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Demidov Prize
A golden medallion of 1831 Award
A golden medallion of 1831 Award
Awarded fornational scientific prize in Russia awarded annually to the members of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Presented by
Reward(s)A gold medal, a diploma, and a and a monetary award of 1 million ₽(Rubles) [1]
First awarded1831; 192 years ago (1831)
Number of laureates367 prizes (as of 2019)

The Demidov Prize ( Russian: Демидовская премия) is a national scientific prize in Russia awarded annually to the members of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Originally awarded from 1832 to 1866 in the Russian Empire, it was revived by the government of Russia's Sverdlovsk Oblast in 1993. In its original incarnation it was one of the first annual scientific awards, and its traditions influenced other awards of this kind including the Nobel Prize.


Pavel Nikolaievich Demidov, the founder of the prize

In 1831 Count Pavel Nikolaievich Demidov, representative of the famous Demidov family, established a scientific prize in his name. The Saint Petersburg Academy of Sciences (now the Russian Academy of Sciences) was chosen as the awarding institution. In 1832 the president of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences, Sergei Uvarov, awarded the first prizes.

From 1832 to 1866 the Academy awarded 55 full prizes (5,000 rubles) and 220 part prizes. Among the winners were many prominent Russian scientists: the founder of field surgery and inventor of the plaster immobilisation method in treatment of fractures, Nikolai Pirogov; the seafarer and geographer Adam Johann von Krusenstern, who led the first russian circumnavigation of the globe; Dmitri Mendeleev, the creator of the periodic table of elements; Boris Jacobi, pioneer of the first usable electric motors; and many others. One of the recipients was the founder's younger brother, Count Anatoly Nikolaievich Demidov, 1st Prince of San Donato, in 1847; Pavel had died in 1840, making Anatoly the Count Demidov (note that Russia did not recognize Anatoly's Italian title of prince).

From 1866, 25 years after Count Demidov's death, as was according to the terms of his bequest, there were no more awards.

In 1993, on the initiative of the vice-president of the Russian Academy of Sciences Gennady Mesyats and the governor of the Sverdlovsk Oblast Eduard Rossel, the Demidov Prize traditions were restored. The prize is awarded for outstanding achievements in natural sciences and humanities. The winners are elected annually among the members of the Russian Academy of Sciences. According to the tradition every year the Demidov Scientific Foundation chooses three or four academicians to receive the award. The prize includes a medal, a diploma and $10,000. The awards ceremony takes place every year at the Governor's Palace of Sverdlovsk Oblast, in Yekaterinburg, Russia. The recipients of the Prize also give lectures at the Ural State University (Demidov Lecture).

Winners (1832-1866)

