er (孫不二; Sūn Bù'èr), Taoist name Qingjing Sanren (清靜散人; Qīngjìng Sǎnrén).
  • Yin Zhiping (尹志平; Yǐn Zhìpíng) is one of Qiu Chuji's apprentices. He goes to Mongolia to remind Guo Jing of his scheduled match with Yang Kang.
  • Cheng Yaojia (程瑤迦; Chéng Yáojiā) is Sun Bu'er's apprentice. She was almost raped by Ouyang Ke, but Guo Jing and Huang Rong save her. She later marries Lu Guanying under Huang Yaoshi's arrangement. She is actually Wu Mianfeng's daughter and was raised by the Cheng family after they saved her father.

Peach Blossom Island

Huang Yaoshi's apprentices

  • The "Twin Killers in the Dark Wind" (黑風雙煞; hēifēng shuāngshà) are Huang Yaoshi's two most senior apprentices. They eloped, stole their master's copy of the Nine Yin Manual, and fled from Peach Blossom Island. They learn two skills derived from an unorthodox interpretation of the manual: the Nine Yin White Bone Claw and the Heart Shattering Palm. Mei Chaofeng also learns the White Boa Whip Skill. The couple are known for committing heinous crimes and are highly feared in the jianghu. They are:
    • Chen Xuanfeng (陳玄風; Chén Xuánfēng), nicknamed "Copper Corpse" (銅屍; tóngshī). He fights with the "Seven Freaks of Jiangnan" and tries to hold a six-year-old Guo Jing hostage but the boy instinctively stabs him with a dagger and kills him.
    • Mei Chaofeng (梅超風; Méi Chāofēng), original name Mei Ruohua (梅若華; Méi Ruòhuá), nicknamed "Iron Corpse" (鐵屍; tiěshī). She is blinded by Ke Zhen'e in the fight against the "Seven Freaks". She escapes and trains hard in martial arts to avenge her husband. She meets Huang Yaoshi in Guiyun Manor and he forgives her and tells her to find his other four apprentices. She is killed by Ouyang Feng.
  • Qu Lingfeng (曲靈風; Qū Língfēng) makes his first appearance as Qu San (曲三; Qū Sān), a crippled neighbour of Guo Xiaotian and Yang Tiexin. In the day, he pretends to run the inn in Niu Family Village. At night, he disguises himself and steals treasures from the palace. Guo and Yang discover his secret after witnessing him fighting with palace guards. He is killed by Shi Yanming, a palace guard. His skeleton is discovered by Guo Jing and Huang Rong several years later in a secret chamber in the inn.
  • Lu Chengfeng (陸乘風; Lù Chéngfēng) settles in a manor near Lake Tai and nicknames himself "Handicap of Five Lakes" (五湖廢人; wǔhú fèirén). He once rallied a number of allies in a futile attempt to capture Chen Xuanfeng and Mei Chaofeng for his master. He shares the same passion for arts as Huang Yaoshi and inherits his master's knowledge of medicine and strategic formations. He also leads a group of pirates who rob the rich and corrupt to help the poor. He moves to Dasheng Pass with his family and followers after his home is destroyed by Ouyang Feng. He died of illness.
  • Wu Mianfeng (武眠風; Wǔ Miánfēng) died from illness.
  • Feng Mofeng (馮默風; Féng Mòfēng)


  • Feng Heng (馮衡; Féng Héng) was Huang Yaoshi's wife and Huang Rong's mother. She had photographic memory and memorised the second volume of the Nine Yin Manual after reading it once. She fell ill after giving birth to Huang Rong and died.
  • Shagu (傻姑; Shǎgū; 'foolish girl') is Qu Lingfeng's mentally handicapped daughter. She was first spotted by Guo Jing and Huang Rong in the inn at Niu Family Village. She is accepted by Huang Yaoshi as a grand-apprentice and taken to Peach Blossom Island.
  • Lu Guanying (陸冠英; Lù Guànyīng) is Lu Chengfeng's son. His father refuses to teach him martial arts without permission from Huang Yaoshi, so he learns from Reverend Kumu instead. He marries Cheng Yaojia after falling in love with her on first sight, with Huang as the matchmaker. Huang later allows him to learn martial arts from his father.

