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Title card
Genre Drama
Written by
  • Dado C. Lumibao
  • Wali Ching
  • Reggie Amigo
Directed by
Creative directorDon Miguel Cuaresma
Theme music composer Vehnee Saturno (Arranged by Dennis R. Quila)
Opening theme"Esperanza" by April Boy Regino
Country of originPhilippines
Original languageFilipino
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes628
Executive producerMarinella Bandelaria-Bravo
  • Ben Panaligan
  • Mel Fernandez
Running time15-30 minutes (Philippines)
Production company Star Creatives
Original network ABS-CBN
Picture format NTSC
Original releaseFebruary 17, 1997 (1997-02-17) –
July 23, 1999 (1999-07-23)

Esperanza is a Philippine drama television series starring Judy Ann Santos on titular role and was aired by ABS-CBN from February 17, 1997, to July 23, 1999, replacing Mara Clara and was replaced by Labs Ko Si Babe. It was re-aired in Studio 23 and Kapamilya Channel (now S+A and a cable channel of the same name, respectively), [1] which are both an ABS-CBN subsidiaries. The series was delayed from June 2, 1997, to November 5, 1999, on its international channel TFC due to late broadcasting.

This series was streaming on Jeepney TV YouTube channel. [2]

This soap opera depicts on the life of Esperanza, a woman who experienced a lot of trials and sufferings, and her struggles on finding and reuniting her real family.

The show also launches the series villains, Celia (Sylvia Sanchez, which is the anti-heroine), Joaquin Montejo (Lito Legaspi), Sandra Salgado (Elizabeth Oropesa, the evil step mother and the main villain), Ramona (Mel Kimura), Paula (Dimples Romana), Oca (Allan Paule), Cristy (Corrine Mendez), Donna (Beth Tamayo), Jaime (Tommy Abuel), Brian (Piolo Pascual), Mameng (Luz Fernandez) and Rosella/Cynthia (Carmina Villaroel, which is the ultimate villain of the series) as the villains who make Esperanza and the people around her life hellish.

Esperanza is one of the most successful and popular soap operas in the Philippine television and was aired on ABS-CBN's primetime slot. (6:30 pm from February 17, 1997, until March 7, 1997; later at 7pm from March 10, 1997, until January 1, 1999; and lastly at 8:30 pm from January 4, 1999, until on its finale on July 23, 1999)


Beginning of the story

The series starts on Isabel ( Charo Santos)'s trip with her three children to Manila to transfer to their new home. They rode on a bus but were involved in an accident. Isabel's children were saved before the bus exploded. Juan ( Dante Rivero), who returned from his work abroad, was devastated on what happened. He believed that his wife and children died but the authorities cannot find their bodies.

The three siblings survive, but due to their very young age with nothing to identify them, are adopted by families in the same neighborhood.

The eldest Socorro, renamed Esperanza ( Judy Ann Santos) by a poor couple, Celia ( Sylvia Sanchez) and Raul ( Joel Torre), who takes her in but never tells her she is adopted. She grows up in this sad environment where she is mistreated or ignored by her adoptive mother, Celia, and yet sees her lavish attention towards her own children JunJun ( Emman Abeleda) and Andrea ( Tanya Garcia). Esperanza's only bright moments while growing up is spending time with her childhood friend and later her sweetheart Anton ( Wowie De Guzman).

Raphael ( Marvin Agustin), Esperanza's younger brother is more fortunate. He is rescued by another poor Miguel family: Ester ( Chat Silayan-Baylon) and Luis ( Bembol Roco) who have a son named Noel (Spencer Reyes), and they treat him as if he were their own son. He thrives in the happy and loving environment and is renamed Danilo.

Regina ( Angelika Dela Cruz), the youngest of the three siblings, is adopted by a rich couple, Belinda ( Teresa Loyzaga) and Mayor Joaquin Montejo ( Lito Legaspi) who are childless. They renamed her Cecille. She grows up in wealth but her father secretly beats her.

