Abell 2065 Information

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Abell 2065
Abell 2065.jpg
Amateur image taken with 10" telescope
Observation data ( Epoch J2000)
Constellation(s) Corona Borealis
Right ascension15h 22m 31.8s [1]
Declination+27° 42′ 04″ [1]
Redshift(21, 673 km/s) [1]
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Abell 2065 is a highly concentrated galaxy cluster in the constellation of Corona Borealis containing over 400 member galaxies, the brightest of which are 16th magnitude. The cluster is more than one billion light-years from Earth.[ citation needed] On a larger scale still, Abell 2065, along with Abell 2061, Abell 2067, Abell 2079, Abell 2089, and Abell 2092, make up the Corona Borealis Supercluster. [2]


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