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Bent But Not Broken
Bent But Not Broken 4.jpg
First edition (2019)
Author Don Cummings
Cover artist Chip Kidd
CountryUnited States
Genre Memoir
Publisher Heliotrope Books
Publication date
March 2019
Media typePrint, E-Edition, & Audiobook
ISBN 978-1-942762-61-4

Bent But Not Broken is a 2019 memoir by Don Cummings published by Heliotrope Books. The book recounts the discovery and treatment of Peyronie's disease and the emotional and relationship trauma leading to the recovery and healing of the sexual self and how disease and hardship has the ability to psychologically and spiritually force issues of transformation and acceptance.


Kirkus Reviews wrote, "Cummings’ skills as a writer are apparent from the beginning. His prose is effortlessly clever, finding the entertaining medium between lyricism and sass. The frankness with which he discusses his problem, the treatment, and his sex life makes for an oddly shocking book—one rarely reads quite so much about penises, as central as they often are to literature. He manages to demystify and destigmatize Peyronie's, which though obscure is not completely uncommon. More than that, he makes the most of an undignified opportunity to examine his own masculinity." [1]

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