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The term guest appearance generally denotes the appearance of a guest in an artistic or pop-culture setting. [1]

The guests themselves (referred to as guest artists, [2] featured artists, [3] guest stars, [4] or guest fighters, [5] depending on context), are distinguished from the other real artists or fictional characters by not being part of or fitting the usual theme of the cast. They are usually recognisable on their own and only appear once or rarely within that cast. [6]

By medium

Show business

In show business, a guest appearance is the participation of an outsider performer (such as a musician or actor) in an event such as a music record or concert, show, etc., when the performer does not belong to the regular band, cast, or other performing group. In music, such an outside performer is often referred to as a guest artist. [2]

Classical performance arts

Guest appearances have been known in theatre, ballet, and classical music for centuries, with guests both from the home country and from abroad. The advent of air transport has made this practice much more practical and global. [7]

In classical music, guest orchestra conductors are a common practice.

Guest artists should not be confused with touring groups, troupes, orchestra, or even individual artists, although the distinction may be blurred. In the case of touring, their act is independent in itself, while the guest takes part in the act of the resident staff.

The duration of involvement of a guest artist may vary, from separate short-term acts with fees per concert to fixed temporary contracts for several seasons.

Contemporary music

In the early days of the pop music industry the bands were relatively stable units, and while guests were not uncommon, they were seldom given credits on album covers. For example, Eric Clapton was not credited in print for his guitar performance in the release of " While My Guitar Gently Weeps" of the Beatles. Gradually guest appearances have become a fully credited staple of music industry. The custom of guest appearance has become especially prominent in rap music, and this influenced rock musicians as well. [8]

To have a guest star on a record, a production coordinator must in many cases obtain permission from the record label of the guest and make sure that proper credits are delivered to the host record label. Often credits appear in the form "Artist name, courtesy of Record Label name." [9]

The guests are often referred to as featured artists or featured guests. Such a performer may be annotated in credits or even in song titles by the abbreviation feat. or further abbreviation ft.; or by the word with or abbreviation w/. The specific credit and billing given to a given performer—"starring," "guest star," "special guest star," "also starring," etc.—is a matter negotiated between the production and the performer or their agent.

TV series

In a TV series, a guest star is an actor who appears in one or a few episodes (sometimes a story arc). In some cases a guest star may play an important recurring character and may appear many times in a series, despite not being a member of the main cast; [6] they may ultimately be asked to join the main cast if their role continues. The title special guest star is typically used in television for a celebrity guest, but it is also occasionally used for a regular cast member—-usually for an actor or actress who is featured heavily but joined the show after the rest of the cast was signed. The first regular cast member in a TV series to be credited as special guest star was Jonathan Harris in Lost in Space.

In nonfiction television shows, a guest star is a guest on the show who is a celebrity or other noteworthy interviewee or commentator.

For a list of guest appearances in television, see Lists of guest appearances in television.

Video games

In video games, the term denotes a playable character whose inclusion in that video game's roster does not follow the template set by the majority of the other characters (for non-playable characters this applies to, see Cameo appearance). The premise of a playable character straying from a general theme may, for example, include the introduction of real-life personalities to a roster of fictional characters or the blending of characters originating from a different series, franchise or medium entirely (see crossovers in video games). In the case of specific crossovers already being the main theme (e.g. Street Fighter x Tekken), guest characters may be those who do not fit within that theme (in the given example, playable character Pac-Man originates from neither Tekken nor Street Fighter). [10]

If applicable, this list only includes characters officially licensed to appear as guests, excluding guest characters in fan games or those added via mods, as well as costumes or skins for already existing characters.