Search for real family

While Celia was drunked, she expressed her frustrations by blaming the adoption of Esperanza as a reason of the poverty of their family. As a result, Esperanza learned that she is just an adopted child of Estrera couple. Later, she learned about her parentage, and sets out to find out the truth about her real family. She thinks her mother and brother died in the accident, and her adoptive father saves her and youngest sister, Regina but couldn't support them both so he gives up Regina to the Montejos. On the meanwhile, Raul was falsely accused of killing a man named Ricardo and he was imprisoned. While he is imprisoned, his wife Celia betrayed him and had a relationship with a man named Duarte ( Ronnie Lazaro)

Mayor Joaquin Montejo became the most influential person to the life of Esperanza, to the adoptive family of Danilo, and to Anton because of the following reasons: 1. He was the one responsible for making Raul imprisoned for the murder of Ricardo (the lover of Belinda) which was actually planned by the Mayor, 2. It was his right-hand man Delfin ( Rez Cortez), the adoptive father of Anton, who killed Ricardo, 3. Danilo witnessed the crime which gave death threats to the family of Luis Miguel, 4. At the later part of the story, he killed Delfin for betraying him, and 5. He destroyed many lives of people to the extent of gaining control of the landless people in the squatters area in Manila.

Esperanza stumble upon the newspaper article featuring Juan's story about his search for his missing family. Piecing together the information stated in the article fit their story and both realize they are siblings. Esperanza also learned the truth from his adoptive father Raul that Cecille was her sister. She convinced Cecille to join her on searching their biological father. Anton helped Esperanza to escape Cecille from Mayor Joaquin.

Life in Metro Manila

Esperanza, Anton, and Cecille make their escape from the hands of Mayor Joaquin Montejo and managed to went in Manila where they were orphaned by Lola Pacita ( Gloria Sevilla) together with her grandson Carlo in the slum area. It was also the time where Cecil met Buboy ( Jericho Rosales). Love and friendship had developed between Cecille and Buboy which made them very close together. Esperanza and Cecille were still determined to search for their father but Lola Pacita had premonitions that upon finding their long-lost father, they will experience so much sufferings they never had before. Life was not easy during their stay in Manila which made them experienced the reality of life between rich and poor. However, the siblings were still fortunate to have Lola Pacita, Bayani ( Diego Castro), Buboy, and Lolo Cirilo ( Amado Cortez) who were on their side at times of happiness and crisis.

In the city, they even experienced bullying from the hands of Oca ( Allan Paule), the henchmen of Sargeant Mulong Garido ( Val Iglesias), the corrupt policeman assigned in the nearby community where they lived. Luckily, Aling Rita ( Ana Capri), the mistress of Mulong, was there to defend them. Many struggles in the city were confronted by the Esperanza, Anton, Buboy, and Cecille together with Lola Pacita which enabled them to escape and transfer to another area in Manila where they found Danilo and his adoptive family who were also living in Manila during that time.

At this point, they learned about their true father Juan Salgado and they find their father but learn that their father remarried his ex fiancé, Sandra ( Elizabeth Oropesa). They were reunited with their father but had so much sufferings from the hands of Sandra, her personal assistant Ramona (Mel Kimura), and her daughter from her first husband Paula ( Dimples Romana). Juan Salgado did not even defend his daughters against Sandra and Paula which caused extreme regrets and sadness on the part of the Salgado siblings. All these years, Sandra knows his children are alive and has been keeping this secret from him.

The search for the lost brother of Esperanza and Cecille begun as Juan Salgado even travelled to San Isidro to investigate. As Esther revealed everything, Danilo now knew the truth that he was the long-lost brother of Cecille and Esperanza. Danilo initially refused to join in Esperanza's search for their father because his heart is with the family who loves him and the only family he wants. Esperanza understands and she goes on to tell Cecille the truth, and who begs Esperanza to take her away.

Back to the province of Quezon

Meanwhile, the Salgado siblings met Emil Peralta ( Romnick Sarmienta) and his sister Issa who opened another life opportunity in the province and brought them to San Miguel where they lived together once again. Without knowing, Emil was the right-hand man of Monica De Dios ( Jackielou Blanco), the long-lost friend of their mother Isabel and wealthy administrator of the hacienda owned by Donya Consuelo Bermudez ( Rosa Rosal). Emil was secretly tasked by Monica to investigate the whereabouts of the Salgado siblings and bring them to the province to start a new life. The opportunities of living in the province of Quezon enabled the Salgado siblings, Anton and his mother Elena ( Melissa Mendez), together with the Miguel family to leave Manila. It was a sad moment of their life that Esperanza and Danilo left their father, their friends, and adoptive grandmother Lola Pacita in the city.

