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AuthorHelene E. Schwartz
CountryUnited States
Publisher Farrar, Straus and Giroux [1], McGraw Hill Toronto [1]
Publication date

Lawyering is a 1976 autobiography by Helene E. Schwartz detailing her first decade as a lawyer. It was published in the United States and Canada.


Lawyering is an autobiography of Helene Schwartz's first decade as a lawyer, which shows her struggles in what used to be a man-dominated field of work. After graduating from Columbia Law School in 1965, Schwartz had trouble finding a job until she began working part-time in a New York law firm. When the law firm was tasked with helping Republicans defend The National Review from a libel suit by scientist Linus Pauling, Schwartz provided the defense. [2] Due to not having a chance to work in a partnership as a woman lawyer, Schwartz left the law firm and was hired to appeal the Chicago Eight trial. [1] Schwartz defended anti- Vietnam War protestors and those who protested against policies made by the Richard Nixon administration. [3] Much of the book deals with how she and other women lawyers were treated in courtrooms, while also focusing on her becoming interested in the feminist movement. [2]


The book was published in the United States and Canada in 1976. [1] Schwartz wrote in the book's preface, "My being a woman is not the central focus of this book, but it is necessarily a leitmotif. I can't discuss my cases without writing about the effect that being a woman has had on my career as a lawyer." [2]


Mike Gigandet, of The Daily News Journal, said that Lawyering "is not a diatribe about her treatment as a lawyer", but that "it is an honest and convincing account" of how Schwartz was treated. [2] The Santa Clara Law Review wrote that the book provides "a fascinating glimpse into the unpublicized procedures of litigation". [3] Ann McGlinn, writing for The Saturday Evening Post, compared Schwartz's writing of "the first seven pages to a Cinderella story by Adela Rogers St. Johns". [4]


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