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David Francis Haynes, the other of the two most important Baltimore potters. Edwin Bennett already has an article on which I have been working. Their two potteries were also combined for a while but their products were relatively different altogether. And I have enough sources for the Haynes article too. Thank you.

Lighting design


Furniture design


Graphic design


  • Sean Adams - American graphic design, author, educator, AIGA Medalist, ArtCenter Chair Graphic Design; [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22]
  • Petros Afshar - English graphic designer
  • Stefan Boublil (Graphic Designer, Musician, Writer and Traveller, founder of The Apartment)
  • Philippe Boulet - French illuminated furniture designer
  • Jose Breaux - artist , pastelist, watercolorist; [23]
  • Keenan Dailey (Graphic Designer, Producer, Illustrator, Filmmaker, Actor) ( [24]; [25]; [26]; [27]; [28]; [29]; [30]; [31]; [32]; [33]; [34]; [35]; [36];)
  • Jes Ewers - Oil and Acrylic science fiction and portrait painter. [37]
  • Guy Georget - French graphic designer and artist
  • Diego Greco - comic illustrator; illustrator of Bad Dog (comics) written by Joe Kelly; background illustrator for Una película de huevos; IMDb; [38]; [39]; [40]; [41]; [42]; [43]
  • Yellena James - Artist, illustrator and author. [44]
  • Jonny Jimison - Artist, author, board game illustrator. Wrote and illustrated The Dragon Lord Saga volumes one and two. Getting Ethan and Rabbit Trails comics. [45] [46] [47]
  • Mike Kaye - Emmy Award-nominated graphic designer; [48], comic book creator; [49]; featured in news media sites and a radio show called The Collectors Show" with Harold Nicoll; [50], website designer; [51]
  • Zak Kyes - art director and graphic designer; [52]; [53]; (perhaps more German resources?)
  • Conor Merriman - illustrator and graphic designer; from Dublin, Ireland;
  • Erkan Nehir - Turkish graphic designer, artist and tattoo artist; lives in Marmaris, Turkey;
  • Florian Nicolle - digital artist and illustrator; blends layers of newsprint, watercolor, pencil, and digital painting to create rich, frenetic portraits that seem to fly off the canvas; from Caen, France; started design at the age of 15 after being heavily inspired by his teacher (who specializes in sketch); [54] [55] [56]
  • Dave Nodz (real name David Noddings) - record-sleeve and rave-flyer designer; responsible for many of the most famous record sleeves from the early 1990s hardcore-music scene (which later became drum & bass); notable for his work at Suburban Bass Records where his distinctive graphic style mixed comic book art with graffiti to create the distinctive graphics to a whole generations musical movement
  • Joseph Pierre Nuyttens (1885–1960) - Belgian-American artist; illustrated four books by L. Frank Baum in 1911 and 1912; was "one of Will Rossiter's regular commercial artists"; born in Antwerp; educated at the Ecoles des Beaux-Arts in both Brussels and Paris, and the Art Institute of Chicago; made a Chevalier of the Order of Leopold II in 1918; worked in oils, watercolors, pastels, and etching; exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago, and his work is in their permanent collection, as well as in the collections of the White House, the Royal Palace in Brussels, and the State House in Springfield, Illinois; died in a house fire that destroyed many of his works; considerable information on Find A Grave ( [57]); some on WWOz; [58]; mentioned on Phoebe Daring, The Flying Girl and Annabel (novel)
  • William Paterson (designer) - English graphic designer; specialises within logo design and company identity
  • Todd Pierce - American graphic designer and artist; creator of pictogram signage which has been used in many cities, New York subway system; author of The International Pictograms Standard
  • Zeyad Salah - Visual Effect and Creative Director [59]
  • Scott Stowell - graphic and web designer; [60]; [61]