Cecille was once again within custody of her adoptive father Mayor Joaquin Montejo. Through the help of Emil, the company of Buboy, Anton, Danilo, and Noel had work in the field as well as in the hacienda. The siblings did not know that the real person behind helping them to have work and live in the hacienda was no other than their grandmother, Donya Consuelo. New problems on their way were experienced by the siblings while living in the San Miguel province such as the love triangle between Danilo, Noel, and Emil's sister named Issa (Monina Diaz-Bagatsing), the betrayal of Emil to Esperanza and Miguel Family as he connived with Mayor Montejo, the maltreatment and human rights abuses of Duarte to Celia's Family, the extra-marital relationship of Raul and Karla ( Stella Ruiz White), the revelation of Karla to what happened to Esther during her overseas work, the political struggles and killings during the election, and the adoption of Mayor Joaquin Montejo to Cecil just because Belinda left all her wealth to Cecille according to the last will and testament.

On the meanwhile, the election in the town of San Isidro is approaching. As part of political plan of Mayor Montejo during the campaign period, Raul Estrera was initially released from the imprisonment yet it became an opportunity for Estrera to fight Mayor Montejo in a political campaign after the death of Councilor Martin. Raul Estrera, the adoptive father of Esperanza became the new Mayor of San Isidro. Mayor Montejo faced many charges against him yet he still managed to escape when the police were about to arrest him. Emil, being one of the witnesses, was still imprisoned being an accessory to the crimes committed by Montejo.

Revelation in the hacienda and political life

Moreover, it was also the time of the golden age of political career for Mayor Raul Estrera while Celia exhibited a character who is hunger for power and fame. Mayor Estrera exhibited an epitome of service-oriented public servant in spite of her wife. Series of political destabilizations happened caused by the former Mayor Montejo being joined forces by the former Vice Mayor Robles and newly appointed Vice Mayor Aguirre. After the election, it was also a turning point wherein they were finally introduced to Monica De Dios ( Jackielou Blanco) in the hacienda and revealed her true identity for the reason of helping them all the way in the province. Monica's real objective was to reunite the Salgado siblings as secretly instructed by their legitimate grandmother Donya Consuelo ( Rosa Rosal).

Sandra and Monica became rivals as they both want to reunite the siblings and take them as their own family. Sandra had diabolic reasons behind this plan and told the siblings that their father Juan was already dead. On the other hand, Monica's plan was genuine but she was not successful for making the siblings reunited in the hacienda due to many struggles and because Esperanza and Danilo did not want to leave their adoptive family who became important part of their lives. It was also revealed that Monica had plans of taking revenge against Sandra because of what happened to her brother, Ramon, the biological father of Paula. Ramon committed suicide after Sandra left him for Juan Salgado. One of the highlights of this story was when Monica fell in loved with Buboy, Cecille's boyfriend.

During the time in the hacienda, it happened series of life developments for Esperanza, Danilo, Cecille, Anton, Buboy, and Noel. Esperanza and Anton were supposed to be engaged but everything in the plan of the two lovers were destroyed by Cristy (Corrine Mendez), the granddaughter of Lola Belen, who also secretly in loved with Anton. The whole fiasco was also plotted by Sandra who paid Cristy just to stop the engagement. Esperanza was really saddened and hurt which made her developed close relationship with Robbie ( Dominic Ochoa), the brother of Sandra Salgado. Robbie and Esperanza had relationship yet it did not last long because Robbie died of leukemia. Sandra also believed that Esperanza has to be blamed for not telling the truth behind Robbie's illness. Thus, Anton and Esperanza became more separated from each other due to many problems happened.