Iron Palm Sect

  • Qiu Qianren (裘千仞; Qiú Qiānrèn) is the leader of the Iron Palm Sect (鐵掌幫; tiézhǎngbāng) and an apprentice of Shangguan Jiannan, who was a former subordinate of the Song general Han Shizhong. He is one of the more powerful fighters in the jianghu after the Five Greats, and is nicknamed "Iron Palm Skimming on Water" (鐵掌水上飄; tiézhǎng shuǐshàngpiāo) for his prowess in martial arts and qinggong. He committed various heinous crimes, including killing Yinggu's infant son and collaborating with Jin soldiers to terrorise Song citizens. Qiu's actions has tarnished his late-master's name; Shangguan was well known in the wulin for his heroism and associations with Han Shizhong and Yue Fei. He is saved by Reverend Yideng after he almost killed himself and repents. He is renamed to Ci'en (慈恩; Cí'ēn) and becomes Yideng's apprentice.
  • Qiu Qianzhang (裘千丈; Qiú Qiānzhàng) is Qiu Qianren's twin brother. He is inferior to his brother in terms of moral character and martial arts prowess, and relies on impersonating his brother to con and deceive others for a living. He falls to his death from Iron Palm Peak.
  • Yashaogong (啞艄公; Yǎshāogōng)
  • Stronghold chiefs:
    • Chief Qiao (喬寨主; Qiáo Zhàizhǔ)
    • Chief He (賀寨主; Hè Zhàizhǔ)
    • Chief Shi (石寨主; Shí Zhàizhǔ)

Dali Kingdom

  • Liu Ying (劉瑛; Liú Yīng), also known as Yinggu (瑛姑; Yīnggū), is nicknamed "Divine Mathematician" (神算子; shénsuànzǐ). She was Duan Zhixing's concubine when he was still the ruler of Dali. However, he neglected her due to his obsession with martial arts, so she had a secret affair with Zhou Botong and bore him a son. After the infant was severely injured by a masked attacker (Qiu Qianren), she pleaded with Duan to save her son but he refused and the infant died. Since then, she has been leading a reclusive life in the Black Swamp while plotting revenge on Duan and searching for Zhou Botong and her son's killer. During this time, she self-learns mathematics and martial arts and becomes a formidable fighter.
  • Yideng's aides:
    • Chu Dongshan (褚東山; Chǔ Dōngshān), nicknamed "Reclusive Fisherman of Diancang" (點蒼漁隱; diǎncāng yúyǐn), disguised as a fisherman, was previously a naval admiral in Dali.
    • Zhang Shaoshou (張少守; Zhāng Shàoshǒu), disguised as a woodcutter, was previously an army general in Dali.
    • Wu Santong (武三通; Wǔ Sāntōng), disguised as a farmer, was previously the chief of the palace guard.
    • Zhu Ziliu (朱子柳; Zhū Zǐliǔ), disguised as a scholar, was previously the premier of Dali.
  • The Indian Monk (天竺僧人; Tiānzhú Sēngrén) is Yideng's junior, and an expert in medicine and healing. He translates for Guo Jing and Huang Rong the part of the Nine Yin Manual that was written in Sanskrit.

Beggars' Sect

  • The Four Great Elders of the sect are:
    • Lu Youjiao (魯有腳; Lǔ Yǒujiǎo), who befriends Guo Jing and Huang Rong.
    • Elder Peng (彭長老; Péng Zhǎnglǎo) is a lecherous fiend who lusts for Mu Nianci. He betrays the sect and joins the Mongols eventually.
    • Elder Jian (簡長老; Jiǎn Zhǎnglǎo)
    • Elder Liang (梁長老; Liáng Zhǎnglǎo)
  • Li Sheng (黎生; Lí Shēng) is a brave member of the sect who fights with Ouyang Ke to rescue Ouyang's victims, even though he knows he cannot win Ouyang. Guo Jing and Huang Rong show up to help him and he recognises them as Hong Qigong's apprentices. Hong taught him one stance of the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms before. He refuses to kill Guo and Huang when Yang Kang orders him to do so, and chooses to commit suicide instead.
  • Yu Zhaoxing (余兆興; Yú Zhàoxīng)