List of guest stars in video games
Video game Genre Main characters template Guest character template(s) Guest


AFK Arena (2019) Action-RPG Original characters Mythological figures King Arthur DLC [11]
Merlin DLC [11]
Real-life polymath Leonardo da Vinci DLC [11]
Popular Folklore Melusina DLC [11]
SNK-owned franchises Nakoruru DLC [11]
Ukyo DLC [11]
Ubisoft-owned franchises Ezio Auditore da Firenze DLC [11]
Prince of Persia DLC [11]
Persona 5 Joker DLC [11]
Queen DLC [11]
Overlord series Ainz Ooal Gown DLC [11]
Albedo DLC [11]
Aggressors of Dark Kombat (1994) Fighting Original characters World Heroes series Kotaro Fūma [12]
All Japan Pro Wrestler Featuring Virtua (1997) Sports Real-life wrestlers Virtua Fighter series Wolf Hawkfield [13]
Jeffry McWild [13]
Alpine Racer 3 (2002) Sports Alpine Racer series Klonoa series Klonoa [14]
Anarchy Reigns (2012) Beat 'em up MadWorld franchise Bayonetta series Bayonetta DLC [15]
Battle Arena Toshinden (1995) Fighting Battle Arena Toshinden series Earthworm Jim series Earthworm Jim PC [16]
Binary Domain (2012) Third-person shooter Original characters Yakuza series Kazuma Kiryu DLC [17]
Shun Akiyama DLC [17]
Ryuji Goda DLC [17]
Goro Majima DLC [17]
Blaster Master Zero (2017) Action-adventure Blaster Master series Azure Striker Gunvolt Gunvolt DLC [18]
Gal*Gun series Ekoro DLC [18]
Shantae series Shantae DLC [19]
Shovel Knight series Shovel Knight DLC [19]
Brawlhalla (2017) Fighting Original characters Rayman series Rayman DLC [20]
Brawlout (2018) Fighting Original characters Dead Cells The Beheaded [21]
Guacamelee! Juan Aguacate [21]
Yooka-Laylee Yooka-Laylee [21]
Hyper Light Drifter The Drifter [21]
Catherine: Full Body (2019) Puzzle Original characters Persona 5 Joker DLC [22]
Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams... (1996) Action NiGHTS series Sonic the Hedgehog series Sonic the Hedgehog SS [23]
ClayFighter 63⅓ (1997) Fighting ClayFighter series Earthworm Jim series Earthworm Jim [24]
Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure Boogerman [24]
Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (2019) Kart Racing Crash Bandicoot series Spyro the Dragon series Spyro DLC [25]
Gnasty Gnorc DLC [25]
Hunter DLC [25]
Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness (1995) Fighting Armored Warriors franchise Street Fighter series Akuma PS/ SS (as G13-EX Zero Gouki) [10]
Dead or Alive 4 (2005) Fighting Dead or Alive series Halo series-inspired Spartan-458 [26]
Dead or Alive 5 (2012) Fighting Dead or Alive series Virtua Fighter series Akira Yuki [10]
Sarah Bryant [10]
Pai Chan [10]
Jacky Bryant Ultimate/ Last Round [10]
Fatal Fury/King of Fighters series Mai Shiranui Last Round [10]
Dead or Alive 6 (2019) Fighting Dead or Alive series Fatal Fury/King of Fighters series Mai Shiranui DLC [27]
Kula Diamond DLC [27]
Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax (2014) Fighting Dengeki Bunko imprint Virtua Fighter series Akira Yuki DLC/ PS3/ PSVita/ Ignition [10]
Valkyria Chroniles series Selvaria Bles DLC/ PS3/ PSVita/ Ignition [10]
DK: King of Swing (2005) Puzzle-platform Donkey Kong Country series Clu Clu Land Bubbles [28]
Dragalia Lost (2018) Action role-playing Original characters Fire Emblem Heroes Alfonse [29]
Veronica [29]
Fjorm [29]
Sharena [29]
Peony [29]
Fire Emblem series Tiki DLC [29]
Chrom DLC [29]
Marth DLC [29]
Monster Hunter series Hunter Berserker DLC [29]
Hunter Vanessa DLC [29]
Hunter Sarisse DLC [29]
Princess Connect! Re:Dive franchise Pecorine DLC [29]
Forager Cleo DLC [29]
Forager Mitsuba DLC [29]
Mega Man series Mega Man DLC [29]