Year Portrait Recipient(s) Field(s) Ref
1832 Magnus Georg Paucker Physics [2]
Julius Hagemeister Economics [2]
1833 Vostokov.jpg Aleksandr Vostokov Philology [2]
Carl Philipp Reiff Philology [2]
1835 Fr Theodore Sidonsky Philosophy [2]
Iakinf Bichurin.jpg Archimandrite Hyacinth
(Nikita Bichurin)
History [2]
Pyotr Sokolov [ ru; de] Philology [2]
1836 F Litke.jpg Friedrich Benjamin Lütke Geography [2]
BrashmanND.jpg Nikolaus Braschmann Mathematics [2]
Alexander Ivanovich Mikhailovsky-Danilevsky.jpg Alexander Mikhailovsky-Danilevsky History [2]
1837 Kruzenshtern I F.jpg Adam Johann von Krusenstern Geography [2]
Argelander.jpg Friedrich Wilhelm Argelander Astronomy [2]
PGRS 2 086 Ustryalov - crop.jpg Nikolay Ustryalov History [2]
1838 Шодуар Станислав.jpg Stanislav Chaudoir History [2]
1839 Iakinf Bichurin.jpg Archimandrite Hyacinth
(Nikita Bichurin)
Philology [2]
Alexander Kazembek Philology [2]
Nikolai Medem Military sciences [2]
1840 Michail Pogodin.jpg Mikhail Pogodin Philology [2]
დავით ჩუბინაშვილი.jpg David Chubinashvili Philology [2]
Moritz Hermann von Jacobi 1856.jpg Boris Jacobi Physics [2]
1841 Alexander Postels Biology [2]
Franz Josef Ruprecht by IN Kramskoj.jpeg Franz Josef Ruprecht Biology [2]
1842 Врангель Фердинанд Петрович.jpg Ferdinand von Wrangel Geography [2]
1844 Slonimski Chaim Zelig.jpg Chaim Zelig Slonimski Inventions [3]
Vostokov.jpg Aleksandr Vostokov Philology [2]
Gerasim Pavskiy.jpg Fr Gerasim Pavsky Philology [2]
Ilya Repin Portrait of the Surgeon Nikolay Pirogov 1881.jpg Nikolai Pirogov Medicine [2]
1845 Аделунг Фёдор Павлович.jpg Friedrich von Adelung Geography [2]
1846 PGRS 2 078 Savich - crop.jpg Aleksey Savich Astronomy [2]
Jozef Kowalewski 1878.png Józef Kowalewski Philology [2]
ClausKE-2.jpg Karl Ernst Claus Chemistry [2]
1847 AlexanderGrafKeyserling.jpg Alexander Keyserling Geography [2]
Paul von Krusenstern Geography [2]
Anatole Demidoff.jpg Count Anatoly Demidov Geography [2]
Dmitry Andreevich Tolstoy.jpg Dmitry Tolstoy History [2]
დავით ჩუბინაშვილი.jpg David Chubinashvili Philology [2]
1848 J J Nervander.jpg Johan Jakob Nervander Meteorology [2]
1849 Chebyshev.jpg Pafnuty Chebyshev Mathematics [2]
1850 Fyodor Goremykin Military sciences [2]
1851 Ilya Repin Portrait of the Surgeon Nikolay Pirogov 1881.jpg Nikolai Pirogov Medicine [2]
Reyneke face.jpg Michael Reinecke Geography [2]
1852 KA Nevolin.jpg Konstantin Nevolin History [2]
Zeddeler Loggin Ivanovich.jpg Loggin Seddeler Military sciences [2]
1853 Milutin Dmitry Alexeevich.jpg Dmitry Milyutin History [2]
1854 Mitropolitan Macarius (Bulgakov).jpg Metropolitan Macarius
(Mikhail Bulgakov)
Theology [2]
KA Nevolin.jpg Konstantin Nevolin History [2]
1855 Zhuravsky.jpg Dmitrii Ivanovich Zhuravskii Technical sciences [2]
1857 Turchaninov.jpg Nikolai Turchaninov Biology [2]
Christian Pander.jpg Heinz Christian Pander Geography [2]
1858 Iosif Goshkevich Philology [2]
1859 Maximovich KI.jpg Carl Johann Maximovich Biology [2]
1860 Ilya Repin Portrait of the Surgeon Nikolay Pirogov 1881.jpg Nikolai Pirogov Medicine [2]
Fyodor Dmitriyev Law [2]
1861 Pyotr Pekarsky Philology [2]
Modest Bogdanovich.jpg Modest Bogdanovich History [2]
1862 Korf Modest Andreevich.jpg Modest von Korff History [2]
DIMendeleevCab.jpg Dmitri Mendeleev Chemistry [2]
1863 Grigory Butakov.jpeg Grigory Butakov Maritime sciences [2]
1865 Friedrich von Smitt History [2]
Ludwig Schwarz Geodesy [2]

Winners (from 1993)

