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The General Catalogue of Variable Stars (GCVS) is a list of variable stars in the Milky Way Galaxy [a]. Its first edition, containing 10,820 stars, was published in 1948 by the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, edited by Boris Kukarkin [ ru] and Pavel Parenago. [1] Second and third editions were published in 1958 and 1968. The fourth edition, containing 28,435 stars, was published in three volumes in 1985–1987. [2] [3] Later, two more volumes were published: the fourth volume containing reference tables and the fifth volume containing extragalactic variable stars. [3] The first release of the fifth edition (GCVS 5.1), which is periodically updated, currently contains 58,035 variable stars; [4] [5] it is available at the GCVS website and at the VizieR astronomical catalogue service.


  1. ^ The fourth edition also included a list of extragalactic variable stars, but the fifth edition is no longer updating it.


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