Persona 5 Joker DLC [30]
Morgana DLC [30]
Panther DLC [30]
Sophie DLC [30]
EA Sports UFC (2014) Sports Real-life UFC fighters Real-life martial artist Bruce Lee [31]
Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring (1998) Fighting Original characters Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife [10]
Tifa Lockhart [10]
Sephiroth PS [10]
Vincent Valentine PS [10]
Yuffie Kisaragi PS [10]
Zack Fair PS [10]
Everybody's Golf 2 (1999) Sports Everybody's Golf series MediEvil series Sir Daniel EU/ NA [32]
TwistedMetal series Sweet Tooth EU/ NA [32]
Gex series Gex EU/ NA [32]
Everybody's Golf 4 (2003) Sports Everybody's Golf series Ratchet & Clank series Ratchet EU/ NA [33]
Jak & Daxter series Jak EU/ NA [33]
Everybody's Golf 5 (2007) Sports Everybody's Golf series Sony Interactive mascots Toro DLC [34]
God of War series Kratos DLC [34]
Little Big Planet series Sackboy DLC [34]
Everybody's Golf 6 (2011) Sports Everybody's Golf series Pac-Man series Pac-Man DLC [35]
Gravity Rush series Kat DLC [35]
Yakuza series Kazuma Kiryu DLC [35]
Real-life professional golfer Shingo Katayama DLC [35]
Sony Interactive mascots Toro DLC [35]
Kuro DLC [35]
Evolution Skateboarding (2002) Sports Real-life pro skaters Metal Gear series Solid Snake [36]
Raiden [36]
Gurlukovich Mercenary [36]
Castlevania series Simon Belmont (as Vampire Hunter) [36]
Frogger series Frogger [36]
Fight Club (2004) Fighting Characters from the Fight Club movie Real-life celebrities Fred Durst [37]
Fighting EX Layer (2018) Fighting Street Fighter EX series Fatal Fury/King of Fighters series Terry Bogard DLC [10]
Fight Night Round 2 (2005) Sports Real-life boxers Punch-Out!! series Little Mac GCN [38]
Fight of Gods (2017) Fighting Religious figures Lamia's Game Room Lamia [39]
Popular folklore Santa Claus [39]
Final Fantasy Record Keeper (2014) Role-playing Final Fantasy series Kingdom Hearts series Sora DLC [40]
Riku DLC [40]
Roxas DLC [40]
Axel DLC [40]
GigaBash (2022) Action Original characters Godzilla series Godzilla DLC [41]
Gigan DLC [41]
Kiryu DLC [41]
Desteroyah DLC [41]
Injustice (2013) Fighting DC Comics Mortal Kombat series Scorpion DLC [42]
Injustice 2 (2017) Fighting DC Comics Mortal Kombat series Raiden DLC [43]
Sub-Zero DLC [43]
Hellboy franchise Hellboy DLC [43]
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DLC [43]
Jimmie Johnson's Anything with an Engine (2011) Racing Real-life professional racers and original characters Real-life hosts Jimmy Fallon DLC(as Agent Fallon) [44]
Killer Instinct (2013) Fighting Killer Instinct series Battletoads series Rash DLC [45]
Halo series Arbiter DLC [45]
Gears of War series General RAAM DLC [45]
Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope (2022) Turn-based strategy Mario series and Raving Rabbids Rayman series Rayman DLC [46]
Mario Kart 8 (2014) Kart Racing Mario series Animal Crossing series Villager DLC/ Deluxe [47]
Isabelle DLC/ Deluxe [47]
The Legend of Zelda series Link DLC/ Deluxe [48]
Splatoon series Inkling Deluxe [49]
Mario Kart Arcade GP (2005) Kart Racing Mario series Pac-Man series Pac-Man [44]
Ms. Pac-Man [44]
Blinky [44]
Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 (2007) Kart Racing Mario series Pac-Man series Pac-Man [44]
Ms. Pac-Man [44]
Blinky [44]
Tamagotchi series Mametchi [44]
Mario Kart Arcade GP DX (2013) Kart Racing Mario series Pac-Man series Pac-Man [44]
Taiko no Tatsujin series Don-chan [44]
Mario Kart DS (2005) Kart Racing Mario series Video game console peripheral R.O.B. [50]
Marvel Super Heroes (1995) Fighting Marvel-owned franchises Darkstalkers series Anita JP [51]
Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter (1997) Fighting Marvel-owned franchises and Street Fighter series Noritaki Kinashi-owned character Norimaro JP [52]
Mobile Golf (2001) Sports Original characters Mario Golf original Grace [53]
Kid [53]
Tiny [53]
Gene Yuss [53]
Mario series Mario DLC [53]
Peach DLC [53]
Yoshi DLC [53]
Foreman Spike DLC [53]
Mortal Kombat (2011) Fighting Mortal Kombat series God of War series Kratos PS3/ PSVita [10]
A Nightmare on Elm Street series Freddy Krueger DLC [10]
Mortal Kombat X (2015) Fighting Mortal Kombat series Friday the 13th series Jason Vorhees DLC/ XL [10]
Predator series Predator DLC/ XL [10]
Alien series Alien DLC/ XL [10]
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre series Leatherface DLC/ XL [10]
Mortal Kombat 11 (2019) Fighting Mortal Kombat series DC Comics Joker DLC/ Ultimate [54]
Image Universe Spawn DLC/ Ultimate [54]
Terminator series Terminator DLC/ Ultimate [54]
RoboCop series RoboCop DLC/ Ultimate [54]
Rambo series John Rambo DLC/ Ultimate [54]
NBA Jam (1993) Sports Real-life basketball players Real-life game developers John Carlton [55]
Sal Divita [55]
Tony Goskie [55]
Jon Hey [55]
Shawn Liptak [55]
John Newcomer [55]
Sheridan Oursler [55]
George Petro [55]
Jamie Rivett [55]
Mark Turmell [55]
NBA Jam (2010) Sports Real-life basketball players and basketball mascots Real-life celebrities MCA [56]
Ad Rock [56]
Mike D. [56]
J. Cole [56]
9th Wonder [56]
Real-life politicians Barack Obama [56]
Joe Biden [56]
Bill Clinton [56]
Hillary Clinton [56]
John McCain [56]
Sarah Palin [56]
George Bush [56]
Dick Cheney [56]
Real-life hosts Michelle Beadle [56]
Colin Cowherd [56]
Real-life game developers Mark Turmell [56]
Real-life voice actors Tim Kitzrow [56]
NBA Jam: Tournament Edition (1994) Sports Real-life basketball players Real-life game developers Ed Boon [55]
Paul Barker [55]
Steve Beran [55]
Matt Booty [55]
John Carlton [55]
Tim Coman<v2.0 only [55]
Pat Cox [55]
Bill Dabelstein [55]
Rachel Davies [55]
Warren Davis [55]
Linda Deal [55]
Larry Debar [55]
Joe Dillon [55]
Sal Divita [55]
Dan Forden [55]
Raymond Gay [55]
Jim Gentile [55]
Tony Goskie [55]
Chris Granner [55]
Jim Green [55]
Jack Haeger [55]
Paul Heitsch [55]
Jon Hey [55]
Eugene Jarvis [55]
Eric Kinkead [55]
Al Lasko [55]
Shawn Liptak [55]
Joe Linhoff [55]
Mark Loffredo [55]
John Lowes [55]
Ray Macika [55]
Martin Martinez [55]
John Newcomer [55]
Cary Mednick [55]
Sheridan Oursler [55]
Mark Penacho [55]
George Petro [55]
Vince Pontarelli [55]
Jamie Rivett [55]
Roger Sharpe [55]
Jake Simpson [55]
Jason Skiles [55]
John Tobias [55]
Josh Tsui [55]
Mark Turmell [55]
John Vogel [55]
Wes LittleConsole (as Scooter Pie) [57]
Steven "Snake" PalmerConsole [58]
Chris KirbyConsole [57]
Jason FalcusConsole [57]
Neil HillConsole [57]
Jay MoonConsole [57]
Asif ChaudhriConsole (as Chow-Chow) [59]
Brett GowConsole (as Brutah) [59]
Alex de LuciaConsole (as Facime) [59]
Scott SchenoConsole (as Kid Silk) [59]
Dan FeinsteinConsole (as Weasel) [59]
Eric KubyConsole (as Kabuki) [59]
Real-life children of game developers Eric SamulskiConsole (as Air Dog) [57]
Milo StubbingtonConsole (as Moosekat) [57]
Mortal Kombat series Raiden<v2.0 only [55]
Reptile<v2.0 only [55]
Scorpion<v2.0 only [55]
Sub-Zero<v2.0 only [55]
Real-life celebrities Elvis Presley<v2.0 only (as Elviscious) [55]
Will SmithConsole (as F Prince) [60]
Jazzy JeffConsole [60]
Heavy DConsole [61]
MCAConsole [61]
Ad RockConsole [61]
Mike D.Console [60]
Real-life models Kerri Hoskins<v2.0 only [55]
Lorraine Olivia<v2.0 only [55]
Popular folkore Grim Reaper<v2.0 only [55]
