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This is a list of Kyoto Prize winners, awarded annually by the Inamori Foundation. [1] [2]

Basic sciences

Source: Kyoto Prize

Year Laureate Country
1985 ClaudeShannon MFO3807.jpg Claude Elwood Shannon   United States 1916–2001 Mathematical sciences
1986 George Evelyn Hutchinson   United States 1903–1991 Biological sciences
1987 JanOort3.png Jan Hendrik Oort   Netherlands 1900–1992 Earth and planetary sciences, astronomy and astrophysics
1988 Noam Chomsky portrait 2015.jpg Avram Noam Chomsky   United States born 1928 Cognitive science
1989 Izrail Moiseevich Gelfand   Soviet Union 1913–2009 Mathematical sciences
1990 Jane Goodall 2015.jpg Jane Goodall   United Kingdom born 1934 Biological sciences
1991 Edward Norton Lorenz   United States 1917–2008 Earth and planetary sciences, astronomy and astrophysics
1992 Nishiz, yasutomi.jpg Yasutomi Nishizuka   Japan 1932–2004 Life sciences
1993 William Donald Hamilton   United Kingdom 1936–2000 Biological sciences
1994 André Weil cropped.jpg André Weil   France 1906–1998 Mathematical sciences
1995 Chūshirō Hayashi   Japan 1920–2010 Earth and planetary sciences, astronomy and astrophysics
1996 MarioCapecchiFotoThalerTamas2.JPG Mario Renato Capecchi   United States born 1937 Life sciences
1997 Daniel Hunt Janzen cropped.jpg Daniel Hunt Janzen   United States born 1939 Biological sciences
1998 Kiyosi Ito.jpg Kiyoshi Itô   Japan 1915–2008 Mathematical sciences
1999 Crafoordprize 2010-10.jpg Walter Heinrich Munk   United States 1917–2019 Earth and planetary sciences, astronomy and astrophysics
2000 Walter Jakob Gehring 2014.jpg Walter Jakob Gehring   Switzerland 1939–2014 Life sciences
2001 John Maynard Smith.jpg John Maynard Smith   United Kingdom 1920–2004 Biological sciences
2002 Gromov Mikhail Leonidovich.jpg Mikhail Gromov   France born 1943 Mathematical sciences
2003 Prof. Eugene Parker from University of Chicago.jpg Eugene Newman Parker   United States 1927-2022 Earth and planetary sciences, astronomy and astrophysics
2004 Nci-vol-8196-300 alfred knudson.jpg Alfred G. Knudson   United States 1922–2016 Life sciences
2005 Simon Asher Levin   United States born 1941 Biological sciences
2006 Akaike.jpg Hirotsugu Akaike   Japan 1927–2009 Mathematical sciences
2007 金森博雄.jpg Hiroo Kanamori   Japan born 1936 Earth and planetary sciences, astronomy and astrophysics
2008 Anthony James Pawson   Canada /   United Kingdom 1952–2013 Life sciences
2009 Rosemary Grant with hummingbird (cropped).jpg Barbara Rosemary Grant   United Kingdom born 1936 Biological sciences
Dr. Peter Grant measures bill length (2459195735).jpg Peter Raymond Grant   United Kingdom born 1936
2010 Laszlo Lovasz mg 1867 cropped.jpg László Lovász   Hungary born 1948 Mathematical sciences
2011 Sunyaev.jpg Rashid Alievich Sunyaev   Russia /   Germany born 1943 Earth and planetary sciences, astronomy and astrophysics
2012 Yoshinori Osumi 201511.jpg Yoshinori Ohsumi   Japan born 1945 Life sciences
2013 Masatoshi Nei - 2013.jpg Masatoshi Nei   United States born 1931 Biological sciences
2014 Edward Witten.jpg Edward Witten   United States born 1951 Mathematical sciences
2015 Michel Mayor, 2012 (cropped).jpg Michel Mayor   Switzerland born 1942 Earth and planetary sciences, astronomy and astrophysics
2016 Tasuku Honjo 201311.jpg Tasuku Honjo   Japan born 1942 Life sciences
2017 George Farquhar.png Graham Farquhar   Australia born 1947 Biological sciences
2018 Masaki Kashiwara.jpg Masaki Kashiwara   Japan born 1947 Mathematical sciences
2019 JamesEGunn2000.jpg James Gunn   United States born 1938 Earth and Planetary Sciences, Astronomy and Astrophysics
2020 No award because of COVID-19 pandemic
2021 Robert G Roeder.jpg Robert G. Roeder   United States born 1942 Life sciences

