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How to get involved

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General help for editors

The Wikipedia community
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Help for creating links or dealing with references

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Resources for editors

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Tips and tools for registered users

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Track the evolution of a page or follow a user

Technical information
Tools for advanced users and troubleshooting information

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Tip of the day

Edit Wikipedia faster with AutoWikiBrowser

AutoWikiBrowser is a specialized external semi-automatic editor designed for editing Wikipedia pages fast. Its main purpose is for doing search/replace operations on many pages. It can also append or prepend material, and you can do regular editing with it as well.

First you make a list, using AWB's listmaker, of the pages you wish to work on. Then you specify the search/replaces you want done. Then you click Start. AWB loads the first page on the list and shows you the changes it made, if any. If the changes are acceptable, you click Save, and AWB saves the page on Wikipedia. Then it automatically loads the next page on the list. AWB can even run scripts, and perform regex (regular expression) search and replacements.

In order to use AWB, you must either be a sysop or an editor with over 500 edits in the main namespace.

For on-the-fly general discussion and support requests for AWB, try the AWB IRC channel: #AutoWikiBrowser connect

Its shortcut: WP:AWB