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Significant scientific events occurred or are scheduled to occur in 2022.



3 January: OpenAlex, a free online index with metadata about over 200 million scientific documents is launched.
The graphs visualize recent developments of science based on this data. [5]
10 January: The first successful xenogeneic heart transplant, from a genetically modified pig to a human patient, is reported.
12 January: The ~14 Myr old Local Bubble drives nearby young star formation.
12 January: Mutations are shown to not be random – frequency can vary between regions.
19 January: Antibiotic resistance contributed to ~5 M deaths in 2019 according to a first global assessment.


9 February: A new test at the Joint European Torus is achieves a breakthrough of more than twice (59 M J) the previous fusion energy generation record set in 1997.
14 February: The most comprehensive study of pharmaceutical pollution of the world's rivers is published.
28 February: A study shows annual carbon emissions (or carbon loss) from tropical deforestation have doubled during the last two decades and continue to increase.


24 March: Scientists describe and quantify the biophysical mechanisms by which forests influence climate.


5 April: A study suggests that if "quintessence" is an explanation for dark-energy and current data is true as well, the world may start to end within the next 100 My, during which accelerating expansion of the Universe would inverse to contraction (a cyclic model).
6 April: The first known dinosaur fossil linked to the actual day of the Chicxulub impact is reported.
6 April: A study decodes electrical communication between fungi into word-like components.
22 April: A study outlines rationale for space governance of satellites/ space debris similar to terrestrial environmental regulations.
26 April: Results of the 'Global Carbon Budget 2021' pass peer-review, showing problematic continuation of GHG emissions trends. [254]


12 May: Sagittarius A*, black hole in the center of the Milky Way, revealed by the Event Horizon Telescope team
19 May: Boeing launches its Starliner spacecraft to ISS

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