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Common toadfish
Common Toadfish.jpg
Scientific classification
T. hamiltoni
Binomial name
Tetractenos hamiltoni
( J. Richardson, 1846)

The common toadfish (Tetractenos hamiltoni), also known as the common toado, toadfish or toado, [1] (formerly classified as Tetrodon hamiltoni [2] [3] or Torquigener hamiltoni) is a species of fish in the family Tetraodontidae of order Tetraodontiformes, found along Australia's eastern coast, from northern Queensland to Flinders Island, and around Lord Howe Island, [1] as well as in New Zealand waters. It often buries itself in sand with only its eyes exposed. [4]

The fish is sandy to whitish in colour, with small brown spots over most of the back and upper sides, and brown bars and blotches beneath. [5] It has a maximum length of 14 cm. [4] It is similar in appearance to the smooth toadfish, but has smaller spots and more prominent spines in the skin. [5]

Like some other fish, the common toadfish is able to vary the amount of pigment in its cornea, which becomes yellow in colour under bright light. [6]

It is (rarely) used as an aquarium fish for brackish-water aquariums. Along with related toadfish species, it is known in Australia as a " toadie."

As with other fish of this family, the flesh is poisonous, due to tetrodotoxin, and eating the fish can have fatal consequences. [7]

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