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Antlia II
Antlia 2 - Noaoann18022a.jpg
Observation data ( J2000 epoch)
Pronunciation /ˈæntliə .../
Constellation Antlia
Right ascension9h 35m 32.832s [1]
Declination-36° -46m -2.28s [1]
Distance405,000  ly (124.1  kpc) [2]
Absolute magnitude (V)−9.86±0.08 mag [3]
Half-light radius (physical)2.5 kpc [3]
Half-light radius (apparent)1.10°
Other designations
Ant 2

Antlia II (Ant II) is a low-surface-brightness dwarf satellite galaxy of the Milky Way at a galactic latitude of 11.2°. It spans 1.26° in the sky just southeast of Epsilon Antliae. The galaxy is similar in size to the Large Magellanic Cloud, despite being 1/10,000 as bright. Antlia II has the lowest surface brightness of any galaxy discovered [4] and is ~ 100 times more diffuse than any known ultra diffuse galaxy. [1] The large size of the galaxy suggests that it is currently being tidally disrupted, and is in the process of becoming a stellar stream. [3] The southeast side of Antlia II is farther away than the northwest side, likely due to the tidal disruption. [2] It was discovered using data from the European Space Agency's Gaia spacecraft in November 2018.

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