Wanyan Honglie and associates

  • Wanyan Honglie (完顏洪烈; Wányán Hóngliè) is the sixth prince of the Jin Empire. He bribes Duan Tiande to lead soldiers to kill Guo Xiaotian and Yang Tiexin so that he can seize Yang's wife, Bao Xiruo. He marries her and raises Yang Kang as his own son. He is obsessed with finding the Book of Wumu as he intends to use the knowledge acquired from the book to eliminate the Jin Empire's enemies and become a hero of his people. His plans are foiled by Guo Jing and Huang Rong, who obtain the book instead. He later travels to Samarkand to form an alliance between the Jin Empire and Khwarezm Empire as part of a last-ditch effort to counter the Mongols. He is eventually captured by Mongol forces and sentenced to death.
  • Wanyan Hongxi (完顏洪熙; Wányán Hóngxī) is Wanyan Honglie's brother. He and his brother are sent to Mongolia as envoys to meet Genghis Khan.
  • Ouyang Ke (歐陽克; Ōuyáng Kè) is Ouyang Feng's nephew who later turns out to be actually Ouyang Feng's illegitimate son. A lecherous fiend, he enjoys preying on young and beautiful maidens, especially Huang Rong, Mu Nianci and Cheng Yaojia. He initially wanted Guo Jing's Ferghana horse and later becomes Guo's rival in vying for Huang Rong's affection. His attempts on Huang Rong have ended up in failure and shame for himself every time. His legs were crushed by a boulder in a booby trap set by Huang Rong. He is murdered by Yang Kang eventually after attempting to molest Mu Nianci and Cheng Yaojia in Niu Family Village. Another motivation for the murder is that Yang Kang would be the most likely person to become Ouyang Feng's apprentice after Ouyang Ke dies.
  • Sha Tongtian (沙通天; Shā Tōngtiān) is nicknamed "Devil's Gate Dragon King" (鬼門龍王; guímén lóngwáng). His left arm is amputated by Peng Lianhu after being infected with poison from a dying Yang Kang. He betrays Wanyan Honglie near the end of the novel.
  • The "Four Devils of the Yellow River" (黃河四鬼; Huánghé Sì Guǐ) are Sha Tongtian's apprentices. They are:
    • Shen Qinggang (沈青剛; Shěn Qīnggāng), nicknamed "Soul-Severing Saber" (斷魂刀; duànhúndāo).
    • Wu Qinglie (吳青烈; Wú Qīngliè), nicknamed "Life-Chasing Spear" (追命槍; zhuīmìngqiāng).
    • Ma Qingxiong (馬青雄; Mǎ Qīngxióng), nicknamed "Soul-Capturing Whip" (奪魄鞭; duóhúnbiān). He is killed by Lu Guanying's pirates.
    • Qian Qingjian (錢青健; Qián Qīngjiàn), nicknamed "Death's Axe" (喪門斧; sàngménfŭ). He is killed by the "Seven Freaks of Jiangnan" in the Mongol camp when he tries to assassinate Guo Jing.
  • Hou Tonghai (侯通海; Hóu Tōnghǎi), nicknamed "Three Headed Dragon" (三頭蛟; sāntóujiāo), is Sha Tongtian's inept junior.
  • Liang Ziweng (梁子翁; Liáng Zǐwēng), nicknamed "Ginseng Immortal Old Demon" (參仙老怪; shēnxiān lǎoguài), is an eccentric martial artist from the Changbai Mountains. 20 years ago he attempted to rape many women but they were saved by Hong Qigong and he suffered a humiliating defeat at Hong's hands. He rears a pet serpent meant to be used for an experiment. The snake nearly kills Guo Jing, who has been immobilised, but Guo bites its neck in self-defence, and kills it and drinks its blood in the process. Since then, Liang has been stalking Guo and wanting to suck his blood, believing that it will make him more powerful. Hong Qigong shows up to help Guo, and Liang shuns away in fear when he recognises Hong. At the end of the novel, Liang loses his footing in a final attempt to kill Guo at Mount Hua and falls to his death.
  • Lingzhi Shangren (靈智上人; Língzhì Shàngrén) is a Tibetan monk who poisons Wang Chuyi in a fight. He is said to tower over normal people by an entire head and a half which makes him really tall. Despite his super huge size, he's still weak compared to the five greats
  • Peng Lianhu (彭連虎; Péng Liánhǔ), nicknamed "Thousand Hands Human Butcher" (千手人屠; qiānshǒu réntú), is a notorious mass murderer. He poisons Ma Yu in a fight.