Advanced technology

Source: Kyoto Prize

Year Laureate Country
1985 Rudolf Kalman.jpg Rudolf Emil Kálmán   Hungary /   United States 1930–2016 Electronics
1986 Nicole Marthe Le Douarin, 2013 (cropped).jpg Nicole Marthe Le Douarin   France born 1930 Biotechnology and medical technology
1987 Morris Cohen   United States 1911–2005 Materials science and engineering
1988 John McCarthy Stanford.jpg John McCarthy   United States 1927–2011 Information science
1989 Amos E. Joel, Jr.   United States 1918–2008 Electronics
1990 Sydney Brenner 1965 cropped.jpg Sydney Brenner   United Kingdom 1927–2019 Biotechnology and medical technology
1991 Michael Szwarc   United States 1909–2000 Materials science and engineering
1992 Maurice Vincent Wilkes 1980 (1).jpg Maurice Vincent Wilkes   United Kingdom 1913–2010 Information science
1993 Jack St. Clair Kilby   United States 1923–2005 Electronics
1994 PaulLauterbur.jpg Paul Christian Lauterbur   United States 1929–2007 Biotechnology and medical technology
1995 George William Gray   United Kingdom 1926–2013 Materials science and engineering
1996 KnuthAtOpenContentAlliance.jpg Donald Ervin Knuth   United States born 1938 Information science
1997 Shima and Mazor (cropped).jpg Stanley Mazor   United States born 1941 Electronics
Marcian Ted Hoff.jpg Marcian Edward Hoff Jr.   United States born 1937
Federico Faggin (cropped).jpg Federico Faggin   Italy born 1941
Masatoshi Shima.jpg Masatoshi Shima   Japan born 1943
1998 Kurt wuethrich.jpg Kurt Wüthrich   Switzerland born 1938 Biotechnology and medical technology
1999 W. David Kingery   United States 1926–2000 Materials science and engineering
2000 Sir Tony Hoare IMG 5123.jpg Sir Antony Hoare   United Kingdom born 1934 Information science
2001 Morton B. Panish   United States born 1929 Electronics
Izuo Hayashi   Japan 1922–2005
Zhores Alferov.jpg Zhores Ivanovich Alferov   Russia 1930–2019
2002 Leroy Hood PITT2008.jpg Leroy Edward Hood   United States born 1938 Biotechnology and medical technology
2003 George M. Whitesides HD2007.jpg George McClelland Whitesides   United States born 1939 Materials science and engineering
2004 Alan Kay (3097597186) (cropped).jpg Alan Curtis Kay   United States born 1940 Information science
2005 George H. Heilmeier.jpg George H. Heilmeier   United States 1936–2014 Electronics
2006 LenHerzenberg.jpg Leonard Herzenberg   United States 1931–2013 Biotechnology and medical technology
2007 Hiroo Inokuchi   Japan 1927–2014 Materials science and engineering
2008 Karp mg 7725-b.cr2.jpg Richard M. Karp   United States born 1935 Information science
2009 Isamu Akasaki 201111.jpg Isamu Akasaki   Japan 1929–2021 Electronics
2010 Shinya yamanaka10.jpg Shinya Yamanaka   Japan born 1962 Biotechnology and medical technology
2011 John W. Cahn.jpg John Werner Cahn   United States 1928–2016 Materials science and engineering
2012 Ivan Sutherland at CHM.jpg Ivan Edward Sutherland   United States born 1938 Information science
2013 Robert Dennard.jpg Robert H. Dennard   United States born 1932 Electronics
2014 Robert Langer MTMLecture 2008 09 25 portrait.JPG Robert S. Langer   United States born 1948 Biotechnology and medical technology
2015 Toyoki Kunitake 201411.jpg Toyoki Kunitake   Japan born 1936 Materials science and engineering
2016 Takeo Kanade.jpg Takeo Kanade   Japan born 1945 Information science
2017 Takashi Mimura   Japan born 1944 Electronics
2018 Karl Deisseroth's Projections, Optogenetics, Disassocation, and Psychedelics (52095403529) (cropped).jpg Karl Deisseroth   United States born 1971 Biotechnology and medical technology
2019 Ching W Tang.jpg Ching Wan Tang   Hong Kong born 1947 Materials Science and Engineering
2020 No award because of COVID-19 pandemic
2021 Andrew Yao P1130016 (cropped).jpg Andrew Chi-Chih Yao   China /   United States born 1946 Information science

