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Khamnung Kikoi Lou Onbi
( Old Manipuri: Khamnung Kikoi Lou Onpi)
Enchantress goddess of death who carries off the souls of people to the underworld
Member of Lairembis
"Khamnung Kikoi Louonpi", the Ancient Meitei ( Old Manipuri) name of goddess Khamnung Kikoi Louonbi, written in archaic Meetei Mayek abugida
Other namesNura Naothem Heibi
Affiliation Meitei mythology ( Manipuri mythology) and Meitei religion ( Sanamahism)
Abode Underworld ( Meitei: Khamnung)
Texts PuYas
Region Ancient Kangleipak ( Antique Manipur)
Ethnic group Meitei ethnicity
Consort Thongalen
EnglishKhamnung Kikoi Louonbi
Ancient Meiteiꯈꯝꯅꯨꯡ ꯀꯤꯀꯣꯢ ꯂꯧꯑꯣꯟꯄꯤ / ꯈꯝꯅꯨꯡ ꯀꯤꯀꯣꯏ ꯂꯧꯑꯣꯟꯄꯤ
(kham-noong kee-koi lou-on-pee)
Modern Meiteiꯈꯝꯅꯨꯡ ꯀꯤꯀꯣꯢ ꯂꯧꯑꯣꯟꯕꯤ / ꯈꯝꯅꯨꯡ ꯀꯤꯀꯣꯏ ꯂꯧꯑꯣꯟꯕꯤ
(kham-noong kee-koi lou-on-bee)
Assameseখমনুং কিকোই লৌওনবী
(kham-noong kee-koi lou-on-bee)
Bengaliখমনুং কিকোই লৌওনবী
(kham-noong kee-koi lou-on-bee)
Hindiखम्नूं किकोई लौओन्बी / खमनूं किकोइ लौओनबी
(kham-noong kee-koi lou-on-bee)

Khamnung Kikoi Louonbi ( Old Manipuri: Khamnung Kikoi Louonpi) is a primordial[ disambiguation needed] goddess in Meitei mythology and religion. She is the divine feminine personification of the death. She carries off the souls of people to the underworld ( Meitei: Khamnung) when the time allotted to them to live had expired. [1] [2] If any soul is not willing to accompany her, then she will either serve it a false magical fruit to agree with her conducts or transform herself into the looks of a person, who is the dearest to the soul, especially that of mother, and persuade it (the soul). By any means, she will bring the souls of the dead people to the netherworld. [3] [4] [2] She is the consort of Thongalel, the God of the death and the ruler of the underworld. She is said to be created from the very body of Salailen Sidaba, the Supreme Being. [2]

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