  • AREAWARE - - Founded by Noel Wiggins and Lisa Yashon in 2005, Areaware is a housewares and collectibles design retailer that provides contemporary artists with manufacturing and production expertise to bring their ideas to market. The origins of the company date back to the late 1980s where Wiggins and Yashon founded popular collectibles companies Harmonyball [1] and Harmony Kingdom [2]. They have supported many artists and designers in the field of industrial design such as Harry Allen, Tobi Wong, Jonas Damon, and Susan Kare. Notable products include Tobias Wong's ON/OFF Switch [3], the first US distribution of Strida Folding Bikes [4], David Week's Cubebots [5], Harry Allen's Reality Series of cast objects [6], and repurposing Susan Kare's user-interface graphics into textile designs [7]
  • David Collins Studio - Award-winning international interior architecture and design studio based in London, with 35 years experience. Responsible for creating some of London's best known bars and restaurants, such as the Blue Bar and The Berkeley, The Connaught Bar and The Wolseley. Founded by the late David Collins and Iain Watson in 1985, the Studio is now run by Watson following the death of Collins from skin cancer. Also has extensive experience in luxury retail design, most notably as interior designers for Harrods Food Halls and several fashion departments. Most recently, work includes designing restaurants and public areas of the new Nobu Hotel in London's Portman Square, and the newest cruise ship for Cunard. [69] [70] [71]
  • Graphic Designo - international design firm; based in India; winner of 2013 top design firm in Delhi;
  • The Next Hint - Founded by Digital Jitender Sharma in 2018, The Next Hint is a news website created to provide the latest news from all over the world ASAP to keep the generation NEXT updated with the attention span lower than that of a fish.
  • Pop Chart Lab - Brooklyn-born design studio transforming pop culture data into an array of infinitely-detailed charts that appeal to the culture junkie (and home decor obsessed) in all of us; [72]; [73]; [74]; [75] [76]
  • Raffles Design International - - Raffles Design International is a subsidiary of Raffles Education Corporation Limited. Establishing its first college in 1990 at Singapore, it has grown to be the largest private education group with 22 colleges in 20 cities across 12 countries across Asia-Pacific and Europe. Its current board members & directors are Doris Chung Gim Lian, John Rick Tham, Kai How Ong, Nissar Mohammad and Lorraine Cecelia Esteves.
  • Splice Today - currently redirects to Russ Smith (publisher) - Web publication founded in 2008 by former New York Press publisher Russ Smith. Features an eclectic range of authors and topics, with an emphasis on politics and the arts. [77] [78]
  • 250 guilder note - designed by Ootje Oxenaar; should be a standalone article due to the amount of coverage in the graphic design community; could be similar in presentation to the 200 euro note; [79]
  • Ball (Heraldry) ( it:Palla (araldica))
  • Cubify Touch - 3D mouse designed for Cubify Sculpt software; [80]; [81]; [82]
  • language icon - an initiative to create an artificial globally recognizable icon, to be used not only web but for real-
  • List of stamp production houses by country
  • mourning flag ( ja:弔旗)
  • Norlin Studios - Art and Production Company [83]
  • Pendulum Theory - the "Pendulum Effect": the continual acceptance and inevitable rejection of artistic movements throughout history, related specifically to graphic design but also the field of art as a whole. This term means as is described above. It refers to the trend throughout art history of artists adopting an art movement, then rejecting it by starting another art movement that is very different and often polar opposite. Ex: Victorian Era Graphics to Art Nouveau, the Old Typography to Tschicholds New Typography, the International Styler to Post-modernism, etc. This trend is seen through artistic movements in painting as well.
  • Pixel ID

Metal crafts



Contemporary design


  • Jan Barič - Slovenian designer known for award winning designs such as H-chair and Solzica birdhouse; [92]
  • Tord Björklund - Swedish designer
  • Georges Glaenzer - interior designer; [93]; designed Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site
  • Colum McCartan - Irish furniture and lighting designer; trained in furniture and interior design at the Belfast College of Art and Design; after college, founded his first design company in Northern Ireland, focusing on interiors for restaurants, hotels, nightclubs and bars; in 1993, joined Sir Terence Conran's Design Partnership in London working on a diverse range of projects from the Conran Restaurants to cruise ship interiors; later, while still in London, became a founding member of United Designers (a breakaway group from Conran), focusing on interiors for an international clientele; in 1995, moved to San Francisco; by 1998, had established a reputation for creative and innovative work with the completion of the Hotel Metropolis (San Francisco) and the Le Parker Meridien (New York City); in 2003, opened an office in New York City; in recent years, has completed the new 'Avia' collection and the Hotel Eventi (NYC); after 53 hotels, has become one of the leading designers of boutique lifestyle hotels in the U.S.;
  • Poul M. Volthere - Danish furniture and lighting designer; [94]; [95]


Set design




Film, radio and television

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Art and animation studios, who made goat story 1 and 2.

Food, drink, and nutrition




(companies, restaurants, bars, websites, etc.)

A–B (and 0–9)

Other (non-people and non-organization)

comment at October 2016: same as smoked meat?