The test in Bermudez family

Cecille's adoptive father Mayor Montejo took the opportunity to capture Cecille once again because of her condition that she was in a state of amnesia. Cecille's health condition and loss of memory was result of an accident during her confrontation with Buboy and her mother Stella ( Hilda Koronel). Mayor Joaquin discovers that Anton is his son, a product of rape. He works out a deal to exchange Cecille with Anton. As a result, Mayor Joaquin gave back Cecille to her siblings in the hacienda. This made a conflict between Sandra and Joaquin. Consequently, Sandra felt betrayed and killed Joaquin in a gunshot.

Because of his love for Esperanza, Anton agrees with Esperanza during their emotional conversation and went to America to study and find Karen ( Jolina Magdangal), his sister from Joaquin Montejo and Lorena Alonzo ( Marianne Dela Riva). It was also in America where Anton met Donna, his future wife.

Donya Consuelo learned what happened in her hacienda from the mayordomo named Lola Belen ( Ama Quiambao) and this made her disappointed from Monica's work performance in managing the hacienda and taking care of her grandchildren. This made the rich matriarch came back from the USA to reunite with her grandchildren. However, Sandra did all her best to destroy the family of Esperanza. First, Sandra and Celia had connivance to introduce a fake heiress Socorro named Elaine ( Jennifer Sevilla) which unfortunately convinced Donya Consuelo. This made Esperanza left the hacienda and search for her mother in Manila. Sandra had tricked Donya Consuelo to gain power over the hacienda and manage all the properties. Sandra treated the Bermudez family including Luis, Esther, and Noel as slaves while Esperanza searched for her true mother in Manila.

Back to Manila to search for oneself

Esperanza finally met Ligaya (Jean Saburit), the prostitute who pretended to be her real mother where in fact she is real mother of Elaine (the fake Socorro). Searching for work due to hardships, Esperanza meets Louie Villareal ( Mat Ranillo III), the owner of the flowershop and convenience store where she got employed. He is the father of Donna (later wife of Anton) and the best friend of Dr. Jaime Illustre, who will pave the way for both Isabel and Esperanza to meet personally.

Louie recommended Esperanza to a job as the nurse aid or companion to Isabel Ilustre, Jaime ( Tommy Abuel)'s wife. Isabel had suffered a nervous breakdown after she believed her children perished in the bus accident decades ago. Jaime found out the truth between the two but he do not recognize Esperanza as Isabel's daughter. However, the nurse aid formed a bond with Isabel and helped her heal and physically recovered.

Years passed and Esperanza never heard from Anton, except that he is marrying Donna (Beth Tamayo), Louie's daughter who is pregnant with his baby. When they see each other again, Anton attempts to resolve their issues but Esperanza refuses because does not want to hurt Donna. She later changes her mind but it’s too late. While working as a servant in the flowershop of Louie, Esperanza meets Brian ( Piolo Pascual), a new suitor who was a detective and eventually became her boyfriend later for a short period of time.

Meanwhile, Sandra continued to make the lives of Cecille, Danilo, and the Miguel family a living hell and managed to stole the wealth of Donya Consuelo. She takes them to her place to make them her slaves and it was discovered that Sandra and Isabel are half-sisters.

Return and reunion in Quezon

Fortunately, the Miguel Family were saved by Mayor Raul but Sandra did not allow the Bermudez family to leave the hacienda. Later on, Esperanza, with the help of Mayor Raul, saved Donya Consuelo, Danilo and Cecille from the hands of Sandra after she learned that she was the real Socorro and came back to the province with the help of Brian and Mayor Raul. The Bermudez family hired lawyer to regain their hacienda but was killed by Sandra's henchmen.

Louie and Jaime became enemies as the former learned from Donna that the latter had took Isabel from her true daughter Esperanza. Hence, Louie learned the truth behind Esperanza's identity. On the meanwhile, Sandra abducted Donya Consuelo and she let the later met Isabel, her long lost daughter. They have an emotional reunion but Sandra later bring Donya Consuelo to a far place. Fortunately, the Salgado siblings and Brian have found her and they helped her to recover.

Donna learns that her tita Isabel does not love her tito Jaime who has stolen her away from her family. She helped Anton to escape Isabel from Jaime but they failed after the tire of Anton's car were shot by Jaime. Jaime tries to shoot Anton but instead hits Donna. Because of what he did, he ran away and Anton rushed Donna to the hospital. On the meanwhile, Isabel ran away and she received help from a woman named Rosella Salgado.