Arts and philosophy

Source: Kyoto Prize

Year Laureate Country
1985 Olivier Messiaen (1986).jpg Olivier Messiaen   France 1908–1992 Music
1986 Isamu Noguchi 05,1951,Tokyo,Photograph taken by Jun Miki.jpg Isamu Noguchi   United States 1904–1988 Arts
1987 Andrzej Wajda OFF Plus Camera 2012 (cropped).jpg Andrzej Wajda   Poland 1926–2016 Theater, cinema
1988 Paul Thieme   West Germany 1905–2001 Thought and Ethics
1989 John Cage (1988).jpg John Cage   United States 1912–1992 Music
1990 Renzo Piano cropped.jpg Renzo Piano   Italy born 1937 Arts
1991 Peter Brook.JPG Peter Stephen Paul Brook   United Kingdom 1925–2022 Theater, cinema
1992 Karl Popper2.jpg Karl Raimund Popper   United Kingdom 1902–1994 Thought and Ethics
1993 Lutoslawski3cr.jpg Witold Lutosławski   Poland 1913–1994 Music
1994 Akirakurosawa-onthesetof7samurai-1953-page88.jpg Akira Kurosawa   Japan 1910–1998 Theater, cinema
1995 Roy Lichtenstein.jpg Roy Lichtenstein   United States 1923–1997 Arts
1996 Willard Van Orman Quine passport cropped.jpg Willard Van Orman Quine   United States 1908–2000 Thought and ethics
1997 Iannis Xenakis 1975.jpg Iannis Xenakis   France 1922–2001 Music
1998 Nam June Paik   United States 1932–2006 Arts
1999 Maurice-Béjart--1984---w.jpg Maurice Béjart   France 1927–2007 Theater, cinema
2000 Paul Ricoeur Balzan.png Paul Ricœur   France 1913–2005 Thought and Ethics
2001 György Ligeti (1984).jpg György Ligeti   Austria /   Hungary 1923–2006 Music
2002 Tadao Ando 2004.jpg Tadao Ando   Japan born 1941 Arts
2003 Tamao Yoshida   Japan 1919–2006 Theater, cinema
2004 JuergenHabermas retouched.jpg Jürgen Habermas   Germany born 1929 Thought and Ethics
2005 Nikolaus Harnoncourt (1980).jpg Nikolaus Harnoncourt   Austria 1929–2016 Music
2006 Issey Miyake Tokyo 2016.jpg Issey Miyake   Japan born 1938 Arts
2007 Pina Bausch cropped 2.jpg Pina Bausch   Germany 1940–2009 Theater, cinema
2008 Charles Taylor (cropped).jpg Charles Margrave Taylor   Canada born 1931 Thought and Ethics
2009 Pierre Boulez (1968).jpg Pierre Boulez   France 1925–2016 Music
2010 William Kentridge DSC 2685.JPG William Kentridge   South Africa born 1955 Arts
2011 BandoTamasaburoV Nihonbashi Dec2012 cropped 2.jpg Tamasaburo Bando V   Japan born 1950 Theater, cinema
2012 Gayatri Spivak on Subversive Festival.jpg Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak   India born 1942 Thought and Ethics
2013 Taylor Cecil moersfestival 120508.jpg Cecil Taylor   United States 1929–2018 Music
2014 志村ふくみの肖像写真.png Fukumi Shimura   Japan born 1924 Arts
2015 John Neumeier The Seagull (cropped).jpg John Neumeier   United States born 1942 Theater, cinema
2016 Martha Nussbaum.jpg Martha Craven Nussbaum   United States born 1947 Thought and Ethics
2017 Taruskin-2014 (cropped).jpg Richard Taruskin   United States 1945–2022 Music history
2018 Joan Jonas (4518929754).jpg Joan Jonas   United States born 1936 Arts
2019 Persconferentie Ariane Mnouchkine , regisseur van Theatr du Soleil, in Tropenmus, Bestanddeelnr 933-6799.jpg Ariane Mnouchkine   France born 1939 Arts and Philosophy
2020 No award because of COVID-19 pandemic
2021 Bruno Latour in Taiwan P1250394 (cropped).jpg Bruno Latour   France born 1947 Thought and Ethics

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