Internet and tech culture

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Kaizo trap - [648]

Media networks and organizations

  • Florida Politics (Florida Politics is an American, non-partisan political journalism medium, the flagship brand for Extensive Enterprises Media, a privately-held media company based in St. Petersburg, Florida, U.S.A. With a staff of full and part-time reporters, editors and others based throughout Florida, Florida Politics reports and publishes thousands of original news stories each year. The medium covers government operations, politics, elections, lobbying, Florida news media, and social and economic issues at the local and state levels, and at the national level for stories that have Florida focuses. Florida Politics also publishes political news from The Associated Press and the News Service of Florida. The news principally is published on the company’s [10], available free to readers.
  • Culture Captures (Culture Captures is a media and marketing company. Focused on showcasing and curating the latest in music and pop culture. Culture Captures has been involved in marketing campaigns for artists such as Playboi Carti, Juice Wrld, Joyner Lucas, 21 Savage, Future, and more.) [653] [654] [655]
  • QCode (QCODE is an audio production and podcasting company that has a slate of scripted, narrative stories featuring A-List talent). (

  • Dtube (DTube is a community powered video sharing platform where users vote on videos to reward creators, curators, influencers and viewers in cryptocurrency.) [656]
  • Bedford Independent (Bedford Independent is an online news desk in Bedford, UK that is shaking up the status quo of local news provision. It was launched on social media in August 2018 and its website went live in November 2019. It has already gained a large readership and has been cited by national news desks when reporting on larger news stories in their patch. They are regulated by IMPRESS standards. Their Managing Editor appears on BBC Three Counties regularly to discuss general media industry matters and also news in the area.) ( [657] [658] [659] [660])
  • Buenos Aires Times - The Buenos Aires Times is Argentina's only English-language newspaper. Founded in 2017 by Editorial Perfil SA by much of the team that produced the Buenos Aires Herald, it offers news, opinion and analysis about Argentina, Latin America and the wider world. The newspaper is published every Saturday and has a website that is updated seven days a week; [661] [662]
  • Canna Law Blog (Canna Law Blog is a blog formed by the law firm, Harris Bricken, and their Canna Law Group. The Canna Law Blog looks at how cannabis laws affect the cannabis industry. In 2018, the blog was named to ABA Journal's Blawg 100 Hall of Fame. The blog currently ranks #2 in Top 100 Marijuana Blogs, Websites & Influencers in 2020, behind High Times.) ( [663], [664], [665], [666], [667], [668], [669])
  • CCN Markets (CCN Markets is a financial news site that reports on US markets and cryptocurrencies. It was founded in 2013 as CryptoCoinsNews by Jonas Borchgrevink. We previously had a section on Wikipedia under CryptoCoinsNews but that seems to be gone. We have approx. 50 journalists and editors working for CCN Markets at Hawkfish AS is the Media Company of CCN Markets website.) ( [670] [671] [672] [673] [674] [675] [676] [677] [678])
  • China Law Blog (China Law Blog is a blog formed in 2006 by Dan Harris of the law firm Harris Bricken. The goal of China Law Blog is to discuss the Chinese law and how it affects business. The blog is catered towards those doing business in China, or those looking to do business in China. In 2013, the blog made the Blawg 100 Hall of Fame, ranked by ABA Journal. In 2012, Business Insider ranked it #12 on "The 15 Most Influential Law Blogs". Forbes regarded the blog as highly respected.) ( [679], [680], [681], [682])
  • The Conservateur (The Conservateur is web-based publication focusing on style, politics, society and more through a conservative lens. Founded by Jayme Chandler and Isabelle Redfield, the Conservateur was found by young women for young women who are traditionally ignored by the mainstream media. The Conservateur has a worldwide following and conducts interviews of well known politicians, government figures and conservative personalities.) ( [683], [684])
  • Craze Collective - Craze Collective is an international organization that co-ordinates community and quality of life driven projects. The organization is powered by its art and events to discover, promote, and advocate for artists and creative industry professionals.
  • CultureStrike - CultureStike is a national arts organization that aims to change the art of politics, and the politics of art-making. CultureStrike focuses on art and immigrant activism. Founded in 2011, they have connected a network of over 200 socially engaged artists. Favianna Rodrigue zis the current Executive Director. CultureStrike has a wide scope of projects and is running an online magazine. ( [685]; [686])
  • The Dis Unplugged Network - network of shows created by the Dis Unplugged. Focusing on Disney parks, history, travel, cruise lines, and more. Shows include the Universal Edition, connecting with Walt, Disney Dining show, Moving to the Magic and The Dis Unplugged (
  • Fictionphile (Fictionphile features news, reviews, and opinion on all narrative entertainment, including movies, TV, books, and games. Established in 2012, reborn in 2019.) ( [687], [688], [689], [690], [691], [692])
  • The Finch Podcast (A student-led media organization out of the University of Georgia which seeks to dissect complex issues with a multidisciplinary approach. The organization has listeners in 25 states and 15 countries, has had over 50 experts on including Mayors and Nobel Prize laureates and is run by a group of 30 student writers, artists, and producers.) ( [693], [694], [695], [696], [697], [698])