The battle for justice

Through Brian, they got help from a lawyer named Cynthia Salazar ( Carmina Villaroel-Legaspi) to file a case against Sandra. She was imprisoned by Cynthia but immediately gets a parole which led to disappointment of Salgado siblings and Donya Consuelo. Cynthia worked hard to find a bigger case against Sandra to ensure her long term imprisonment. Elaine and Ligaya also helped Esperanza on their case as a payment for their sins towards her by serving as a witness against Sandra. A court hearing case against Sandra happened but the Bermudez family lost because Sandra paid the judge.

Another court hearing on Sandra's case was conducted and she lost which led to her second imprisonment. But her lawyer helped her to get a parole again and she was released from imprisonment for the second time. On the meanwhile, Donna's condition got worse due to complications in her body to the point that life support is the only one that can make her alive. Anton and Louie have decided to remove the life support, which leads to her death. Esperanza celebrated her birthday but she is puzzled why Elaine and Ligaya did not went. Later on, she discovered that they were tortured and killed by Sandra and her henchmen.

Sandra convinced Celia to join forces with her to kill Esperanza and the latter did it. During their attempt to kill Esperanza, Andrea was shot by Sandra to death. As a result, Sandra was arrested once again and Celia loses her sanity and goes crazy. She was put into a mental institution after her condition grows worse while mourning Andrea's loss. On the meanwhile, Jaime was arrested by policemen. On the other hand, a problem aroused on Miguel family as an extra-marital relationship of Luis and Marita (Via Veloso) was formed, which led to anger of Ester, Danilo and Noel towards them.

It was discovered that Cynthia is planning a revenge against Sandra and Salgado family. She is Rosella Salgado, the illegitimate daughter of Juan Salgado to a prostitute woman named Rose. She was rejected by Juan and Sandra did not help her and her mother during their hard times. She has been planning for years to get vengeance on her father's family, even sending her lover Brian as her spy who accidentally fell in love with Esperanza. She planned to make Brian and Esperanza married to make Esperanza suffer. It was also discovered that she locked Isabel on her house.

While Brian and Esperanza became lovers, Anton came back and he did all his best efforts to tell the truth to Esperanza that Isabel was her mother. Brian developed an anger towards him, which led to their rivalry in Esperanza's heart. Donya Consuelo admitted to the Salgado siblings that Isabel is their long lost mother. On the meanwhile, Sandra hired investigators to investigate Cynthia and she discovered that Cynthia is also Rosella Salgado. Ramona also told her that someone, whom she called "General", will help her to escape the prison. As time passes by, the relationship of Brian and Esperanza became worse until they broke up.

The ultimate tribulation of Salgado family

Buboy went back and she visited the Bermudez family. He continued his romantic relationship with Cecille. When Danilo, Buboy and Cecille went to Manila to visit Ester, Sandra told Cecille that Cynthia Salazar is Rosella Salgado, their long lost half-sister. As a result, she went to Cynthia's office and discovered that Sandra's words are true. Cecille discovered the evil intention of Cynthia and Brian. As a result, she tried to escape but she was abducted by Cynthia. Because of what happened, Donya Consuelo, Esperanza and Danilo started to worry about her whereabouts. Anton and Mayor Raul helped them to find Cecille by reporting it to the police.

While the search for Cecille is ongoing, Brian sent a death threat to Anton and his mother, Elena. Sandra managed to escape the prison by pretending that her stomach is aching. Ramona and the henchmen of "General" helped her to hide from the police. On the meanwhile, Juan returned from the United States to take Esperanza, Danilo and Donya Consuelo to his house. Due to Juan's return, Cynthia started to abuse Isabel with the help of her household helper Mameng ( Luz Fernandez). It was revealed that it is her who helped Sandra to escape the prison. She also killed Ramona by gunshot and Sandra by burning her to death as part of her final revenge to her.

Juan asked help from the police to investigate the loss of Isabel and Cecille. This move from Juan led Cynthia to attempt to transfer Cecille in another place but they were involved in a car accident. Cynthia survives while Cecille is in grave danger. Due to Cynthia's fear that Cecille will tell her true intention to her family, she hired a doctor that will inject a lethal injection to Cecille. Few hours later, Cecille regained consciousness but after she saw Cynthia, she started to seizure which leads to her death.