Original characters Kongo<v2.0 only [55]
Real-life politicians Bill ClintonConsole [61]
Hillary ClintonConsole [61]
Prince CharlesConsole [61]
Real-life baseball players Frank ThomasConsole [61]
Real-life football players Randall CunninghamConsole [61]
Basketball mascots Benny the BullConsole [60]
HugoConsole [60]
Crunch the WolfConsole [60]
Suns GorillaConsole [59]
NBA Street V3 (2005) Sports Real-life basketball players Mario series Mario GCN [62]
Luigi GCN [62]
Peach GCN [62]
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (2012) Fighting Sony Interactive-owned franchises 2K-owned franchises Big Daddy [63]
Capcom-owned franchises Dante [63]
Bandai Namco-owned franchises Heihachi Mishima [63]
EA-owned franchises Isaac Clarke DLC [63]
Konami-owned franchises Raiden [63]
Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid (2019) Fighting Power Rangers franchise Street Fighter series Ryu DLC [10]
Chun-Li DLC [10]
Power Rangers: Legacy Wars (2017) Fighting Power Rangers franchise Street Fighter series Ryu DLC [64]
Chun-Li DLC [64]
Guile DLC [64]
Akuma DLC [64]
Cammy DLC [64]
M. Bison DLC [64]
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2 (2000) Sports Ready 2 Rumble Boxing series Real-life celebrities Shaquille O'Neal [65]
Michael Jackson [65]
Real-life politicians Bill Clinton [65]
Hillary Clinton [65]
Rivals of Aether (2017) Fighting Rivals series Ori series Ori DLC [66]
Shovel Knight series Shovel Knight DLC [66]
Samurai Showdown (2019) Fighting Samurai Showdown series For Honor Warden [67]
Guilty Gear series Baiken [67]
The Last Blade Hibiki Takane [67]
Honor of Kings Gongsun Li DLC [67]
Samurai Warriors 3 (2009) Hack and slash Samurai Warriors series The Mysterious Murasame Castle Takamaru Wii [68]
Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing (2010) Kart Racing Sega-owned franchises Microsoft-owned franchises Banjo & Kazooie Xbox360 [69]
Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed (2012) Kart Racing Sega-owned franchises Disney-owned franchises Ralph [70]
Valve-owned franchises Team Fortress Windows [70]
Real-life professional racers Danica Patrick [70]
Real-life celebrities Simon Lane Windows [70]
Soulcalibur II (2002) Fighting Soulcalibur series Tekken series Heihachi Mishima PS2/ HD Online [10]
Image Universe Spawn Xbox/ HD Online [10]
The Legend of Zelda series Link GCN [10]
Soulcalibur IV (2008) Fighting Soulcalibur series Star Wars franchise Darth Vader PS3/ DLC [10]
Yoda Xbox360/ DLC [10]
Starkiller [10]
Soulcalibur V (2012) Fighting Soulcalibur series Assassin's Creed series Ezio Auditore da Firenze [71]
Soulcalibur VI (2018) Fighting Soulcalibur series The Witcher Saga Geralt of Rivia [10]
Drakengard series 2B DLC [10]
Samurai Showdown series Haohmaru DLC [10]
Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny (2009) Fighting Soulcalibur series God of War series Kratos [10]
Soulcalibur Legends (2007) Fighting Soulcalibur series Tales series Lloyd Irving [72]
SSX On Tour (2005) Sports SSX series Mario series Mario GCN [31]
Luigi GCN [31]
Peach GCN [31]
Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation (2008) Fighting Street Fighter series Rival Schools series Batsu Ichimonji [73]
Akira Kazama [73]
Louis Cha/Jin Yong novels Hu Fei [73]
He Tieshou [73]
Mei Chaofeng [73]
Zhou Botong [73]
Linghu Chong [73]
Cyborg 009 franchise Cyborg 004 [73]
Cyborg 005 [73]
Cyborg 006 [73]
Cyborg 009 [73]
Detroit Metal City franchise Johannes Krauser II [73]
Real-life politicians Barack Obama DLC [73]
Street Fighter: The Movie (1995) Fighting Movie of the same name Street Fighter series Akuma [74]
