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This is a list of famous and notable people from Goa, India. This list includes Goans and persons of Goan origin who are known to a large number of people, and not based on the extent of their popularity. Neither is the list viewed from the context of the present. Their fame could be brief; what matters is that they were well known during the peak of their popularity. The names are arranged in alphabetical order in their respective categories.

Emblem of Goa
Location of Goa in the India map


  • Bruno Souza, Goan-born architect credited with having "belonged to a generation of architects that sought to rediscover what Modern architecture meant for India [1]
  • Charles Correa, Goan origin, Indian architect and urban planner. Credited with the creation of modern architecture in post-Independent India, he was celebrated for his sensitivity to the needs of the urban poor and for his use of traditional methods and materials [2]
  • Gerard da Cunha, Goan origin, founder and principal architect of the architecture firm Architecture Autonomous. An alumnus of the School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi, he is known for utilizing locally available materials and traditional construction techniques in harmony with its ecosystem [3]


  • Angelo da Fonseca, noted for presenting Christian themes in an Indian style [4]
  • Antonio Piedade da Cruz, twentieth-century painter and sculptor [5]
  • António Xavier Trindade, important painter of the Bombay School in the early 20th century [6]
  • Carl d'Silva, Indian wildlife artist and naturalist well known for his paintings of birds in many ornithological handbooks and field guides. [7]
  • Francis Newton Souza (1924–2003), artist [8]
  • Frederika Menezes, Goan author, poet and artist. She is best known for her book, Unforgotten (which was a love story for young adults, published in 2014). A poem of hers, The Different Normals, is yet to feature in English textbook of the Goa Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education (GBSHSE) [9]
  • José Pereira, Sanskrit scholar, historian, writer, artist, and linguist from Goa, India
  • Lancelot Ribeiro, Goan origin Modern artist
  • Laxman Pai, Indian artist and painter. He was a principal of the Goa College of Art, a post he held from 1977 to 1987. Pai was a recipient of several awards, including India's third highest civilian honour of Padma Bhushan, awarded by the Government of India. [10]
  • Mario Miranda (1926–2011), famous for his cartoons in The Illustrated Weekly of India; Padma Vibushan awardee [11]
  • Prafulla Dahanukar, Indian painter, a leader in modern Indian art who also helped and influenced many young artists in India.
  • Subodh Kerkar, Indian painter, sculptor and installation artist, and founder of the private art gallery Museum of Goa. He is known for his artworks and installations.
  • Milroy Goes, film director
  • Vamona Navelcar, painter
  • Vasudeo S. Gaitonde (1924–2001), regarded as India's foremost abstract artist; received Padma Shri Award in 1971; born in Nagpur of Goan parents
  • Kartika Rane, film and television actress
  • Kimi Katkar, film actress
  • Varsha Usgaonkar, film and television actress

Business people


  • Manuel Menezes, engineer and former Chairman of the Indian Railway Board [5]
  • Peter de Noronha, Goan origin, businessman and civil servant of Kanpur, India. He was knighted by Pope Paul VI in 1965 for his work for the Christian community in India.
  • Albert Vivian D'Costa, administrator and architect of the Indian Railways during its inception. [5]


Indologists & Archeologists

Lawyers & Judges


Models and Pageants

Musicians & Singers


Representing India

  • Peter Paul Fernandes was part of India's Gold Medal-winning Men's Field Hockey Team at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.
  • Walter D'Souza, Lawrie Fernandes, Maxie Vaz, Leo Pinto and Reginald Rodrigues were part of the Gold Medal-winning Men's Field Hockey Team at the 1948 London Olympics.
  • Mary D'Souza Sequeira became the First Indian Woman to Qualify for an Olympics at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics competing in the women's 100 and 200 metres race.
  • Lavy Pinto reached the Semi Final of the men's 100 meters Race at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics, the best ever performance by an Indian till date.
  • Neville D'Souza from Assagao scored a Hattrick in the Quarter Finals against Australia as the Men's Football Team stood Fourth in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics.
  • Fortunato Franco From Colvale was part of the Indian Men's Football team at the 1960 Rome Olympics.
  • Anthony Francis Coutinho competes in the men's 4 × 100 metres relay, reaching the semi final at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics
  • Stephie D'Souza competes in the Women's 400 meters Race of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.
  • Edward Sequeira from Arpora competes the Men's 5000 meters Race in the 1972 Munich Olympics
  • Dr Vece Paes was Part of the Men's Hockey Bronze Medal-winning team though He did not play a Match at the 1972 Munich Olympics.
  • Mervyn Fernandes was part of the Men's Hockey Team which won the gold medal at the 1980 Moscow Olympics. He also was part of the Team at the 1984 Los Angeles and 1988 Seoul Olympics.
  • Margaret Toscano, Selma D'Silva, Lorraine Fernandes and Eliza Nelson were Part of the Women's's Field Hockey Team which stood Fourth at the 1980 Moscow Olympics.
  • Joaquim Carvalho from Assolna was part of the Men's Field Hockey team at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.
  • Darryl D'Souza was Part of the Men's Field Hockey team at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.
  • Leander Paes won a bronze medal in the Men's Singles Tennis at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