After Cecille's death, Jaime secretly went out of prison every midnight and he joined forces with Cynthia/Rosella to destroy the Salgado family. On the meanwhile, Esperanza learns about Cynthia's identity by receiving a hint from Brian. She also discovered her connivance with Jaime. As a result, Cynthia also abducted Esperanza to join Isabel on her captives and attempted to do her planned revenge to Salgado family. However, Brian backstabbed Cynthia by helping to escape Esperanza while Isabel will be left because her legs are too weak to run. Because of what he did, Cynthia transferred Isabel to an abandoned construction site and she let Juan to see her.

When Juan, Esperanza and Danilo went to see Isabel, Cynthia planned to gradually kill him and he was shot by Jaime on his feet. Later on, Anton distracted Cynthia, Jaime, and their goons. Isabel was saved from their hands and the Salgado family escaped except Esperanza. Due to her presence, she and Anton were trapped by the enemies. Suddenly, Brian killed Jaime who was about to shoot both Anton and Esperanza. The policemen have successfully arrested Cynthia and she was sentenced to death penalty.


After several years of tribulations and trials, the Salgado family got reunited once again and have decided to migrate to United States even though Cecille is gone. Esperanza visited Brian in the prison and she told her that Anton already forgave him. Brian apologized to her and he wished that they will meet each other again in the future. Danilo and Esperanza visited their adoptive family for the last time. Esperanza forgave Celia, while Ester was released from imprisonment after receiving a parole. Anton and Esperanza confessed their love to each other and the former promised that he will wait for the return of the latter.

Cast and Characters


Lead cast

Main cast

Special Participation

Extended Cast

  • Jennifer Sevilla as Elaine de Leon Domingo / fake Socorro Salgado
  • Rez Cortez as Delfin Flerida
  • Connie Chua as Kuala
  • Nita Grandea as Yaya Inday
  • Cheska Garcia-Kramer as Joanna Arkanghel
  • Tricia Roman as Edith Montemayor
  • Rose Zen Lopez as Grace Ann Lopez
  • Dianne dela Fuente as Marivic Solano
  • Jane Zaleta as Alma Solano
  • JR Herrera as Ruel Mulingbayan
  • Jeffrey Hidalgo as Jay-Jay del Rosario
  • Augusto Victa as Alfonso "Ponso" Miguel
  • Amado Cortez as Lolo Cirilo
  • Sharmaine Suarez as Vanessa Roberts
  • Teresa Loyzaga as Belinda Montejo
  • Aida Espiritu as Eden
  • John Apacible as Ricardo
  • Ruby Rosa as Lydia
  • Erika Siguia as Edith
  • John Mari Locsin
  • Anna Marin
  • Aya Medel as Alice
  • Corrine Mendez as Maria Cristina "Cristy" Mariano
  • Mely Tagasa as Principal
  • Nante Montereal as Pedring
  • Bella Flores as Mrs. Sanidad
  • Troy Martino as Mr. Tiongco
  • Tess Dumpit as Tessie
  • Chris Michelena as Ruben
  • Steven Alonzo as Francis
  • Gio Alvarez as Edmund
  • Richard Arellano as Aldo
  • Gami Viray as Vice Mayor Aguirre
  • Monina Diaz-Bagatsing as Theresa "Issa" Peralta
  • Allan Bautista as Alex
  • Ana Capri as Rita
  • Diego Castro as Bayani "Bai"
  • Shamaine Centenera as Sonya
  • Gandong Cervantes as Ompong
  • Renato del Prado
  • Marianne dela Riva as Lorena Carvajal-Alonzo
  • Miguel dela Rosa as Jason Robles
  • Andrea del Rosario as Ditas
  • Fredmoore delos Santos as George
  • Ronnie Lazaro as Duarte Maranan
  • Rad Dominguez
  • Felindo Obach as Vice Mayor Robles
  • Suzette Ranillo as Minerva
  • CJ Ramos as Carlo
  • Stella Ruiz as Karla
  • Mark Vernal as Erwin Rodriguez
  • Justin Cuyugan as Ferds
  • Tessie Villarama as Mrs. Ricaforte
  • Emilio Garcia as Leandro Guevarra
  • Glenda Garcia as Gemma
  • Val Iglesias as Mulong
  • Allan Paule as Oca
  • Tom Olivar as Badong
  • Aljon Jimenez as Celso
  • Jess Evardone as Dario
  • Baron Geisler as Loy-Loy
  • Mosang as Yaya Caring
  • Ernie Zarate as Councilor Martin Alberto
  • Yda Yaneza
  • Pocholo Montes as Mr. Sioco
  • Jean Saburit as Joy "Ligaya" de Leon-Domingo
  • Via Veloso as Marita
  • Cris Daluz as Tata Ciano
  • Corrine Lirio as young Cynthia Salazar / Rosella Salgado
  • Mat Ranillo III as Louie Villareal
  • Luz Fernandez as Mameng
  • Eric Fructuoso as Antonio "Tonio"
  • Patricia Anne Roque as Kathrin, later Kathrin Ching
  • Leandro Baldemor as Rick
  • Biboy Ramirez as one of Esperanza's fake college friends
  • Mia Gutierrez as Rosemarie Panganiban-Salgado
  • Julia Clarete as Angie
  • Mon Confiado as dying man in Robbie's support group (Episode 386)
  • Rico Yan as Gabriel Maglayon (crossover character from Mula sa Puso - Episode 421)