Street Fighter x Tekken (2012) Fighting Street Fighter series & Tekken series Mega Man series Mega Man DLC/ PSVita [75]
Pac-Man series Pac-Man DLC/ PSVita [75]
Sony Interactive mascots Toro PS3/ PSVita [75]
Kuro PS3/ PSVita [75]
Infamous series Cole PS3/ PSVita [75]
Super Bomberman R (2017) Maze Bomberman franchise Castlevania franchise Simon Belmont DLC [76]
Dracula DLC [76]
Alucard DLC [76]
Metal Gear franchise Solid Snake DLC [76]
Naked Snake DLC [76]
Raiden DLC [76]
Zone of the Enders series Anubis DLC [76]
Jehuty DLC [76]
Vic Viper Zero DLC [76]
Contra series Bill DLC [76]
Lance DLC [76]
Goemon franchise Goemon DLC [76]
Ebisumaru DLC [76]
Gradius franchise Vic Viper DLC [76]
Octopus Pre-order [76]
Supporting equipment (as Option Bomber A & Option Bomber B) DLC [76]
Pop'n Music series Mimi DLC [76]
Nyami DLC [76]
Silent Hill franchise Pyramid Head DLC [76]
Bubble Head DLC [76]
Star Soldier series Caesar DLC [76]
Rumble Roses franchise Reiko DLC [76]
Princess Tomato in Salad Kingdom Princess Tomato DLC [76]
Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa Upa DLC [76]
Tokimeki Memorial series Shiori Fujisaki DLC [76]
Ayako Katagiri DLC [76]
Portal series ATLAS Steam [76]
P-body Steam [76]
Halo franchise Master Chief XboxOne [76]
Arbiter XboxOne [76]
Grunt XboxOne [76]
Ratchet & Clank series Ratchet & Clank PS4 [76]
Ape Escape series Pipo Monkey PS4 [76]
Sony Interactive Mascots Toro PS4 [76]
Real-life wrestlers Xavier Woods DLC [76]
Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix (1997) Fighting Street Fighter series Darkstalkers series Morrigan [77]
Hsien-Ko [77]
Felicia [77]
Red Earth Tessa [77]
Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD (2019) Platforming Monkey Ball franchise Sonic the Hedgehog franchise Sonic the Hedgehog [78]
Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania (2021) Platforming Monkey Ball franchise Sonic the Hedgehog franchise Sonic the Hedgehog [79]
Tails [79]
Yakuza series Kazuma Kiryu [79]
Jet Set Radio series Beat [79]
Sega video game consoles Sega Game Gear DLC [79]
Sega Saturn DLC [79]
Sega Dreamcast DLC [79]
Persona 5 Morgana DLC [79]
Monster Rancher franchise Suezo DLC [79]
Sanrio Hello Kitty DLC [79]
Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2008) Fighting Nintendo-owned franchises Konami-owned franchises Solid Snake [10]
Sega-owned franchises Sonic the Hedgehog [10]
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U (2014) Fighting Nintendo-owned franchises Sega-owned franchises Sonic the Hedgehog [10]
Bayonetta DLC [10]
Capcom-owned franchises Mega Man [10]
Ryu DLC [10]
Bandai Namco-owned franchises Pac-Man [10]
Square Enix-owned franchises Cloud Strife DLC [10]
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018) Fighting Nintendo-owned franchises Sega-owned franchises Sonic the Hedgehog [10]
Bayonetta [10]
Joker DLC [10]
Capcom-owned franchises Mega Man [10]
Ryu [10]
Ken [10]
Konami-owned franchises Solid Snake [10]
Simon Belmont [10]
Richter Belmont [10]
Square Enix-owned franchises Cloud Strife [10]
Sephiroth DLC [10]
Hero DLC [10]
Bandai Namco-owned franchises Pac-Man [10]
Kazuya Mishima DLC [10]
Microsoft-owned franchises Banjo & Kazooie DLC [10]
Steve DLC [10]
SNK-owned franchises Terry Bogard DLC [10]
Disney-owned franchises Sora DLC [10]
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash-Up (2009) Fighting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise Raving Rabbids series Raving Rabbid Wii [80]
Ninja Rabbid Wii [80]
Splinter Rabbid Wii [80]
Tekken 3 (1997) Fighting Tekken series Gon manga Gon PS [81]
