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Crazy from the Heat

Crazy from the Heat is the autobiography of former Van Halen lead vocalist and successful American solo artist David Lee Roth. The book, published in 1997, shares its name with Roth's debut release as a solo artist, more specifically 1985's Crazy from the Heat EP. The cover of the book shows Roth returning to the scene where the artwork for the EP was taken and striking a different pose, this time with a woman in his arms. The cover artwork for the EP was taken in the Seychelle Islands.

The book tells of Roth's experiences not only as a member of Van Halen and a solo musician but also about his childhood (he was born in Bloomington, Indiana), rock climbing hobby and between recording/touring experiences. The book also features some of Roth's poetry which had never been officially published before. The book was a US bestseller.