Song Empire

  • Huang Chang (黃裳; Huáng Cháng) was a book transcriber who lived during the Northern Song dynasty. Emperor Huizong tasked him with transcribing a collection of 5,481 volumes of Taoist texts. As he was commissioned by the emperor, Huang Chang approached his task meticulously and gradually became well-versed in the Taoist classics, which provided him with a strong foundation for mastering powerful martial arts based on Taoist philosophy. Later, acting on Emperor Huizong's order, Huang Chang led imperial forces to attack the Ming Cult, killed many martial arts experts, and made several enemies in the jianghu. His enemies killed his family in revenge. Huang Chang went into hiding for 40 years and spent his time training in martial arts and thinking of ways to counter his enemies' moves. By the time he was done, his enemies were already dead so he lost his chance to avenge his family. By then, he realised that his days were numbered, so he spent his last days compiling his knowledge and experiences into a two-volume martial arts manual, the Nine Yin Manual. After his death, the Nine Yin Manual became the most coveted object in the jianghu for around a century until Wang Chongyang won the first martial arts contest on Mount Hua and claimed the manual as his prize.
  • Duan Tiande (段天德; Duàn Tiāndé) is a military officer who leads his men to kill Guo Xiaotian and Yang Tiexin. He is actually acting on Wanyan Honglie's orders, as part of Wanyan's plan to win Bao Xiruo's affection. He later reveals the truth unsuspectingly while being held captive in Guiyun Manor, and is eventually slain by Yang Kang.
  • Lü Wende (呂文德; Lǚ Wéndé) is the commander of Xiangyang's military forces. Guo Jing and Huang Rong warn him about the Mongols' invasion at the end of the novel.
  • Shi Yanming (石彦明; Shí Yànmíng) was a high-ranking palace guard. He and Qu Lingfeng killed each other in a fight in the secret chamber in Qu's inn. His skeleton is discovered many years later by Guo Jing and Huang Rong.
  • Wang Daoqian (王道乾; Wáng Dàoqián) was an official in the Ministry of War. He was killed by Qiu Chuji after the latter discovered his attempt to trade secrets with Wanyan Honglie.
  • Jiang Wen (姜文; Jiāng Wén) is the magistrate of Xiushui County.
  • Shi Miyuan (史彌遠; Shǐ Míyuǎn)
  • Ge Yuncong (蓋運聰; Gě Yùncōng) is the prefect of Jiaxing.
  • Han Tuozhou (韓侂冑; Hán Tuōzhòu)
  • Tang Zude (湯祖德; Tāng Zǔdé)

Xianxia Sect

  • Reverend Kumu (枯木大師; Kūmù Dàshī) is the abbot of Yunqi Monastery (雲棲寺; yúnqī sì) and a member of the Xianxia Sect (仙霞派; xiānxiá pài). He is Duan Tiande's uncle and Lu Guanying's martial arts master. Duan lies to him that Qiu Chuji is a murderous villain after his life. Kumu believes his nephew and enlists the help of the "Seven Freaks of Jiangnan" to fight Qiu, resulting in a big misunderstanding.
  • Reverend Jiaomu (焦木大師; Jiāomù Dàshī) died incidentally during a fight between Qiu Chuji and the "Seven Freaks of Jiangnan".