The show posted the country's highest rating of a single episode in a TV series, at 67%, in one of its episodes in 1997. Its finale episode rating of 59.8% is the second highest rated finale episode in all of Philippine television, behind the 2002 finale episode of Pangako Sa 'Yo (also aired by ABS-CBN). A film adaptation was subsequently made in 1999 by Star Cinema with the same title.


Both Mula sa Puso and Esperanza ended up with successful finales and their own movies. The 1999 film finishes up where the TV finale left off, chronicles with another triggering ending, and opens up with the beginning of the new lives of the characters. It was released on February 10, 1999, on the same day as Mula sa Puso, and was later selected by Star Cinema as its entry for the 25th Metro Manila Film Festival, which began on December 25, 1999. Esperanza: The Movie earned a total of PHP 16 million during its theatrical run, and was eventually distributed to home video one year later, in December 2000.

Difference between series and movie

Series Movie version [4]
Celia is with Raul when the bus, where Isabel and her children are on, explodes. Mayor Joaquin is with Raul when the bus explodes.
Donya Consuelo has not curse Isabel after the latter refused to marry Jaime. Donya Consuelo has cursed Isabel and her family after the latter refused to marry Jaime.
Isabel, together with her children, goes to Manila to transfer to their new home. Isabel, together with her children, goes to Manila to adopt Rosella, Juan's illegitimate first born child.
Esperanza and Cecille are enemies in the beginning of the series. Esperanza and Cecille never become enemies.
The Estrera family lives in the fields of San Isidro, Quezon. The Estrera family lives in the coastline.
Esperanza discovers that she is adopted on their home, when a drunk Celia spews her frustrations. Esperanza discovers that she is adopted during their visitation time to the imprisoned Raul.
Raul is imprisoned after he is falsely accused of killing Ricardo, Belinda's lover. Raul is imprisoned after he is falsely accused of killing Belinda.
Esperanza and Cecille, together with Anton, goes to Manila to find their biological parents. Danilo discovers his identity after Ester confessed to Esperanza. Esperanza, Danilo and Cecille, together with Anton, goes to Manila to find their biological parents.
Juan has always known that his children are still alive and goes to Esperanza's house after her televised search for his father. Jua has no idea not that his children are still alive when the Salgado siblings go to his house because of Sandra.
Raul and Celia temporarily separate in the middle of the series but they remain legally married. Celia has a live-in partner named Duarte while Raul falls in love with Karla, Ester's former colleague from her previous job in Taiwan. Raul and Celia never separated and there are no extra-marital relationships on their marriage.
Esperanza fell in love with Robbie after she and Anton broke up but the latter later died due to leukemia. Robbie's character is not included in the movie.
Sandra fooled the Salgado siblings by falsely believing them that Juan is dead already. Sandra fooled the Salgado siblings by falsely believing them that Juan went to America for medication.
Sandra kills Mayor Joaquin in the forest because Joaquin surrenders Cecille to Donya Consuelo. Sandra kills Mayor Joaquin in a hotel room because she thought Joaquin told Juan the truth about his children.
Celia joined forces with Sandra to destroy and kill Esperanza. This storyline is not included in the movie.
Cynthia introduces herself as Cynthia Salazar to Sandra but the latter later discovers that she is also Rosella Salgado after hiring investigators. Cynthia introduces herself as Rosella Salgado to Sandra.
Luis falls in love with Marita while his wife Ester is imprisoned because of a failed attempt of killing Sandra while she sleeps. Marita's character is not included in the movie.
