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King Maker
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Genre Historical fiction
Written byNg Siu-tung
Sit Kar-wah
Starring Wayne Lai
Kent Cheng
Pierre Ngo
Lai Lok-yi
Kristal Tin
Natalie Tong
Elaine Yiu
Kingdom Yuen
Florence Kwok
Joseph Lee
Patrick Tang
Kwok Fung
Bill Chan
Eric Li
Jack Wu
Vivien Yeo
Theme music composerTang Chi-wai
Yip Siu-chung
Opening theme"Dream Chaser" (追夢者) by Leo Ku
Country of originHong Kong
Original languageCantonese
No. of episodes28
Executive producerLeung Choi-yuen
Production locationHong Kong
Camera setup Multi camera
Running time45 minutes (each)
Production company TVB
Original network Jade
HD Jade
Picture format 576i ( SDTV)
1080i ( HDTV)
Original release13 August (2012-08-13) –
15 September 2012 (2012-09-15)
King Maker
Literal meaning"king maker"

King Maker ( Chinese: 造王者; Cantonese Yale: jou wong je) is a Hong Kong historical-fiction television drama serial produced by TVB under executive producer Leung Choi-yuen. King Maker started its broadcast on Hong Kong's Jade and HD Jade channels on 13 August 2012.


Song dynasty's first prince Kwai Sing ( Pierre Ngo) and second prince Kwai Wo ( Lai Lok-yi) greedily compete for the throne. Yu Jing ( Wayne Lai) and Tung Chiu ( Kent Cheng) are responsible in advising each prince. Jing and Chiu are old family friends, having a mentor-friend relationship.

Jing's father Yu Pok Man ( KK Cheung) brought trouble to the family when his achievements made his advisor feel uneasy. Since then, Jing was separated from his younger brother Yu Tsing ( Patrick Tang) and sister Yu Ching ( Natalie Tong). Tsing was deceived into becoming an imperial eunuch, while Ching loses her memory, but fortunately triad leader Fan Chiu Lun ( Shek Sau) adopts her and triad member Yim Sam Leung ( Kristal Tin) takes care of her.

Big villain Yeung Chi San ( Joseph Lee) and his sister Consort Wai cause much trouble to get Kwai Wo the throne instead. But, perhaps San and Wai are not the only villains, and there are many others that are much more evil...

Cast and characters

Royal court

Name Actor/actress Background
Emperor Ning-chung (宋寧宗) Kwok Fung Emperor
Has health problems beginning from Episode 26
Empress Gung-shuk (恭淑皇后) Kingdom Yuen Empress
Mother of Chiu Kwai-sing
Poisoned by Tung Chiu in Episode 27
Consort Wai (慧妃) Florence Kwok Mother of Chiu Kwai-wo
Yeung Chi-san's younger sister
Exiled in Episode 28
Consort Yee (儀妃) Rachel Kan Killed by Tung Chiu in Episode 27
Chiu Kwai-sing (趙貴誠) Pierre Ngo Crown Prince
Becomes Emperor in Episode 28
Chiu Kwai-wo (趙貴和) Lai Lok-yi Second Prince
Exiled in Episode 28
Consort Tak (德妃) Vivien Yeo Chiu Kwai-sing's wife
Fan Hung-ying (樊紅纓) Consort Lai (麗妃) Natalie Tong Chiu Kwai-sing's concubine
(Further information: #Yu Family)
Consort Man (閔妃) Janet Chow Chiu Kwai-wo's wife
Exiled in Episode 28

Yu Family

Name Actor/actress Background
Yu Bok-man (余博文) KK Cheung Chancellor
Father of Yu Jing, Yu Tsing, and Yu Ching
Yu Jing (余靖) Wayne Lai Chancellor, kingmaker
Yu Bok-man's eldest son
Tung Yuk-kiu's ex-fiancé
Loves Yim Sam-leung
Sheung Hei (常喜) Patrick Tang Born Yu Tsing (余清)
Eunuch, Consort Wai's confidant
Yu Bok-man's second son
Committed Suicide in Episode 26
Fan Hung-ying (樊紅纓) Natalie Tong Born Yu Ching (余晴)
Yu Bok-man's youngest daughter
Chiu Kwai-sing's concubine
Becomes Empress in Episode 28

Tung Family

Name Actor/actress Background
Tung Chiu (董昭) Kent Cheng Chancellor
Father of Yuk-kiu and Ming-hin
(Main antagonist)
Turns partially insane when a coup d'état attempt of his fails, resulting in his exile
Tung Yuk-kiu (董玉喬) Elaine Yiu Eldest daughter of Tung Chiu
Yu Jing's ex-fiancé
Dies in Episode 28
Tung Ming-hin (董明軒) Eric Li Son of Tung Chiu
Dies in Episode 28

Fan Family

Name Actor/actress Background
Fan Chiu-lun (樊照麟)

Previously known as Pang Kwok-chu

Shek Sau Former triad leader
Dies in Episode 28
Yim Sam-leung (嚴三娘) Kristal Tin Triad leader
Sacrificed herself to save Yu Jing and died in Episode 24
Fan Hung-ying (樊紅纓) Natalie Tong Fan Chiu-lun's adopted daughter
Further information: Yu Family
(惠 蘭) Angel Chiang Fan Hung-ying's personal attendant
Introduced in Ep.06

Yeung Family

Name Actor/actress Background
Yeung Chi-shan (楊次山) Joseph Lee Chancellor

Executed in Episode 19

Consort Wai (慧妃) Florence Kwok Yeung Chi-san's younger sister
Further information: Royal court
Yip Yeuk-mei (葉若媚) Meini Cheung Yeung Chi-san's concubine
Wan Chi-kwan (溫子君) Kibby Lau Yeung Chi-san's concubine
Tung Yuk-kiu (董玉喬) Elaine Yiu Yeung Chi-san's concubine
Further information: Tung Family
Yeung Kuk (楊谷) Sammy Sum General
Yeung Chi-san's son



The drama began in development in early 2011, and announced their intentions to cast Kent Cheng and Wayne Lai, who had previously worked together in Leung Choi-yuen's The Greatness of a Hero in 2008. In June 2011, TVB announced their casting of Cheng and Lai, in which Cheng was willing to reject two other high-paying productions for an opportunity to work with Lai again. [1]

Principal photography began mid-August 2011, [2] following the press conference and costume fitting that was held on 16 August. [3] A blessing ceremony was later held on 21 September 2011. [4]

Viewership ratings

The following is a table that includes a list of the total ratings points based on television viewership.

Week Originally Aired Episodes Average Points Peaking Points References
1 13–17 August 2012 1 — 5 27 [5]
2 20–24 August 2012 6 — 10 28 [6]
3 27–31 August 2012 11 — 15 29 [7]
4 3–7 September 2012 16 — 20 31 34 [8]
5 10–14 September 2012 21 — 25 31 [9]
15 September 2012 26 — 28 33 38 [10]

International Broadcast


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