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Feminist International Radio Endeavor (FIRE) (also known as Radio Internacional Feminista) is an international women's internet radio station based in Costa Rica. [1] Scholars have said that by providing a channel for female voices and giving alternative accounts of war and conflict, that it has performed important feminist media work supporting peace and social justice. [1] It was founded in 1991 by an international group of women including journalist María Suárez Toro. [2]


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  • Documentary: Fire - Feminist International Radio Endeavour. (1995) Produced by Feminist International Radio Endeavor; Radio for Peace International.
  • Suárez, Toro M, Dalya F. Massachi, Debra Cedeño, and Nancy Meredith. Women's Voices on Fire: Feminist International Radio Endeavour. Austin, Tex: Anomaly Press, 2000. Print. ISBN  9780967291208