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Adam Wa Mishmish ( Arabic: آدم ومشمش) is an Arabic-language educational cartoon created in 2016. Initially published on YouTube, the series teaches literacy in Arabic, numeracy, and the elements of musical instruments such as the ney. [1]


The program was founded by Luma Al Adnani in an effort to teach her son Adam the Arabic language. The other co-founders are Lina Al Adnani, COO & Music Lead, Ibrahim Taha, the music manager and Lutfi Zayed, the creative director. [2] In April 2016, Adam Wa Mishmish was created on the video sharing website YouTube to provide free educational entertainment to children who wanted to learn Arabic across the world. [1]

In its early stages, Adam Wa Mishmish was self-funded. Later, seven episodes were funded through the Jordanian crowdfunding site [3] Following the release of the first season of Adam Wa Mishmish on YouTube, the startup received funding from the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation, which helped produce the first 80 episodes, a play and a book series. [3] In 2021, the startup raised $475,000 in a seed funding round led by Hadi Badi a Saudi Arabia-based news and review site. [4]

Adam wa Mishmish specialize in creating fun Arabic resources to make learning Arabic fun and educational. That includes music, animation, books and interactive live musical plays. [5]


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