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A Girl and Five Brave Horses
A Girl and Five Brave Horses.jpg
First edition
Author Sonora Webster Carver
CountryUnited States
Genre Autobiography
Published Doubleday
Media typePrint ( Hardcover and paperback)
Pages224 pp (hardcover)
791.3/2 22
LC ClassGV1831.H8 C3 2009

A Girl and Five Brave Horses is a memoir by Sonora Webster Carver published in 1961. [1]

At the age of 20, Sonora Webster Carver joined William Frank Carver's Wild West Show which featured diving horses and performed at Atlantic City's Steel Pier. Although Carver was blinded in a diving accident seven years later, she continued to dive afterward. [1] She wrote "A Girl and Five Brave Horses" documenting her life and her memories of diving horses. [1]


It inspired the Walt Disney Pictures film Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken. [1]


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