Representing other nations


  • José Camillo Lisboa, Goan physician and botanist
  • José Gerson da Cunha, Goan physician who achieved international renown as an orientalist, historian, linguist and numismatist
  • Acacio Gabriel Viegas, medical practitioner who was credited with the discovery of the outbreak of bubonic plague in Bombay, India, in 1896.
  • Jaime Valfredo Rangel, Goan doctor, Director of Tipografia Rangel (Rangel Printing Press), President of the Municipal Council of Bardez (Mayor of Bardez) and a delegate to the International Labour Organization for Portugal.
  • P. D. Gaitonde, surgeon from Goa and an active participant in the Goa liberation movement. Along with Antonio Colaco, Gaitonde was nominated by the President of India to the 3rd Lok Sabha in 1962, following the incorporation of Goa, Daman and Diu into India on 19 December 1961.
  • Alvaro de Loyola Furtado, social worker, historian, journalist, medical practitioner and humanitarian. He was described as a leader among men, a man of great integrity and honour.
  • Bhau Daji, an Indian physician, Sanskrit scholar, and an antiquarian.
  • Francisco Luís Gomes, Goan physician, writer, historian, economist, political scientist and MP in the Portuguese parliament. A classical liberal by political orientation, Gomes represented Portuguese India in the Cortes Gerais (parliament) from 1861 to 1869.
  • Rosendo Ribeiro, Goan physician and diplomat.
  • António Maria de Bettencourt Rodrigues, doctor, Portuguese diplomat and politician.
  • Vithal Nagesh Shirodkar, Indian obstetrician and gynaecologist, hailing from the State of Goa.
  • Miguel Caetano Dias, medical doctor best known for his roles as chief of health services in Goa (Estado da Índia Portuguesa) and director of the Medical School of Goa (Escola Médico-Cirúrgica de Goa).
  • P S Ramani, Indian neurosurgeon and writer from the state of Goa. He is known for his work in Newcastle and his neurospinal surgery technique of "PLIF". He is currently the senior neurospinal surgeon at Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai
  • Vincent Alvares, medical practitioner and chemist of his Majesty John V of Portugal. In 1713, he accompanied the General of the Arraial of Ponda, Antonio do Amaral Sarmento, to Sunda in Kanara.
  • M. C. Albuquerque, an Indian physician. She was medical superintendent of the Vanivilas Women and Children Hospital in Bangalore, from 1937 to 1948.
  • Wilfred de Souza, surgeon and politician from Goa, India. He served as Goa's chief minister on three occasions when he was a member of the Indian National Congress and the Goa Rajiv Congress Party, during his third tenure
  • Mortó Dessai, a medical analyst of Goan origin who worked in Goa and Portugal
  • Tomaz Aquino Messias de Bragança physicist and Mozambican social scientist