Year Portrait Recipient(s) Field(s) Ref
1993 Sergei Vonsovsky Physics [2]
Nikolay Kochetkov Chemistry [2]
Boris Chesnokov [ ru; de] Geology [2]
Valentin Yanin History [2]
Anatoly Karpov [ ru] Economics [2]
1994 Boris Rauschenbach Mechanics [2]
Aleksandr Bayev [ ru; tt; de] Biology [2]
Pyotr Kropotkin Geology [2]
Nikita Tolstoy [ ru; de; fr] Philology [2]
1995 Andrey Gaponov-Grekhov (1).jpg Andrei Viktorovich Gaponov-Grekhov Physics [2]
Genrich Tolstikov [ ru; de; ba] Chemistry [2]
Vladimir Magnitsky [ ru; de; ka] Geophysics [2]
Nikolai Pokrovsky [ ru] History [2]
1996 Nikolay Krasovsky Mathematics and mechanics [2]
Vladimir Sokolov Biology [2]
G.S. Golitsyn.jpg Georgy Golitsyn Earth sciences [2]
Yevgeni Chelyshev Philology [2]
1997 Skrinsky Alexandr Nikolayevich.jpg Alexander Skrinsky Physics [2]
Nikolay Vatolin Chemistry [2]
Dmitry Medvedev 5 June 2009-7.jpg Nikolai Laverov [ ru; de] Earth sciences [2]
Zalizn 5.jpg Andrey Zaliznyak Linguistics [2]
1998 Oleg Gazenko Biology [2]
Andre Gonchar Mathematics [2]
Valentin Sedov [ ru; de; lv] History [2]
Nikolai Yushkin [ ru; de] Earth sciences [2]
1999 Zhores Alferov.jpg Zhores Alferov Physics [2]
Nikolai Dobretsov [ ru; de] Earth sciences [2]
Vladimir Tartakovsky [ ru; de] Chemistry [2]
2000 Victor Maslov Mathematics [2]
Nikolai Semikhatov [ ru; de] Mechanics [2]
Rem Petrov and Vladimir Putin, June 2012.jpg Rem Petrov [ ru] Earth sciences [2]
Tatiana Zaslavskaya.jpg Tatyana Zaslavskaya Economics and sociology [2]
2001 Aleksandr Prokhorov.jpg Aleksandr Prokhorov Physics [2]
KABANOV.jpg Viktor Kabanov [ ru; de] Chemistry [2]
Igor Gramberg [ ru; de] Earth sciences [2]
2002 Ludvig Faddejev.jpg Ludvig Faddeev Mathematics [2]
Viktor Savelyev Medicine [2]
Vladimir Kudryavtsev [ ru; tg] Law [2]
RIAN archive 731124 Yevgeny Tyazhelnikov awarding Gennady Mesyats.jpg Gennady Mesyats Physics [2]
2003 Boris Litvinov [ ru; de] Physics [2]
Beletskaya.jpg Irina Beletskaya Chemistry [2]
Oleg Bogatikov [ ru; de] Earth sciences [2]
2004 Marchuk GI.JPG Gury Marchuk Mathematics [2]
Vladimir Bolshakov [ ru] Biology [2]
Anatoly Derevyanko.jpg Anatoly Derevyanko History and archeology [2]
2005 Oleg Krokhin [ ru; de] Physics [2]
Nikolai Lyakishev [ ru; de] Physicochemistry [2]
KontorovichAE2017.jpg Alexei Kontorovich [ ru; de] Earth sciences [2]
2006 Eneev Timur Magometovich.jpg Timur Eneev Mathematics [2]
Veniamin Alekseyev [ ru] History [2]
Vladimir Kulakov [ ru] Medicine [2]
2007 Boris Kovalchuk [ ru; de] Physics [2]
Oleg Chupakhin [ ru; de] Chemistry [2]
Mikhail Ivanovich Kuzmin [ ru; de] Earth science [2]
2008 Yevgeny Mishchenko [ ru; de] Mathematics [2]
Anatoly Ivanovich Grigoryev, 21 May 2015.jpg Anatoly Grigoriev Medicine [2]
Valery Makarov [ ru; de] Economics [2]
2009 Yury Kagan [ ru; de] Physics [2]
Dmitry-Rundkvist.jpg Dmitry Rundkvist [ ru; de] Earth science [2]
Yury Tretyakov [ ru; de] Chemistry [2]
Alexey Olovnikov Biology [2]
2010 OsipovRAN.jpeg Yury Osipov Mathematics [2]
Геннадий Викторович Сакович.jpg Gennady Sakovich [ ru; de] Chemistry [2]
Alekseeva, Fedotov, Alekseev.jpeg Serhiy Alexeyev [ ru; uk] Humanities [2]
2011 Alexander Andreev Physics [2]
Yury Zhuravlyov [ ru] Biology [2]
Котляков.jpg Vladimir Kotlyakov [ ru; de; fr] Earth science [2]
2012 E Primakov 03.jpg Yevgeny Primakov Social science [4]
Илья Иосифович Моисеев.jpg Ilya Moiseev Chemistry [4]
E. N. Avrorin.JPG Yevgeny Avrorin Physics [4]
2013 Ershov Ju. L.jpg Yuri Yershov Mathematics [5]
Alexander Spirin Biology [5]
Kliment Troubetzkoy [ ru] Mining [5]
2014 Nikolai Kardashev astrophysics [6]
Oleg Nefyodov [ ru; de] chemistry [6]
Bagrat Sandukhadze [ ru] Wheat breeding [6]
2015 Mikhail Marov [ ru; de] Space exploration [7]
Rostislav Karpov [ ru] Cardiology [7]
Viktor Koroteyev [ ru; de] Palaeovolcanology [7]
2016 Yuriy Zolotov foto.jpg Yury A. Zolotov [ ru; de] Analytical chemistry [8] [7]
Vyacheslav I. Molodin [ ru; de] Archaeology [8] [7]
Valeriy Rubakov foto.jpg Valery Rubakov Fundamental physics [8] [7]
2017 Президент РАН Владимир Фортов.jpeg Vladimir Fortov Physics
Gennadiy Romanenko.jpg Gennady Alekseyevich Romanenko [ ru; de] Agrarian sciences
Vladimir Skulachev Bioenergetics
2019 Yuri Oganessian.jpg Yuri Oganessian Nuclear physics [9]
Alexander Chibilev [9]
Vyacheslav Rozhnov [9]
Eduard Rossel 2018.jpg Eduard Rossel [9]
2020 Sadovnichii.jpg Viktor Sadovnichiy [10] Mathematics
Leopold Igorevich Leontiev [10] Metallurgy
Anatoly Torkunov, MGIMO.jpg Anatoly Torkunov [10] International relations

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