Tekken 7 (2015) Fighting Tekken series Street Fighter series Akuma FR/ PS4/ Windows/ XboxOne [10]
Fatal Fury/King of Fighters series Geese Howard FR/ DLC [10]
Final Fantasy XV Noctis Lucis Caelum FR/ DLC [10]
The Walking Dead series Negan DLC [10]
The Wonderful 101 (2013) Beat 'em up Original characters Viewtiful Joe series Viewtiful Joe (as Poseman) [82]
Sexy Silvia (as Wonder-Cheerleader) [82]
Real-life game developers Hideki Kamiya (as Wonder-Director) [82]
Bayonetta series Bayonetta [82]
Rodin [82]
Jeanne [82]
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (2000) Sports Real-life pro skaters and original characters Spider-Man franchise Spider-Man [83]
Real-life celebrities Lee Hyori SK [83]
Ock Joo Hyun SK [83]
Lee Jin SK [83]
Sung Yu-ri SK [83]
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 (2001) Sports Real-life pro skaters and original characters Star Wars franchise Darth Maul [84]
X-Men franchise Wolverine [84]
Neversoft mascot Neversoft Eyeball [84]
Doom series Doom Guy PC [84]
Real-life pro snowboarders Shaun Palmer GBA [84]
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 (2002) Sports Real-life pro skaters and original characters Star Wars franchise Jango Fett [85]
Iron Maiden mascot Eddie [85]
Real-life celebrities Jenna Jameson (as Daisy) [85]
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 (2015) Sports Real-life pro skaters Real-life celebrities Lil Wayne [86]
Tyler, the Creator DLC [86]
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DLC [86]
Tony Hawk's Underground (2003) Sports Real-life pro skaters and original characters Real-life celebrities Gene Simmons [87]
Iron Man franchise Iron Man [87]
C.H.U.D.-based T.H.U.D. [87]
Tony Hawk's Underground 2 (2004) Sports Real-life pro skaters and original characters Real-life politicians Benjamin Franklin [88]
Real-life celebrities Jesse James [88]
Phil Margera [88]
Steve-O [88]
Shrek franchise Shrek [88]
Call of Duty franchise C.O.D. soldier [88]
True Crime franchise Nick Kang Wilson PC [88]
Under Night In-Birth (2012) Fighting Original characters Melty Blood series Eltnum DLC/ Exe:Late/ Exe:Late[st]/ Exe:Late[cl-r] [89]
Akatsuki EN-Eins series Akatsuki DLC/ Exe:Late[st]/ Exe:Late[cl-r] [90]
Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict (2005) First-person shooter Unreal franchise Mortal Kombat series Raiden [91]
Viewtiful Joe (2003) Beat 'em up Viewtiful Joe series Devil May Cry series Dante PS2 [92]
Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble (2005) Beat 'em up Viewtiful Joe series Devil May Cry series Dante PSP [93]
Warrior's Orochi 3 (2011) Hack and Slash Samurai Warriors series, Dynasty Warriors series, characters from East Asian mythology Ninja Gaiden series Ryu Hayabusa [94]
Rachel PSP/ WiiU/ Ultimate [94]
Momiji WiiU/ Ultimate [94]
Dead or Alive series Ayane [94]
Kasumi Ultimate [94]
Atelier Arland series Sterkenburg Cranach Ultimate [94]
Soulcalibur series Sophitia Alexandra Ultimate [94]
Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War Joan of Arc [94]
TRINITY: Souls of Zill O'll Nemea [94]
Warriors: Legends of Troy Achilles [94]
WWE 2K16 (2015) Sports Real-life wrestlers Terminator series Terminator [95]
WWE 2K18 (2017) Sports Real-life wrestlers Real-life brand ambassador Colonel Sanders [95]
WWF SmackDown! Just Bring It (2001) Sports Real-life wrestlers Real-life celebrities Fred Durst [95]
X-Men: Children of the Atom (1994) Fighting X-Men franchise Street Fighter series Akuma [96]
Xuan Dou Zhi Wang (2014) Fighting Original characters Fatal Fury/King of Fighters series Terry Bogard<2015 only [97]
Benimaru Nikaido<2015 only [97]