Andrea dies after accidentally shot by Sandra. Andrea did not die in the movie
Cecille is abducted by Cynthia after she learned the latter's real intention. This storyline is not included in the movie
Anton and Brian met each for the first time in a church. Anton and Brian met each for the first time in a street.
Jaime is killed by Brian during the final showdown between him and Cynthia against Esperanza and Anton in an abandoned building. Jaime commits suicide.
Ramona betrays Sandra after she receiving a higher amount of money from Cynthia. Ramona does not betrayed Sandra throughout the movie.
Cynthia shoots Ramona before killing Sandra. This storyline is not included in the movie.
Cynthia kills Sandra by burning her alive. Cynthia kills Sandra by shooting her.
Cecille is killed due to the lethal injection, ordered by Cynthia, in thoughts of her waking up and telling Esperanza the truth. Cecille is killed after she was shot by Cynthia that is supposedly for Esperanza.
Esperanza is abducted by Cynthia after she discovers her connivance with Jaime. Esperanza is abducted by Brian after she refused to love him.
Juan, Esperanza, and Danilo go to an abandoned place to see Isabel, whose life is under the control of Cynthia and Jaime. Juan, Esperanza, Danilo and Cecille, accompanied by Cynthia, go to an abandoned place to get reunited with Isabel.
Cynthia, with the help of Jaime and her henchmen, attempt to kill Juan. Cynthia, with the help of Brian, attempt to kill the whole Salgado family.
Celia loses her sanity because of Andrea's death. This storyline is not included in the movie.

International release

Even as the show was airing on ABS-CBN, the management confirmed that there were foreign buyers of the soap opera and was to be translated. It is slated to air on foreign TV channels, having the international title Esperanza. After the original run on its mother network TFC, released it and was delayed from its original air date and aired at 7pm EST and 4pm PST.


The theme song was sung by April Boy Regino for TV while the movie version was sung by Andre Ibbara. The song was re-released in 2010 via 60 Years of Music of Philippine Soap Opera.


  • This is the last soap opera of Judy Ann Santos and Wowie De Guzman as a love team. They dated for few years. Their love them was dissolved in late 1999 after they broke up.
  • The characters of Andrea and Cecille were killed in 1999 because Tanya Garcia and Angelika Dela Cruz would transfer to rival network, GMA Network, during that time.
  • This was the first teleserye that Angelika Dela Cruz's character was killed due to transfer of the rival network GMA. The second teleserye is 2007's Prinsesa ng Banyera (after she transferred back to ABS in 2003) which she killed in the middle of the series.
  • Esperanza is the first soap opera of ABS-CBN that is intended for primetime slot since the network's reopening in 1986. Mara Clara aired on primetime slot before but it was an afternoon soap opera originally.
  • This soap opera and its rival Mula sa Puso led to the formation of friendly rivalry between Judy Ann Santos and Claudine Barretto.
  • Dimples Romana's career started in this series.
  • The role of Cynthia / Rosella is the very first but the most evil antagonist role of Carmina Villarroel.
  • The role of Isabel is the first soap opera role of Charo Santos in ABS-CBN.
  • Beth Tamayo is Judy Ann Santos's closest friend even though their roles, Donna and Esperanza respectively, in this series are rivals.
  • This series is known for having many villains.
  • Rico Yan's character in Mula sa Puso, Gabriel, had a crossover in this series and the character of Esperanza made a crossover in Mula sa Puso. These crossovers are promotion for Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay, a movie starring Yan and Santos.

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