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BiBi Crew, founded in 1991, was the first British comedy troupe to consist entirely of Black actresses. [1] [2] Their work focuses on the Black British experience.


In 1991, Joanne Campbell, Judith Jacob, Janet Kay, Suzette Llewellyn, Josephine Melville, Beverley Michaels and Suzanne Packer founded BiBi Crew in London. [1] According to Jacob and Michaels, the group was founded in response to The Posse, a comedy group made up of Black actors. [3] [4] Michaels saw the troupe perform and thought "there should be a group of women doing this" and contacted the other women involved. [3] Campbell has stated that the group formed after a memorial benefit at the Theatre Royal Stratford East to celebrate the life of actor Calvin Simpson, in which a few of the troupe members participated. [5]

The troupe's name combines the word for lady in Swahili and Urdu, with the use of the word crew, which was popular with American music groups, [3] and which the group thought gave them some "street cred". [5] They were all of " Caribbean descent", [6] and "devised and produced work with an African Caribbean perspective" that drew on their personal experiences. [1]:74 They wrote, directed, produced and acted in their productions, which combined music, dance, drama and sketch comedy [1]:44 They were regular performers at the Theatre Royal Stratford East and contributed to the theatre's mission to reflect the diversity of Newham where it was located. [2]:305 They also toured throughout the United Kingdom and United States. [7]:20


BiBi Crew reunited in 2005 without Campbell, who died in 2002, and Kay, who was pursuing a career in music. [8]


They contributed to the emergence of a black comedy circuit in Britain in the 1990s. [9] [10] Along with groups such as The Posse, they "introduced a new energized performance style into diasporic theatre in the early 1990s that was breaking away from old categories and attracting a black audience with sketch-like material, often highly political, rooted in common experience" [11]:195 Additionally, their performances at the Theatre Royal Stratford East helped to inspire the subsequent Asian revue series. [7]:20


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