  • Floatplane Media (Floatplane Media is a subscription-based video sharing and consumption platform that is owned by Linus Sebastian, a famous tech YouTuber and the founder of Linus Media Group (LMG). The platform aims at providing content creators a free reign to voice their opinions and host their content without the worry of having their content demonetized.) ( [699] [700] [701])
  • Genesius Times - Satire.
  • The Grayzone - currently redirects to Max Blumenthal - news website
  • GRVTY Media (GRVTY Media is a digital media company founded in 2014 and based in Singapore. They currently run six online editorials - Vulcan Post, Millennials of Singapore, Millennials of Kuala Lumpur, The Playbook, Discover SG and Discover KL. Their aim is to produce different and unique contents related to millennials. Using different social platforms, GRVTY Media shares the voices of millennials in Asia and thought-provoking content.) ( [702] [703] [704])
  • Handbell Musicians of America (The Handbell Musicians of America is an organization that promotes handbell and handchime ringing through events and educational activities in the US and Canada. They were originally established in 1954 as the American Guild of English Handbell Ringers.) ( [705]; [706]; [707])
  • Harvard Satire V - Harvard College's satire publication which focuses on bringing satirical Harvard, national, and international news into the public sphere ( [708] [709] [710]); also see List of Harvard College undergraduate organizations
  • Lead Stories - Lead Stories is one of the fact checking websites mentioned in the List of fact-checking websites for which there is no article yet. They do fact checking for Facebook and TikTok.
  • List of state media - like PBS, VoA (USA), CCTV, CGTN (China), and others. I got this idea after watching several channels in Youtube was tagged with disclosure that so-and-so channels are funded by so-and-so government, with a link to Wikipedia.
  • Lovin Malta - Lovin Malta is a popular content and news website in Malta that is part of the Lovin Group which also features Lovin Dublin, Lovin Dubai, Lovin Manchester and Lovin Saudi. Lovin Malta has won several journalism awards and also won an award for Best Social Media Campaign of 2017 for an April Fools' prank where it set up a political party. [711] [712] [713]
  • National Association Of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) (NALIP, is a non-profit organization and national membership organization that addresses the professional needs of LatinX content creators. The organization is driven by its programs and events to discover, promote, and advocate for latinx producers, writers, performers, directors, and industry professionals.) (
  • News Nation - Nexstar Media Group’s News Nation is a newscast that will debut on WGN America September 1. The three-hour news program will air from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. ET, seven days a week. and the News Nation Now app will provide U.S. and world news updates 24/7. The team is led by veteran journalists and will draw on the local, regional and national expertise of Nexstar’s 5,400 journalists in 110 local newsrooms across the country. This is different from India's cable channel News Nation with the same name.
  • Nursing Notes - Online publication for nurses and allied healthcare professionals in the UK. They came to notoriety in the UK when they started to publish the names of health and social care workers who died during the COVID-19 pandemic) ( [714])
  • Script Magazine (Script Magazine is a web-based publication focusing on the craft and business of screenwriting for film and television.) ( [715])
  • The Spoon (The Spoon is one of the leading B2B publications focused on food tech and food innovation. It was the first to report on stories such as Impossible Foods working on steak and the launch of the Thermomix TM6. The publication gets over 300 thousand visits a month and ranks in the top 100k sites worldwide as measured by Alexa. It is led by Michael Wolf, former VP of research who started the research group for seminal early tech blog The publication also puts on an annual event called Smart Kitchen Summit, a leading food tech event in Seattle that attracts over 600 executives each year and has been covered by the New York Times. The Spoon [716] [717] [718] [719] [720]
  • StoryCenter (StoryCenter is the first organization to work in digital storytelling, and continues to work in digital storytelling with thousands of people per year.)( [721] [722] [723] [724] [725])
  • UnionWave Entertainment (UnionWave Entertainment is an international entertainment and artist management company, based in South Korea. Founded in 2018 by Charles-Doan Fleury and Fabio Urso in Switzerland, the company is considered as many as the first truly international K-Pop entertainment company, due to their multinational artists portfolio and unique casting/auditions process.) ( [726], [727], [728], [729], [730])
  • – owned by The Spectator Media
  • windsoriteDOTca News is a hyperlocal, online publication founded in 2010 serving Windsor, Ontario and the surrounding region with local news ( [731]) ( [732])


( (Main Website) [755] (Tedxtalks video file about his work)



  • 24hours - newspaper; founded and edited by P. J. Harston


  • Metro Canada - newspaper; founded and edited by P. J. Harston





National or ethnic cultures



Performing arts

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Print media

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Recreation and hobbies




Games and toys



Board games

Card games

Origins Award winners


Charles Roberts Award winners


Game design (non-video-games only)

Radio-controlled models

Model cars

Role-playing games (tabletop, paper & dice, and LARP)


Video games





  • performance, participation - a postmodern literary theory championed by Ihab Hassan. It has to do with how postmodern texts demand a certain reaction or level of interaction from the reader. The main thing that has it is Hassan's work Pluralism in Postmodern Perspective.
  • Realist theory of identity


Visual arts

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