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Rev. Fr. Francis Xavier Weninger S.J.

Francis Xavier Weninger (German: Franz Xaver Weninger; 31 October 1805, Wildhaus ( Slovene: Viltuš), Styria, Austria (now Slovenia) - 29 June 1888, Cincinnati, Ohio) was an Austrian Jesuit missionary and author.


When already a priest and doctor of theology, he joined the Society of Jesus in 1832 and in 1841 was sent to Innsbruck, where he taught theology, history, and Hebrew. As the Revolution of 1848 impeded his further usefulness at home, he left Europe and went to the United States. During his forty years he visited almost every state of the Union, preaching in English, French, or German, as best suited the nationality of his hearers. In the year 1854 alone he delivered nearly a thousand sermons, and in 1864 he preached about forty-five missions.


He published forty works in German, sixteen in English, eight in French, three in Latin. Among his principal works are:





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