Reasons for guest appearances

Commercial use

Guest stars have in the past not only served to stir up conversation (either due to the unexpectedness of a revealed guest character or in the form of speculation concerning potential upcoming guest characters), [98] but also make use of the "Come for the X, stay for the Y" trope, meaning their purpose is to appeal to audiences usually not interested in their product by including a character popular within that audience.

In video games, console-exclusive guest stars, depending on their general recognisability or popularity within that console's fan base might seriously impact the performance of that version. An example of this is the Nintendo GameCube version of SoulCalibur II, which prominently featured Link from Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series in its marketing, leading it to outperform the Xbox and PlayStation 2 versions despite their larger install bases and the general perception that the GameCube controller was not suited for traditional fighting games. [99]


The inclusion of stars, particularly those from older generations near the end of their career arcs, may bring benefits to the stars themselves. [8]


In rap, mutual and multiple guest starring was recognized as a way to diversify the performance. [8]

In theatre and ballet, guest appearances diversify actors' repertory and experience under different choreographers, and give more acting opportunities. Even for established stars, prestigious overseas engagements increase their home status. Conversely, a guest star benefits the receiving troupe, bringing new inspiration and technique. Audience would welcome diversity, and theatrical business benefits as well: theatre connoisseurs will come to see the same piece with a new star. [7]


Commercialization of guests policy may also have negative consequences. Local theatres may limit the growth opportunities for their performers in favor of guests. Sometimes rehearsal times are inadequate to fully integrate the home and guest styles. Touring increases physical load on an actor. It is also associated with multiple stress factors: from jet lags to close calls due to unanticipated travel delays. [8]

With a television series, the appearance of a special guest star, or depending on an overabundance of guest star appearances to the frustration and demerit of the regular cast of the series, could mark the moment when a series " jumps the shark"; that is, a doomed attempt to reverse a decline in popularity. [100]

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