Priests, Nuns, Bishops and Religious leaders

Scientists and Researchers



  • Alfred Rose (singer), one of the most popular singers and composers of Konkani songs (of the cantaram category), and is routinely broadcast on the Panaji or Panjim station of All India Radio ( Akashvani)
  • C. Alvares, Indian actor, playwright, singer, producer and director from Saligao, Goa
  • Comedian Selvy, (1974–2022) playwright, singer, director and producer from Goa. Regarded as one of the greatest Konkani comedians of his generation.
  • Hortencio Pereira, is a Konkani stage actor from Goa, India. He is a lyricist, writer, actor, comedian, and singer
  • John D'Silva, is an Indian Konkani actor, playwright and director. D'Silva is the first tiatrist to enter the Limca Book of Records in 2010 for acting, writing, directing and producing 25 tiatrs having a double alphabet in their titles
  • M. Boyer, is a writer, director and producer from Goa. He has produced over 35 plays, participated in more than 5000 performances, composing and singing over 1000 songs,
  • Mario Menezes (1960–2022), Indian actor, director, writer and prominent tiatrist. He primarily worked on the Konkani stage and was the vice president of Tiatr Academy Goa
  • Nevel Gracias (1964–2022), Indian actor, singer, composer, director, playwright, editor and diocesan priest from Goa. He predominantly worked on the Konkani stage and is best known for his lenten tiatrs
  • Prince Jacob, popular tiatrist and singer from Goa, India. He is "the most Famous man in Konkani Comedy"
  • Roseferns, Indian actor and director who is a Konkani tiatrist. He popularly goes under the sobriquet King of centuries
  • Sharon Mazarello, tiatrist, singer, scriptwriter, director and actor, hailing from the coastal state of Goa, India
  • Tomazinho Cardozo, dramatist, playwright, writer (in Konkani and English), educationist and politician from Goa

Writers, Editors & Journalists

  • Armand de Souza (1877–1922), founding editor of the Morning Leader in Ceylon; early freedom fighter; jailed by the British colonial government for advocating democracy, but was released following public protests; author of Hundred days in Ceylon under martial law in 1915; [33] father of Senator Doric de Souza (Professor of English) and the late editor of the Times of Ceylon, Tory de Souza
  • Damodar Mauzo, Jnanpith Award-winning Konkani writer, Novelist, Critic and script writer
  • B. D. Satoskar, author, ex-editor of Gomantak daily
  • Chandrakant Keni, retired editor of Marathi daily Rashtramat and Konkani daily Sunaparant; former freelance journalist; was associated with the development of Konkani language; won Sahitya Academy Award for his book Ashadh Pawali
  • Dom Moraes (1938–2004), won the American Press Club Citation for Excellence in Reporting, for some 20 articles he wrote for the New York Times Sunday Magazine; poet
  • Francisco Luís Gomes (1829–1869), Portuguese physician, politician, writer, historian, and economist
  • Frank Simoes, Goan advertising executive; author of Glad Season in Goa
  • Frank Moraes, editor of prominent newspapers in post-independence India, including The Indian Express
  • Frederick Noronha, active in cyberspace and involved with e-ventures involving Goa, developmental concerns and free software.
  • Ian Fyfe (d. 2005), cricketer, coach and a sports journalist from Karachi, Pakistan
  • Ivo de Figueiredo (born 1966), Norwegian historian, biographer and critic of Goan origin
  • Lambert Mascarenhas, author of the novel Sorrowing Lies My Land (1955); editor of the Goan Tribune; founder editor of Goa Today, former editor of The Navhind Times; won the State Cultural award
  • Manohar Rai Sardesai, Konkani and French novelist and poet
  • Maria Aurora Couto, writer, academic and literary critic with books including Graham Greene: On the Frontier, Politics and Religion in the Novels, and Goa: A Daughter's Story
  • Olivinho Gomes (St Estevam, Goa, 1943—30 July 2009), eminent Konkani scholar and former acting vice chancellor of the Goa
  • Orlando da Costa (1929–2006), Communist Portuguese poet and writer of Goan descent, born in the capital of the former Portuguese colony of Mozambique, Maputo
  • Ravindra Kelekar (born 1925), freedom fighter, writer and revivalist of the Konkani language
  • Sebastião Rodolfo Dalgado (1855–1922), from Assagão, linguist; knew Malayalam, Sinhala, Bengali, Kannada, Marathi, and Sanskrit; in 1892, he produced a Konkani-Portuguese dictionary and later a grammar
  • Teotonio R. de Souza, historian, founder-director of Xavier Centre of Historical Research, Goa (1979–1994); Fellow of the Portuguese Academy of History; author of publications on Goan history and culture


  • Nilesh Naik (1970–1995), Goan environmental activist and farmworker; Goa's first environmental martyr [34]
  • Floriano Vaz (1963–1986), Indian writer and activist from Goa. He was the first martyr of the scheduled tribe community who fought for the official status of the Konkani language during the Konkani language agitation. [35]


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