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Technology in science fiction is a crucial aspect of the genre. [1] [2]

As science fiction emerged during the era of Industrial Revolution, the increased presence of machines in everyday life and their role in shaping of the society was a major influence on the genre. [1] [2] [3] It appeared as a major element of the Proto SF, represented by machines and gadgets in works of Jules Verne, George Griffith, H. G. Wells, Edward Bellamy and others. [1] Technology has been portrayed both in positive or negative ways; in some works it is a solution to the world problems, in others, a means of its destruction. [1] [2]

Concepts and illustrations of technology in science fiction have been a significant influence in the formation of popular culture images of future technology. [1]

Science fiction has often affected innovation and new technology – for example many rocketry pioneers were inspired by science fiction. [4]

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