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Let Me Finish
Let Me Finish cover.jpg
Author Chris Christie, Ellis Henican
CountryUnited States
SubjectCareer of Chris Christie, endorsement of Donald Trump
Genre Autobiography, memoir
Publisher Hachette Books
Publication date
29 January 2019
Media typePrint, e-book, audiobook
ISBN 978-0316421799 (Hardcover)
OCLC 1055273535

Let Me Finish: Trump, the Kushners, Bannon, New Jersey, and the Power of In-Your-Face Politics is a 2019 autobiography by Chris Christie and Ellis Henican, looking back on Christie's political career, and, in particular, his endorsement of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump. [1] [2]


The review aggregator website Book Marks reported that 80% of critics "panned" the book, whilst the other 20% of the critics expressed "mixed" impressions, based on a sample of five reviews. [3]

The Guardian's Lloyd Green called the book a "self-serving, fascinating and informative read". [4] Dwight Garner of The Independent wrote, "'Let Me Finish' is a superficial and ungainly book that tries to cover so many bases at once – it's a series of attacks and justifications, it's a master class in sucking up and kicking down, it's a potted memoir, it's a stab at political rehabilitation – that reading it is like watching an octopus try to play the bagpipes." [5]