Columbus Invitational Arts Competition Information

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The Columbus Invitational Arts Competition is a competitive arts event held annually in Columbus, Ohio since 2012. [1] The event brings together organizations selected for inclusion due to a combination of "artistic excellence and exceptional community involvement." [2] In its first year the event drew participation from twenty-five local groups representing over three hundred individual artists, across four categories, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Studio Recordings and Literary Arts. Literary Arts was eliminated in the second year [3] and the divisions were further reduced to Performing Arts and Visual Arts for the third year, which was billed as a "regional" competition, and which drew participation from all five states surrounding Ohio (Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and West Virginia). Organizers plan to hold the event at a national level by year six, and an international level by year ten. [4]


All divisions are judged by a panel including one (and only one) juror from each participating organization in that division. Each piece, regardless of division or genre, is evaluated independently by each juror according to a scoring rubric on a scale from 1 to 10 in each of three areas, creativity, craft and depth. Scores for each piece are averaged by area, refactored to prevent juror bias and then multiplied to produce a final score between 1 and 1000. [5]



  • Visual Arts – Mother Artists at Work, Columbus, Frayed Edges (758)
  • Performing Arts – Transit Arts, Columbus, Hip Hop Dance with DJ BHB (746)
  • Literary Arts – Paging Columbus, Columbus, Winter Break In (345)
  • Studio Recordings – Flotation Walls, We Want Action, Columbus, Worms (331) [6]


  • Performing Arts – Saints Drumline, Columbus (715)
  • Visual Arts – Mother Artists at Work, Columbus, Totem (547)
  • Studio Recordings – Nick Tolford & Company, WWCD, Columbus, Until I Walk Away (294)


  • Performing Arts – NoExit Performance (Indianapolis), The Red Couch
  • Visual Arts – Mother Artists at Work (Columbus), Behind Closed Drawers